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An Investment in your home is one of the smartest investments you can make.  Not only does the value of your home increase, creating an automatic growing savings account for you, but you also improve the quality of your life while you live in your home.  It is truly a WIN/WIN investment, and one you can touch, feel and see.  


Why invest your money in a 3rd-Party Institution with all those inherent risks, when you can put it into your home, a valuable and necessary commodity that increases in value each investment you make.  


Green Home Builders offers a 100% GUARANTEE that you will receive top quality, service and great pricing.  We never apply pressure on you to purchase, we are building a lifetime relationship, so we will treat you that way.  

Get a FREE Inspection & Estimate Today, PLUS valuable tips if you decide to do it yourself, no pressure, no obligation!

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Remodeling Contractor installation San Diego

Complete Home & Commercial Renovation & Repair Professionals

Here Are Some of Our Services...

  • Roof Repair or Replacement | Roofing
  • Landscape Creation or Maintenance | Landscaping
  • Solar Power Installation | Solar Panels
  • Home Exterior Coating | Texcote
  • Hardscapes | Professional Landscape Installation
  • Patio Covers | Shade Structures
  • Complete Home Renovations | Inside & Out
  • Driveway Repairs or Replacement
  • Home Remodeling | Professional Design & Install
  • And so much more

As a General Contractor, we can offer services for the vast majority of home repair and remodeling.  It is so simple, just schedule a FREE Inspection and you will get a quick estimate, absolutely ZERO PRESSURE and ZERO OBLIGATION.  

Remodeling Contractor installation San Diego

Remodeling Contractor installation in San Diego

Why Choose Green Home Builders?

San Diego Natives | Making San Diego Beautiful One Home at a Time!

We are a group of local professionals, veteran-owned and operated, who care deeply about our Community  As San Diego natives, we are your neighbors and friends.  You will not find another company that cares more, and will provide better service and quality.  We stand behind our work, and our #1 goal is to build a lifetime relationship. We grow through repeat customers and referrals, and we will nurture that relationship with you from start to finish. 

The most successful companies focus on quality and service, not just quantity, it is the secret to longevity and organic growth.  This is our way of doing business, we want you to trust us for life!!!


Schedule Your FREE Inspection & Estimate With Confidence, Zero Pressure, Zero Obligation.  You have nothing to lose, and our friendly inspectors will even offer FREE advice if you do it yourself!

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Remodeling Contractor installation San Diego

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