One-Of-A-Kind Software Generates Thousands of SEO-Optimized Web Pages, Working For You 24/7/365

With Zero Complaints | Zero Days Off | Zero Payroll Expense!

One-Of-A-Kind Software Generates Thousands of SEO-Optimized Web Pages, Working For You 24/7/365

With Zero Complaints | Zero Days Off | Zero Payroll Expense!


NEW! Revolutionary "Done For You" Software Platform Gives All Entrepreneurs a Chance to Not Only Compete, But Beat Large Corporations and Competitors at a Fraction of the Price.

YES! You have a lifetime of skills, gifts and passion…

but are you ready to transition to your dream career, giving back to those who can use your vast wealth of knowledge and experience?  Perhaps you have already built your new web page, but is it getting traffic? Is it ranking on the search engines? Does your marketing reach only a few eyeballs? Are you bogged down in an endless quagmire, attempting to build web pages, learn SEO, get rankings, create marketing, designing pages, doing keyword analysis and a host of things you don’t actually enjoy doing? And are you learning all of these skills from scratch? Let’s face it, you can spend years of trial and error, or thousands of hours learning various new software programs, or studying all the secrets to getting ranked, but the chances you will ever build 10 good professional pages, let alone thousands, is near zero.

What if I told you with ONE-CLICK you can instantly have hundreds, even thousands of SEO-Optimized Web Pages, all getting indexed by Google, Bing and other search engines?  And what if these pages were customized for every combination of keyword imaginable, targeted directly to your offer? 

 RankingMastery Rated #1 Website For This in Search

And what if everything was included, the professional copywriting...

the design, the hosting, the keyword analysis, the indexing and everything you need to introduce your business to the world?  And what if I told you this proprietary software can be yours today for an absolute fraction of the cost of building anything remotely as powerful as this (you can’t, this is proprietary, never before available, software)?


Well All of This Can Be Yours Today!


For a Fraction of What if Would Cost To Get Remotely Close to Everything Ranking Mastery Offers, Ranking Mastery Replaces:

  1. Web Site Builders & Design
  2. SEO Agency
  3. Web Site Hosting
  4. Video & Podcast Hosting
  5. Keyword Analysis
  6. And More...

Introducing Ranking Mastery, a one-of-a-kind proprietary software platform, unique and ideal for heart-centered professionals, to help them get found.

Includes Powerful Marketing Tools Designed To Help You Get Discovered On The Web! Helps You Create SEO-Optimized Content, Videos And Podcasts... And You Are The Featured Guest

Until Now, It Was Nearly Impossible to Compete With Large Agencies & Companies. Here's Your Opportunity to Not Only Compete, But Dominate, Without Spending Tens of Thousands of Dollars!

PLUS, Includes FREE Professional Sales Copywriting!

Ranking Mastery eliminates hundreds of hours of tedious work, delivering an entire Suite of Web Marketing assets and organizational tools, allowing you to automate your marketing utilizing one-of-a-kind ranking SEO algorithms.

Quite simply, your competitors cannot compete with this exclusive proprietary software!

And, this software keeps your entire portfolio of pages updated, a simple edit or change to the Master Page instantly updates ALL of your SEO pages.  

If you are ready for a marketing & web page revolution, you will want to read on and schedule a FREE Demo Today!!!

Rated #1 Website For This Search

Here Are The Highlights | You Won't Find This Combination Anywhere

  • Create hundreds or even thousands of keyword-relevant landing pages, almost instantly (this would cost tens of thousands to create elsewhere)
  • Saves You Hundreds or Even Thousands of Hours of Tedious Web-Building and Designing SEO-Optimized Pages & Content
  • Serves Relevant Keyword Content: YouTube (videos), Testimonials, Team Members, Services, Social Media, Podcasts, Questions and Pricing, All Relevant to Your Keywords
  • You Can Forget About Design, And Focus All Your Time on Content Creation
  • Change Your Web Page Design & Automatically Update ALL of Your Pages With The Click-of-a-Button
  • Pages Are Automatically Mobile-Ready
  • Automatically Distributes Your Keywords to All Pages, Spun Into Hundreds of Combinations, Throughout The Page Titles, Images, Social Media Descriptions, Tags & More
  • Each Page is Professionally-Designed and Simple to Navigate.
  • YOU ARE THE STAR | We Record a Professional Podcast for Your Content Collection & Release it To The World
  • INCLUDES FREE Professional Sales Copywriting | This Service Alone is Worth The Price of Admission & You Can Use Any Copy You Like on Your Other Pages or Content

Rated #1 Website For This Search

Dominate Your Market Fast With a Tsunami of Ranking Web Content

You Won't Find This Anywhere | Proprietary | PLUS FREE Professional Copy

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Rated #1 Website For This in Search RankingMastery

Testimonials for RankingMastery

  •   I just had a moment. I finished up the YT channel and then flipped over to the website and am just blown away by how far we’ve come with this. Awesomeness!  

  •   We switched over our podcast website to RankingMastery from and for me not being a tech guy, its been super easy to add content and the site is well suited for promoting podcasts  

  •   I currently use a platform called Clickfunnels, I have made over 50 funnels and bought facebook ads to feed the funnel and just have not seen the results others have enjoyed. Switching to keeps me focused on my content versus the number of hours I wasted trying to learn how to use Clickfunnels, and then the other 100 hours I wasted tweaking page designs. It's fun to design but it was extremely time wasting and broke me.  

  •   He contributed in subtle nuanced ways that had me share my best stories. i have been on several high level podcasts and I found the FIVE Minute Bark to be insuring. It's been wonderful to be in my own skin since the interview, I feel so inspired and motivated to do the things I am doing in the world. Just because of the way he's been interacting with me.  

  •   "Hey, Dennis, thank you so much for your attention, intention, energy, support, excitement, dedication. I am totally amazed at how much fire and attention you put into to our coaching sessions. Not only you gave me a vision of where my business can be in one year. But you designed a revolutionary digital "vehicle" to get me there. I can see my mission spreading around the globe and my business going through the roof. And I just can't wait to tell the world how I got there. Gosh, I'm so excited 😃💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻 It’s crazy to say, but even if you charged 10 times more for your service, the value of it wouldn’t be payed.“  

  •   I am excited to share that our website traffic has definite increased and lead to more online sales. I am very impressed with how in just a few sessions together and a few tweaks we see the results we expected.  

Video Testimonials

 Testimonial  - Rated #1 Website For This Search RankingMastery  Testimonial  - Rated #1 Website For This Search RankingMastery  Testimonial  - Rated #1 Website For This Search RankingMastery  Testimonial  - Rated #1 Website For This Search RankingMastery  Testimonial  - Rated #1 Website For This Search RankingMastery

Meet The Team Behind RankingMastery

Team member of RankingMasteryDennis Langlais For Rated #1 Website For This in Search RankingMastery

 Dennis Langlais
Position: Chief Executive Officer / Podcast Host

Dennis is a full of life successful entrepreneur. At an early age he was privileged enough to travel and compete as a professional BMX Freestyle BMX Rider.

He loves the adventure of creating businesses molded around great teams. As a host of the FIVE Minute Bark he has interviewed over 470 guests and counting. He created in 2018 and the company continues to grow. 

Team member of RankingMasterySpencer Pratt For Rated #1 Website For This in Search RankingMastery

 Spencer Pratt
Position: President of Sales / Podcast Host

Even from an early age people saw the fire in Spencer’s eyes and knew something big was in his future. As a college baseball player, his career was cut short by a recurring injury. The experience from athletics, life, and a degree in Philosophy earned Spencer the gifts of accountability, dedication, integrity, and exuberant energy. Today, he is leading the growth and sales-team here at RankingMastery and could not be more excited to work with you!

Team member of RankingMasteryKatarzyna Olczak For Rated #1 Website For This in Search RankingMastery

 Katarzyna Olczak
Position: Team Lead

Katarzyna is very ambitious and achievement-oriented, she thoroughly enjoys competing with others and being able to tackle tough assignments.
Kat was born and raised in Poland. She left her home at age of 15 to pursue a basketball career. Since then she competed at the highest level and played for some of the top basketball teams in Poland and NCAA Division I team at University of San Diego.

Team member of RankingMasteryBlair Williams For Rated #1 Website For This in Search RankingMastery

 Blair Williams
Position: Master Programming Solutions

The machine, Incredible smart well versed programer. The man with the ultimage man cave for woodworking. Yep chickens, Dogs and Solid state drives. Most weekends you will find him at the racetrack tuning up his teams race car. 

Team member of RankingMasteryAllie Pratt For Rated #1 Website For This in Search RankingMastery

 Allie Pratt
Position: Brand Manager

Allie is a graduate from Saint Mary’s College of California.  While at SMC, she was a coxswain for the varsity rowing team for two years, where she expanded her leadership and team building skills. Allie was able to move from rowing to Semester at Sea, where she studied abroad, visiting 11 countries. Through this adventure she grew her love for learning about the different cultures.  She is excited to start her career at RankingMastery!

Team member of RankingMasteryMichael Scanlon For Rated #1 Website For This in Search RankingMastery

 Michael Scanlon
Position: Podcast Trainer

Michael is a extremely motivated individual with a passion for marketing and advertising. After getting his degree in Marketing at the Eller College of Management at the University of Arizona he knew his career would be focused on online marketing. Outside of RankingMastery Michael loves to surf, travel, and spend time with family. With his extensive background in marketing he is sure to help grow your business and reach your target audience.

Team member of RankingMasteryEric Lara For Rated #1 Website For This in Search RankingMastery

 Eric Lara
Position: Sales Manager

Dominate Your Market Fast With a Tsunami of Ranking Web Content

You Won't Find This Anywhere | Proprietary | PLUS FREE Professional Copy

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Rated #1 Website For This in Search RankingMasteryEric Lara

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