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Public Speaking Expert On Leadership In Los Angeles

Christelle Biiga | Expert Speaker

ATTN: Event Planners, Universities, Conference Organizers, Executive & Corporate Managers & Entrepreneurs


Christelle Biiga | Expert Speaker Specializing in Courage, Success, Motivation, Mindset, Leadership, and More.

Dear Friend, If you are looking for your next event speaker who will inspire and motivate your attendees, look no further. Christelle Biiga has years of experience delivering powerful motivational talks to groups of all sizes and types, both online and in person. From large Business Conferences to Corporate Meetings, her speaking delivery is engaging, powerful, and effective in bringing inspiration to your audience. So many organizations remain satisfied with the status quo when they could be getting so much more. An inspired workforce is an effective workforce, and at the end of the day means enhanced profits for your Company. Failing to continually motivate, inspire and educate your organization is literally leaving what could have been, on the table. Consider booking Christelle Biiga today for your next event and you can be assured your organization will be educated in important topics but further, inspired to bring their very best going forward.

Warmly , Christelle Biiga | Motivational Speaker

More About Christelle Biiga

Motivational Speaker | Entrepreneur | Empowerment Coach

Christelle offers an engaging presentation that will keep your audience's attention with a fun and energetic style.  It is a special talent to be able to deliver important information in a way that is fun, exciting, and interesting.  Christelle brings this gift to her speaking, and your organization will be the better for it.  Here are a few highlights about Christelle:

  • Speaker at the 2022 CMRTA annual conference
  • Speaker at the Unstoppable You live event
  • TV host of the talk show Living The Dream streaming on Roku
  • Featured on Numerous Podcasts and Online Events
  • Published writer on Authority Magazine
  • Published writer on Thrive Global
  • Published Writer on VoyageLA

Consider utilizing Christelle's experience, gift of speaking, and messages of courage and motivation to transform your organization. Simply fill out the form below to get in contact with Christelle and discuss your upcoming event.

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About Christelle's Presentation

Here is What Your Event Attendees Will Learn


How to develop the ability and willingness to confront fear, uncertainty, intimidation, or difficulty on the job.


How to position yourself for success by creating the conditions for achieving at a peak performance level.


How to train your mind to set and achieve precise goals and dreams.


How to cultivate the power of personal motivation, and how even one motivated person can positively infect an entire organization with positive vibes, resulting in success.


How to create the ideal attitude that demands respect yet offers grace and kindness. Become the person people want to follow, making force unnecessary and collaboration effortless.


How to communicate within your organization amongst peers and navigate within layers of organizational structure. Effective communication between managers, executives, and staff can have an amazing impact on the culture of your organization


Christelle can also customize her presentation to fit your needs, so simply contact her below to discuss your event, presentation needs, and availability.

Public Speaking Expert On Leadership In Los Angeles


To Ensure Her Availability it is Recommended to Schedule at Least 2 Months in Advance

As a traveling professional speaker, Christelle often books up many Months in advance. To check availability and discuss pricing, simply click the button below to schedule a call. Don't miss this opportunity to take your organization to the next level with a powerful motivational presentation by Christelle, a passionate speaker with a message your audience will resonate with and walk away inspired from.

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  Christelle is the real deal, not someone who read a blog or two and decided she would empower others. She's lived the challenges and obstacles and has found a way overcome the odds and make a better life for herself. She now shares that knowledge generously with audiences. She's charming, intelligent, and (most of all) has a wonderful ability to inspire others.  

Jeff Goldberg - Sales Problem Solver

Public Speaking Expert On Leadership In Los Angeles

Jeff Goldberg

  Christelle really is an expert in her field. She know her stuff, has confidence and a proven track record. I would say if you are looking for someone who is caring and knowledgeable then Christelle Biiga is your girl for the job. Beverly Zeimet Identity Revelation Specialist specializing in Self-Discovery Archaeology  

Beverly Zeimet - CEO of Digital Business International and Passport to Freedom

Public Speaking Expert On Leadership In Los Angeles

Beverly Zeimet

  Christelle Biiga has spoken many times on my platforms and she always brings powerful and insightful content that inspires the audience. Her ability to be clear in her messaging is a wonder to watch and be a part of! I highly recommend Christelle to speak at your next event.  

Amy Schadt - Host/Producer of The Unstoppable YOU Live Stream/Women's Empowerment Coach

Public Speaking Expert On Leadership In Los Angeles

Amy Schadt

  I interviewed Christelle for my podcast, Trina Talk. I was very impressed and inspired by her story. How she works with other coaches to help them be true to themselves instead of trying to duplicate someone else is refreshing. Christelle's energy and tenacity are truly inspirational!  

Trina L. Martin - Technologist | Speaker | Author | Leadership Coach | US Naval Officer (Retired)

Public Speaking Expert On Leadership In Los Angeles

Trina L. Martin

  I interviewed Christelle on my Live check-in Series, to talk about motivation for Female entrepreneurs. Christelle's positivity and belief that the answers are already inside you really captivated me. I definitely recommend her for female entrepreneurs seeking transformation and looking for answers on how to better themselves and their businesses. Her take on motivation was refreshing as we sometimes look for external motivation when all we need is to trust ourselves and look for the answers within.  

Abigail Nwaoch - Full-Stack Digital Marketer | Marketing Consultant & Coach | Podcaster | Audio Course Creator

Public Speaking Expert On Leadership In Los Angeles

Abigail Nwaocha

  Christelle has a way of communicating that is inspiring and leaves you feeling anything is possible  

Chigo Orlu-Orlu - The Budget Fairy

Public Speaking Expert On Leadership In Los Angeles

Chigo Orlu-Orlu

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Public Speaking Expert On Leadership In Los Angeles

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Public Speaking Expert On Leadership In Los Angeles

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Public Speaking Expert On Leadership In Los Angeles

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