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Create questions that will get you ranked in Google Faster SEOUtilize Ranking Mastery to build a library of effective questions

Reason #1 Ranking in each engines is important and creating questions in a certain way can help you obtain that position in what's called "*snippets".

Reason #2 There is nothing worse than not having a clear answer to a question your prospective clients ask so our platform provides your company to get clear and layout your questions so you do not look like a bozo when a client asks a question and you cannot instantly provide a clear answer.

Reason #3 Cultivating questions that clients and prospective ask helps your company serve up the right answers.. there is an old saying in business "They customer is always right !"

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Search engines like google are doing they're best to provide answers to anyone asking a question and they will formulate answers using technology and literally parse a websites for information and craft the answer on the fly. They will parse your page and take that "snippet" and provide it in the search results and credit you for it along with a link to the page for more details. This is a very effective way to get clients and build creditability.

Cultivating a good database of questions with well constructed answers help you communicate better with your clients and lead to better sales.

Allow the questions your prospective clients become your biggest asset to generate leads. They always say "The customer is always right" If they ask questions you better have a clear answer. Our software allows you to capture questions and formulate them into answers search engines just may populate as "snippets" Have you ever typed a question in a search query and noticed a parsed answer on the page in the search results? Would you want search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing use your answers and provide you an opportunity to become an authority in your niche market?

There are many ways your company can benefit by having a software that helps you cultivate and formulate answers.

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