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Question: What is SEO and how it works? By Dennis Langlais

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Answered by: Dennis Langlais
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Updated 7/10/2019 10:36:00 AM

What is SEO and how it works?   

Answer is:

1  Defining SEO...   

If you are not familiar with what SEO stands for it's short for Search, Engine, Optimization. Creating website pages that relate to the keywords people search and on these pages offering content or clear answers. All of us rely on search to get answers to many questions or step by step help in doing something. Those who create high value content generally will rank higher in search. 

2  How it works...   

SEO works when a search engine like Google or Yahoo index your website page and use algorithms to determine the value of your page content using several measures like. 

Steps are:

  • Is the content relevant to the search, or providing a good meaning. or step by step process. 

  • Does the website page have other websites or videos linking to it that also have relvant content to complement each other. 

  • Does the page have images tagged with that associate with the releveant contents.

  • Is there any blogs or articles associated with the website page. Blogs are pages that generally go deeper into one specific subject of content where a website page may touch on content but not get very detailed. 

  • There are many other things like podcasts, guides, audio recordings, graphics they search engines are now able to determine if they are relevant to your page using sophisticated technologies that are getting smarter everyday. 


    3  The perfect website page created for SEO will have...   

    There are several elements that of a SEO website page that need to include keyword phrases so that you search engines can quickly determine how to index the page. 

    Steps are:

  • Title Tag and meta description - These are hidden and do not show up on the actual page but the search engines are able to access them. They must include your keyowrds. 

  • Page content hierarchy Headline (H1) and Sub header (H2) and paragraphs (P) - these are tags that identify the content of the page. headline obviousley is what the page is about sub headline is more about the page and paragraphs are the body of the content on the page. 

  • Hyperlinks - these are links to other pages on your website or links to other websites that may reference something that is shared. These really help the search bots navigate from one page to another creating the "Web" 

  • Images will have tags as well the title tag, and alt tag to describe the image. They were used way back when sometimes images could not be downloaded to it was an alternate for the image. This is also another place keywords should be used. 


    5  Hope this helps you understand what SEO is and how it works.   

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