It's Time To End The Misery of Childhood Eczema!

Finally A Natural Alternative, Solution Can End The Suffering And Deliver True Healing to Your Child & Family

If You or Your Child Have Tried Traditional Medication Yet Still Struggle Daily With The Pain of Eczema, Read On...

New Healing Methods Discovered by Doctor Ana-Maria Temple MD While Treating Her Own Kids!


Dear Friend,

If you or your kids are suffering from Eczema, a miserable skin condition that affects so many areas of your life, you have come to the right place. As an MD, my life's work has been diagnosing and treating people with all kinds of conditions, so when I discovered my kids were afflicted with this debilitating skin condition I made it my personal mission to find solutions and I have great news for you.

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What I discovered created reliable relief

What I discovered created reliable relief and eventual healing for my kids, and saved our family thousands of dollars in costly traditional medical treatments and medicines. By scientifically identifying the root cause of Eczema, we can now create a customized food and lifestyle plan that eliminates exactly what is causing the issue.This allows you to address the underlying problem rather than simply treating the Eczema symptoms on the skin. I know that is a bold statement, but as an MD who has treated thousands of patients with eczema, and personal experience healing my children, you can be sure this plan will help when so many others cannot.
I urge you to consider this truly revolutionary method to eliminate medications, suffering, and the daily misery of chronic Eczema. Find out more below, and I urge you to start today, you will never regret it!


Dr. Ana-Maria Temple MD

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How You Can Heal Eczema | For Adults & Kids

The Root Cause of Eczema is in the Gut... Here's How to Start Healing

Too many people just accept Eczema as a chronic condition they are stuck with, without ever understanding there is a cause. When we eliminate the cause we eliminate the condition, and in doing so, eliminate the need to spend thousands of dollars yearly on unnecessary medications and we alleviate the suffering as well.

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Here is Why You Can Trust Dr. Temple for Healing Your Eczema

MD | Media Eczema Spokesperson | Author | Mother with Kids Healed of Eczema

Dr. Temple is not just a Doctor, she has walked the walk and created healing for her kids that formerly suffered from Eczema. It's one thing to listen to a trained professional, but when that professional has actually battled and beat the condition within her own family, you can be sure the information you are getting is not just from books, but real-life experience.
Here is a little more about Dr. Temple MD:

Eczema In Kids Alliance

Credentials Worth Reading For Dr. Ana Maria Temple MD:

Owner of a private free standing holistic pediatric practice since 2018

  • Top Pediatrician in the Carolina Medical Healthcare System for 4 years in a row
  • Best selling author
  • Creator of the Eczema Transformation Online Course
  • TV personality with regular appearances locally and nationally
  • Entrepreneur of the year 2021
  • Best Speaker at Harvard Club of Boston 2019
  • Mother of 3 kids who were plagued by chronic disease, but now thrive without medication

Don't suffer another day without finding out about this powerful solution,

Eczema In Kids Alliance

Eczema In Kids Alliance

The Results are Life Changing

FREE Tips to Help You Get Started...

Whether You Order My Course or Not, I Want You & Your Family to Find Relief!

  1. Reduce Sugar Intake - Processed food and sugar is damaging in so many ways, simply lowering sugar intake can help with relieving Eczema and also in overall health.
  2. Reduce Gluten - Gluten sensitivity is commonly involved in developing eczema. The shear amount of gluten in the typical American diet is alarming. Start reducing it today and you will experience better health immediately.
  3. Reduce Stress - Yes, believe it or not stress can effect so many functions within our bodies, and Eczema is one of them. Start lowering you and/or your child's stress levels, and find out how quickly your health improves.
These are a few steps you can take starting today, but if you are ready to dig in and have all the information, tools and plans professionally designed to identify and eliminate the exact source of your or your child's Eczema, simply click below and order a course written by an MD and Mom with the training, and personal experience in healing Eczema within her own family.

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My Extensive research Paid off

In my experience and in my extensive research into the causes of Eczema, I discovered the source of most Eczema is the gut. That's right, what we consume and how those foods and beverages interact within our gut can wreak havoc on our system, causing various inflammatory conditions, including Eczema. I also found that a history of antibiotic use and reflux medications actually increases the risk of eczema by damaging the normal bacteria in our gut. By removing the problematic foods and beverages and restoring the normal gut bacteria (microbiome) you begin healing your gut, and in doing so you will find reliable relief and ultimately healing.

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I discovered the formula to correct dietary triggers

When I discovered the formula to correct dietary triggers and restore happy bacteria in your child’s gut, I decided to create a course that walks you through the process, scientifically and methodically, helping you strategically identify the root cause so you can design your life properly to eliminate this frustrating condition. Yes, you can attempt this on your own, but it will take Months or even Years of trial and error.
Instead, I created a comprehensive course that walks you through every stage of the process, complete with schedules, video-training, precise food charts and recipes, supplement guides, live support and coaching and the formula to find the exact cause of your Eczema. Once we have identified the problem food or environmental factors, you can begin re-introducing foods and products to heal your gut naturally, building a healthy gut microbiome enhancing overall health in the process.
Instead of suffering and spending thousands of dollars per year on medications that can be harmful long term, you can begin a fast and proven journey to healing, and say goodbye to the scourge of Eczema, I urge you to start today!


  I've had seasonal allergies and mild asthma since I was a kid. I grew up in a conventional farm family, so I've been around chemicals most of my life. My asthma and allergies started to get worse as an adult. When we were pregnant with our oldest, I started questioning the chemicals I was using and started learning more about the crops I was growing (gmo vs non gmo, how wheat had been manipulated, etc.). We left my family conventional farm and started transitioning my acres to organic in 2016, but my allergies and asthma were still a constant struggle during the spring and fall seasons. Our journey transitioning to organic farming taught me a lot about health, especially how much it relates to our food. I learned that our food is only as healthy as the soil it's grown in re farming organically, not using chemicals, you can still grow nutrient deficient food if you?re not focused on the health of the soil. So it really wasn't hard for me to get on board when Megan told me about Dr. Temple?s eczema course. We've also been very pleased with the results we've seen in our children. My 2.5 year old doesn't have itchy skin anymore, and my 16 month old son's bumps on his thighs and arms have started to fade. Thank you for this program and for all the support you've provided our family. The results are hard to ignore.  

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Jeff Janes

  I wanted to let everyone know how helpful and really a lifesaver this program has been for me and my son. Isaac is 20 months now and is doing so much better than when we started some months ago. We still have challenges but I so appreciate this Dr Temple and Lindsay because I know I have a place to go and I do not feel so alone. Parenting a child with eczema is heart wrenching and I thank Dr. Temple and Lindsay from the bottom of my heart not only for their sound, and practical advice, but for offering what we need most, hope and patience. I'm so grateful that Dr. Temple is whip smart and yet she is open and listens, so very different than other doctors that offered horrible advice and made me feel like my instincts do not matter. Eczema transformation is a better way, so much better. Parenting a child with eczema is heart wrenching Team member of Family Wellness TipsPinterest For Holistic Pediatrician in With Ana-Maria Temple Family Wellness Tips Sonya Poller  

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My Testimony Sonya Poller

  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! I seriously cannot say it enough! Dr T and Lindsay have changed our lives. At 2 months old my daughter was covered in eczema head to toe. She scratched 24/7 and neither of us got any sleep. She dropped from the 40th percentile in all measurements down to less than 1. After just a couple months on this course her eczema was nearly gone, and now at 7 months in she only has occasional, mild patches on her hands and feet. She's back up to the 17th percentile in weight and height, and in the 90th for her head! She sleeps through the night. She can ride in the car with no mittens (I truly never thought I'd see the day). She can wear shorts and short sleeves without scratching until she bleeds. She has also "outgrown" two food allergies and her dog allergy, and is close to outgrowing a third food allergy. To say you turned our lives around is an understatement, I truly don't know where we would be without you. This course is worth every penny and then some. If I would've known about this when she first developed eczema it would have saved me thousands of dollars. I cannot endorse this program enough! I want to fly to NC to hug you two! seriously cannot say it enough! Dr T Team member of Family Wellness TipsPinterest For Holistic Pediatrician in With Ana-Maria Temple Family Wellness Tips  

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Tiffany Williams

  Staff & Team

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Ana Maria


I am a local pediatrician & mother of 3 kids... family and I immigrated from Romania in 1984. Through the immigration process and the steps needed to adjust to a whole new culture and a new way of life, I have been taught that change happens, change can be great, though hard, change can lead to amazing things. This mentality is prevalent everyday in my Pediatric Practice.


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