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Question: How do I know I can get my ROI using this platform? By Dennis Langlais

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Answered by: Dennis Langlais
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Updated 11/13/2019 4:49:00 PM

How do I know I can get my ROI using this platform?   

Answer is:

1  Your ROI (return on investment) can come in many ways. Here is a list below.   

Your return on investment...

Steps are:

  • The number of hours you will save in website development are staggering and just as an estimate, building 15 pages manually in a web platfrom would take minimum 8 hours.

  • Requesting a SEO agency to build you similar pages for an easy number would cost anywhere from $4,000 to $25,000 for 50 pages, plus a majority of them would require a monthly maintence fee. Don't take our word for it call a few and check. You can ask them for a quote for 50 Keyword phrase pages. You will first "stunn" them and they will act confused then ask you a bunch of questions because they don't even know how to price it and then you can just ask for a "rough round" quote. 

  • RanknigMastery many parts of the platform require you to create real answers to important questions you business is built upon. Answering these questions has had a profound impact on our users to rethink and or discover new business they would not have if they did not do the exercises.

  • The visibility of ranking is exponential and varies greatly for every business. When you do the work and set a goal to get ranked, it's like a satelite in the sky hard to knock down so it will be out ther as long as the search engines exist. 


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