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Dear Friend... If you are interested in making dramatic changes in your sales and income, you have come to the right place.  My name is Don Markland, and I'm not asking to be your life coach, build your team or help your company communicate.  But if you are interested in making more money, I'm your man. 


"If You Decide to WorK With Me, There is One Sure Thing, You WILL MAKE More Money"


Why am I so confident?  Quite simply, I've made a career out of building companies, and along the way I created what I call the "4 C's of Accountability", a simple set of rules that when applied, work magic on creating maximum success in business and life. 

I won't be your "Dr. Phil", but I will help you dramatically boost your sales, income and success, so if you are ready to learn from someone who has done it, and can show you exactly how to create your own massive success story, I urge you to read on. 


Don Markland | Accountability Now

Effective  Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses

Here's Why I Make Such Bold Claims...

And My Guarantee to Back Them Up

Throughout my career I have faced nearly every challenge a sales and marketer could possibly face.  I've lived the ups and downs, and experienced frustration and massive success.  One day in a state of frustration, I committed to creating a blueprint for success and my "4 Principles of Accountability" was born, on a napkin no less, and became my life creed, my modus operandi. 

And What Happened Next Was Nothing Short of Magical!

Living by these foundational principles instantly bore fruit.  I began to suddenly experience more discipline, focus, success and sales.  My income rocketed higher, I couldn't believe how simple but powerful these principles were.  But they didn't just deliver more money, I began experiencing more success at home, with my family, I lost 70 pounds, radically changed my health and literally launched a new life, filled with the success I had always wanted. 

I don't say these things to brag, I say them to boldly declare, I am living proof, if you discover these "4 Principles of Accountability", your life will transform in front of your eyes.  

And, you can discover these secrets right now, absolutely FREE!

Effective  Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses

Who Am I, And Why Should You Listen to Me?

Award-Winning Entrepreneur | Corporate Sales & Development | Media Business Contributor | Master Sales Coach

If you are going to work with me, I look forward to the day I get to know you, but for now, I think it's important you get to know me, and perhaps my past experience will resonate with you.  Here are a few of my career highlights that uniquely qualify me to offer my knowledge and training to help you dramatically grow your financial and life success:


  • Award-Winning Entrepreneur | Forbes Contributor
  • 22 Years Corporate Sales | Marketing, Leadership, Growth
  • Global Care Call Center VP | Amazon, State Farm, Allstate, Quest, Century Link and More
  • International Corporate Sales & Development | Phillipines, El Salvador, Guatemala, Jamaica and more
  • Named to Utah Business Magazine's Top 40 under 40
  • Fintech Companies | Industry Leader, increased sales 300%
  • Entrepreneur Start-Ups | Multiple Successful Start-Up Businesses Achieving Dramatic Growth
  • Media Contributor | Utah Business Magazine, Noomii, LDSLiving, 40UnderForty, Forbes
  • And more...


If you are ready to catapult your sales by orders of magnitude dramatically boosting your bottom-line cash, you need to download my FREE Ebook Now!  

Imagine what you lose by not taking this simple, zero-commitment step of accessing my FREE Training.  You literally have absolutely nothing to lose, and everything to gain.  I will never bother or hassle you in any way, simply download and start your transformation.  If you like what you read and want to work with me personally to 10X your success, great.  If not, take my FREE Training E-Book and enjoy the amazing success it will bring you starting today!


Effective  Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses

Here's Why Sales Solves All Sins...

"You Don't Have an Expenses Problem, You Have a Sales Problem" Don Markland

Look, I get it, businesses can get stressful, bills can pile up, bottom-line's can look depressing.  It may seem like you need to cut back, dial it down or contract.  But let me tell you a little secret that I live by, and it will make a world of difference. 

Sales Solves All Sins!

You can either save a buck or make a buck, but it is so much more fun to make a buck.  I can't tell you how many companies I've gone into with a depressing outlook, a bad balance sheet and low morale.  And every single time I helped turn a company around, it was due to focusing on sales, sales and more sales.  Instead of obsessing on costs and expenses, we immediately went to work with determined focus on selling our way out of financial problems.  After years of applying this simple principle I concluded the fastest way to turn a company around is more sales.  I know, it seems so simple, but it is too easy to forget and waste time trying to re-balance budgets, make cutbacks etc..  Instead, launching a massive sales and marketing campaign blasts most companies right out of their expense problem, and they never look back.  

Now, if you simply download my FREE Ebook, you can discover my 4 foundational principles that I live by in business and life.  I guarantee you will not be disappointed, and in fact, they will be life-changing starting today.  Download Now!

Effective  Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses

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There are thousands of small businesses, entrepreneurs, and, sales managers, podcasts repeating the same stuff. This one is different. This is straight to heart information so today’s fast-paced leaders can get great content and get back at it. Don Markland, an award-winning entrepreneur, and Executive Coach, gives you the Jolt to start your day and keep you focused like never before. The Morning jolt is designed for the ultra-learning individual needing daily doses of content, news, information, inspiration, and more so they can be on their A-Game every single single day. From global pandemics to marketing strategies, to sales techniques, to the executive coaching process, The Morning Jolt provides keen insight into what it takes to make a business run and how important it is to simply stay at it every single day.



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Effective  Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses

Effective  Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses


  [Don] helped us increase revenue by 35% in 3 months! Plus, he is one of the most dedicated & knowledgeable people I've ever met!  

Founder of Land Paradise

Effective  Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses

M. Garrett

  Working with Don was THE BEST decision I made for my business. He gave me the skill set to be a more courageous business owner and make huge leaps! Thank you so much, Don!  

Founder of Creatively Jones

Effective  Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses

N. Jones

  My company had it's best two months right after we started with Don's coaching. He gave us the clarity and strategies we needed to get to the next level. Besides his expertise, his energy and enthusiasm are contagious!  

Founder of Erschafe Dich Neu

Effective  Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses

M. Hausner

  Staff & Team

Effective  Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses

Don Markland


Don Markland is the CEO and owner of Accountability Now™, an Executive Coaching and Business Strategy company out of Jacksonville, Florida. As a contributor for Entrepreneurship, Leadership, and Sales, he has over 20 years of experience in the world of sales, marketing, leadership, and business growth. Currently, he is leading the sales efforts for one of the most successful digital marketing agencies in the US, 411Locals. 


And Create Massive Success in All Areas of Your Life, You Have Nothing to Lose

Effective  Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses