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Answered by: Dennis Langlais
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Updated 7/9/2019 10:12:00 AM

How is building webpages based on the principles of SEO going to benefit me, instead of using a conventional webpage builder like Wix or Word press?   

Answer is:

1  Here are a list of benefits that you will not find in other website builders.   

We are only listing the benefits that nobody else offers, all saving you  many hours of work. 

Steps are:

  • Building pages for SEO can be a massive undertaking when you consider all your services and the locations you serve, with that consideration pages need to be created for each individual product and the location along with the keywords associated with them. 

  • Editing a large amount of pages for example changing something like social media, conact number, email, a pricing. in the case of conventional page builders you would have to open each page one by one and edit each page. RankingMastery allows you to edit unlimited 100's or even thousands of pages all in one place in one setting saving hours upon hours of time.

  • RankingMastery makes standard practices like adding keywords in your title, headlines, paragraphs, meta descriptions, image tags, and other places very easy in fact it's done for you once you add your keywords to the system. 


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