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Create Diverse teams that foster a better institutional culture and creativity

Diversity Software Engineers For Full Time Position

diverse team helps companies be more innovative, creative and achieve better results

Wall Breakers Is The #1 Source For hiring diverse software engineers

Diversity Software Engineers For Full Time Position

We help fortune 500 companies reduce guesswork in the hiring process, All while fostering a better company culture

With over 10,000 candidates from 100% minority backgrounds To Choose From, Your Diverse Hiring process Has never been easier

Wallbreakers finds and creates excellent candidates for companies needing tech talent. We know its mission-critical to remove the guesswork from hiring. 

Build Diverse Tech Teams To:

  • Create better products
  • Foster a better institutional culture
  • Remove the guesswork from hiring

Diversity Software Engineers For Full Time Position

Wallbreakers offers a unique way to discover your ideal diverse software engineering candidates

Wallbreakers has an existing impressive lineup of large corporations and professional talent

With an existing impressive lineup of large corporations and professional talent utilizing our services, it is time to consider joining this unique way to increase diversity in your workplace.


Companies today are more conscious about removing bias in hiring, opting for diversity and equity.  Instead of searching incessantly for the right candidates the old-fashioned way, Wallbreakers utilizes advanced technology to help both companies and engineers discover each other.  Utilizing our advanced tools, we save time for both parties while offering a platform to train and discover professional engineers looking for employment. You will discover prepared young professionals ready to deliver elite performance for your company. 


Join us today, and we’ll get started in finding the ideal match.


“We find and polish the diamonds who others overlook.”

Diversity Software Engineers For Full Time Position

Here's exactly how we find & place software developers & engineers with great companies like yours

Placing Asian, Latino, Black & All Minority Software Engineers With Companies of All Sizes

Wallbreakers was created for the purpose of building a professional talent pipeline for minority software engineers to get found by great companies searching for diverse talent.  Companies of all sizes now have a resource and platform to save time in their search, and Black, Latinx, Asian and all minorities have a platform to help them get discovered and hired in great career positions.  

Here are a few details about how we match talent to company:

  • Diverse Talent Sourcing
  • Over 10,000 Computer Science Graduates in our Database With Engineering Education & Skills Ready to Hire
  • We Work With Over 50 Colleges & Universities Identifying Diverse Talent
  • We Provide Advanced Training For Candidates, Providing the Extra Polish & Professionalism Ideal for Your Company
  • AI-Powered Data Analytics Scores Candidates on Multiple Factors to Help You Find The Ideal Software Engineer for Your Company
  • Candidates CS Degrees From Top Colleges & Universities Including Historically Black (HBCU’s) and Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSI’s)

Diversity Software Engineers For Full Time Position

Companies utilizing Wallbreakers to hire diverse software developers.

Are you ready to join our growing client list?

Join the many companies like Amazon, Visa, AirBnB, Bonnily, Humu, Joyless, Apple, Netflix and many others who are making an effort to become “a better reflection of the world we live in.”

  • Amazon
  • VISA
  • AirBnB
  • Bonnily
  • Humu
  • Joyless

Diversity Software Engineers For Full Time Position

Wallbreakers was created by three professionals who have extensive experience building robust and successful teams within the tech sector.

They set out to make a difference by creating an AI-Powered portal that brings together many data sets, allowing companies and human resources departments a faster, more laser-focused way to identify, evaluate and recruit diverse talent they otherwise likely would have missed.  They also created a detailed screening process, weeding out any candidates who don’t pass muster, delivering only the very best to great companies. By taking a technically advanced approach, within the tech industry, everything just made sense, and many companies now consider Wallbreakers essential in filling positions.


But they didn’t stop there, they identified a need to help candidates polish their skills, professionalism and performance within the workplace.  So the founding crew created an AI-Powered training program that each candidate completes to be fully pre-qualified to become available for hire. This program was created by top software engineers and focuses on “completing” candidates for companies, in areas they may lack.  From perfecting intensive coding skills to building great communication and problem-solving skills, the AI program identifies areas of need and solves them in advance, so companies get a polished product. 

Diversity Software Engineers For Full Time Position