Transform your fear-based experience into an opportunity based consciousness

Fear Is A Choice Jim Case Personal Growth Coach

This Book will change your life!

Transform your fear-based experience into an opportunity-based reality!

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Fear Is A Choice Jim Case Personal Growth Coach


This book will change your life because it will change your relationship with Fear

We are inundated with Fear messenging and training from the moment of our conception. But, the truly interesting thing about that is we don't come into this life experience in fear. We arrive deeply connected, filled with wonder, Joy, creativity, incredible imagination, and pure Love. All Fear in our experience is learned- that's why Fear Is A Choice!
This amazing book will walk you through the evolution of fear in the human experience. You will learn how that fear is entrained in you, and most importantly, you will understand how to change your relationship with fear.
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Fear Is A Choice Jim Case Personal Growth Coach

Meet the Author

Having overcome 'coming out' in the 80's, cancer and AIDS in the 90's and catastrophic life breakdown in the 00's, Jim knows about Fear, and Transformation.

As the headline says, I've experienced a few things. My life has been an extraordinary adventure of experiences: From leaving my parents home just before my 16th birthday, to coming out as a teen, dropping out of high school, almost becoming a priest, marrying a woman, losing everthing, marrying a man, and living an incredibly joyful life!
I have always been eager to explore life. I have experienced life threatening illnesses on multiple occasions throughout my life from Spinal Menengitus as a child, a deadly parasite infection as a teenager, anal cancer as an adult, and then AIDS. But, NONE OF THAT DEFINES ME, because I know that Fear Is A Choice.

Fear Is A Choice Jim Case Personal Growth Coach

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Amazon, Kindle, Barnes & Noble, IndieBound

CHANGE your relationship with Fear today! 
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Fear Is A Choice Jim Case Personal Growth Coach

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Jim talks about the power and impact of his book

When you change your relationship with fear, you change everything! This book will change your life because it will change your relationship with fear!
Order your copy today. This book makes an excellent gift.
Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kindle, and IndieBound.

Fear Is A Choice Jim Case Personal Growth Coach

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Fear Is A Choice Jim Case Personal Growth Coach


  Absolutely transformational! You will be in shock and awe as you smile and sigh your way through this incredible gift of a book.? ?Profound, challenging (or compelling), and absolutely transformational. Read this now to eliminate negative beliefs, totally release fear, and reclaim a life filled with joy!? ?Finally! A book that takes on the ?F? word with courage and compassion. Through story after story, this book reveals its deep truth: fear is always alway always a choice over which you have complete control. Jim is an energy master who shows us another way, a better way to be, do, and have in this amazing life. Read this, sit with the ideas, and learn how to know your inner truth, align with God within, and no longer be limited or debilitated by fear. Take the leap to live a high vibration life filled with deep connection and unending joy!?  

Author of "The Amare Wave", Business Strategy Consultant

Fear Is A Choice Jim Case Personal Growth Coach

Moshe E.

9/11/2020 - San Diego, CA

  Ever wonder why some people are terrified of mice? Is it really a necessary, protective instinct to fear a cute, furry being 1/100th of your size? Fear Is A Choice explains the step-by-step process of how we LEARN to fear. That in fact, fear is not strictly an instinctive response, rather it is taught to us by our parents, our peers and society at large. This means we can un-learn it. This book is for anyone whose fear of [insert your nightmare here] has come insidiously to dominate your choices and behaviors in life. Fear Is A Choice integrates the physical and spiritual aspects of the human experience in a practical, everyday way that anyone can appreciate, whether a newcomer to spiritual concepts or not. The author is very qualified to speak on the subject, choosing to embark on a journey of transforming every aspect of his life when he began to recognize how his learned fears were the root of his physical and emotional pain, and causing him to be stuck in a life that simply did not sit right. The teaching of most special significance to me in this book was the amazing tool we ALL have continuous access to, which we can learn to use quite easily. No batteries or accessories required! The author explains beautifully that by ?following the ease?, no matter how loudly and fearfully the mind protests, this pathway is the road to being who you really are. Taking you from a place of retreat, defeat and misguided action, to a place of courage and purpose! ?Every time you honor this system, your clarity will become stronger, your stress levels will reduce dramatically, and you will arrive at better, more effective answers, solutions and abilities, with greater ease and tranquility. And when you come into alignment, life becomes about ease and flow, not struggle. Even better? Once you are in alignment, you are no longer able to be manipulated by or with fear.?  

Singer/Songwriter, Managing Director

Fear Is A Choice Jim Case Personal Growth Coach

Fiona F.

10/9/2020 - New Zealand, OU

  All too often in life, when the world seems to be crashing down around us, it's not the mega-ton cruise ship that saves us from drowning, but rather it's a little life preserver tossed from a tiny sailboat captained by one person. Sometimes when our days are the darkest we are drawn out of the depths by a single flame and not a blinding light. This book, in what seems to be a simple premise, offers that one idea, that one absolutely brilliant, spot on, bullseye target that successfully changes our life's trajectory into a path of infinite love and joy. As a survivor of numerous traumas in life, from emotional, to medical, to financial, I assure you that reading this book and incorporating its teachings into your life WILL make the difference that changes your life in ways you cannot yet imagine. When we can take life's happenings and, like the best martial arts experts, use their own momentum to our advantage, then everything that previously had been a negative turns into an incredible positive. This book will open your eyes into clearly understanding how to take your life from surviving to thriving. You owe it to yourself and those around you to be and live your best.  

Translator, Mom, House flipper

Fear Is A Choice Jim Case Personal Growth Coach

Tamar P

10/11/2020 - Travelers Rest, SC

  After having been paralyzed by fear for many years from my own life-threatening diagnosis, I was able to move beyond its grip once I realized that my fear was simply an illusion. We are meant to live our lives in abundance, joy, liberation and love. Somehow we lose sight of that along our journeys through life. We get stuck in the fear we are bombarded with as we trudge through the grind of life. This brilliant book, Fear Is A Choice, and its author, R. James Case, have managed to expertly and clearly present the science behind our fears and how they limit us as humans. Better than that, he provides tools and exercises which teach us all how to break those tethering chains, empowering readers to recognize fear and move beyond its clutches to lead a life of infinite possibilities, passion and purpose. A roadmap to leading a joyful, thriving life that matters. Bravo!  

Creator of non-profit 'Stand Up4 Health', teacher, philanthropist

Fear Is A Choice Jim Case Personal Growth Coach

Hamilton B

11/1/2020 - New York, NY

  I love a book that is easy to read, relatable, can quickly teach me what I need to know and spur me to take action. Fear is a Choice ticks all those boxes. I feel like I've had a crash course in many modalities, philosophies, sciences and religions in one book that explains things I knew (and some that I didn't) in new ways that made total sense from a practical perspective. Jim brings a lifetime of experience and devotion to his own spiritual evolution to the table and shares his key breakthrough moments with such clarity that you just 'get it'. Some messages I may have heard or understood before, but hadn't truly embraced them in a way that resonated deeply. I have a profound respect for this man who has dedicated his life to learning how to truly align his ego self and his innate Self and left me reeling in the realisation of the work I still have to do! At least now I have a great guide to refer to over and over to help me through. This book is a keeper.  

World Awake Movement

Fear Is A Choice Jim Case Personal Growth Coach

Deb R.

11/2/2020 - Wellington, New Zealand, OU

  How can a 200 page book even begin to tackle this concept of fear as a choice? You?re thinking: Another, superficial, self-help book, probably padded with all the current, Oprah-esque catchphrases. You?ll have the impulse to pass it by. DON?T! Jim Case, through the telling of his ?everyman?s story?, has managed to deconstruct just about every element that makes up the dynamic of fear: from the DNA encoding at the moment of conception, through the societal, mass cultural and religious bombardment of fear driven messages, designed to separate us from our true nature. This is a challenging treatise that, hopefully, will upend the way you choose to view your life. Not just a deconstruction of a long held concept but a clear and concise roadmap towards the liberation from the debilitating impacts that fear creates. This is a truly empowering idea: WE choose. Not just an idea, but an authentic and genuine resonance that sounds the way beyond fear: into a very different, transformed and liberated Life! Jim?s writing style is engaging and straightforward. Funny, vulnerable, and so easy to read, Jim leads the reader through a cleverly woven tapestry of ideas and thoughts. Using science, philosophy, spirituality, psychology, this a a treatise that has appeal to ?Everyman? and ?Everywoman? who is ready to let fear disappear from their lives!  

Psychologist, teacher

Fear Is A Choice Jim Case Personal Growth Coach

Geri D.

12/5/2020 - Vancouver, BC, OU

  Great Read! James Case has done it, he has written a book that actually addresses the causes and cures of fear-based thinking. I have written several books myself and addressed fear from many points of view, but James turned fear upside down and gives the reader an understanding...  

best-selling author, syndicated radio show host of "Voice of Courage" and business strategist

Fear Is A Choice Jim Case Personal Growth Coach

Ken F.

12/28/2020 - San Diego, CA

  In Fear is a Choice R. James Case clearly unmasks the subtle hidden influences that cause fear and offers readers helpful and meaningful paths to open themselves to the divine and live authentic lives. A must read for anyone wanting to achieve greater happiness by breaking through the monotony of mass consciousness.  

World renowned Past Life Regressionist, author of Heal Your Ancestors to Heal Your Life & Meet Your Karma: The Healing Power of Past Life Memories

Fear Is A Choice Jim Case Personal Growth Coach

Shelley A. Kaehr, Ph.D.

1/11/2021 - Chicago, IL

Fear Is A Choice Jim Case Personal Growth Coach

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Fear Is A Choice Jim Case Personal Growth Coach

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Fear Is A Choice Jim Case Personal Growth Coach

R. James Case


R. James (Jim) Case is the author of ‘Fear Is A Choice: Unraveling the Illusion of Our Separation from Love’, and is Host of the Livecast and podcast ‘Adventures in Truth’. Jim has been impacting the spiritual and growth communities for decades. As the Aliveness Coach for an all-natural residential healing center in AZ, he developed programs, conducted transformational seminars, and one-on-one coaching and aliveness therapy for people confronting terminal and non-terminal disease processes.

For the past 10 years Jim has worked with hundreds of clients around the world with his program "The Science of Transformation". His passion is assisting people to achieve the quantum shift and change they desire. His book "Fear is a Choice: Unraveling the Illusion of Our Separation from Love" is a powerful look deep into the evolution of fear in the human experience.

Jim has been married to his husband Michael for 11 years. They recently relocated from San Diego to Denver. They are avid adventurers and travel and road-trip regularly.

Fear Is A Choice Jim Case Personal Growth Coach

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