TRANSFORM Fear-Based Consciousness

Let me show you how YOU can shift out of Fear-based consciousness and into Opportunity-based experience!

We are inundated with fear. Since conception, day in and day out, we encounter, experience, and are powerfully influenced by the message of fear and inadequacy. Those messages repeat through our minds over and over again...YOU are not enough. In every aspect of our lives- from the underwear and toothpaste we use, to the foods we eat, our job, our partners, our body, our money, our health...I think you get the picture. It is intense, and keeps us in a state of disempowerment at best, and in depression, anxiety, confusion, and desperation at worst.


Consequently, we end up integrating that message. The mind, with its fear wiring, is only too eager to support that message.

The Science of Transformation CHANGES all of that!


The Science of Transformation  

The Science of Transformation

Meet the Creator and Facilitator of The Science of Transformation

Having overcome 'coming out' in the 80's, cancer and AIDS in the 90's and catastrophic life breakdown in the 00's, Jim knows about Fear, and Transformation.


R. James Case is the author of “Fear Is A Choice: Unravelling the Illusion of Our Separation from Love”. He is the host of Adventures in Truth Livecast and podcast, and he created the program The Science of Transformation- His passion is the transformation of fear. His powerful insights, unique approach, and clarity have been assisting people for three decades to change their relationship with fear, in order to achieve the Quantum shift and change they desire.

The Science of Transformation  

The Science of Transformation

LEARN MORE from creator Jim Case

Learn about the power and transformative experience of The Science of Transformation

The Science of Transformation  

Whether you do a couple sessions, or the full program, you will be amazed at your results!

Start with the Introductory Sessions

My program, The Science of Transformation, is about you tapping into your greatest potential, exploring all possibilities, experiencing everything you desire, changing, evolving, and coming to a deep clarity about it all. It’s about becoming not just the best version of yourself, but the highest potential version of yourself. Becoming who you truly are and who you were meant to be.

This is an ongoing process and one we will always be working on, but The Science of Transformation helps you shift states now and then gives you the tools to continue doing this work yourself in the future.

Experience the Intro Pkg- $139

The Intro Package gives you the opportunity to experience this amazing program by giving you 2 full sessions for the price of 1. This enables you to experience the shifts and powerful effects first hand! These are full sessions- meaning I will be taking you through the complete experience so you can know that this transformational process is right for you.

The Science of Transformation  

Check out my NEW BOOK!

Order your copy of "Fear Is A Choice" TODAY

Are you ready to change your relationship with Fear? This book will get you there. Learn about the evolution of fear in the human experience, how it is used in our world, and how we use fear on ourselves. More importantly you will learn how to change YOUR relationship with fear. I call it Transformation!



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The Science of Transformation  

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 Testimonials for The Science Of Transformation

  The Science of Transformation (SoT) process has been quite an experience for me. During the sessions I have had physical experiences: the arthritic pain in my hip was non existent during my last session. I have had physiological experiences: a sense of others in the room talking and even touching me when no one other than Jim the facilitator and I were in the room. Quite exciting! I have been sleeping better. Jim has helped me to recognize and then verbalize personality traits I was not able to notice before my SoT sessions; again quite exciting! I highly recommend visiting Jim at the HBL center for one of the meetups or for one of the demonstrations.  


(right image) The Science of Transformation

Kathleen W.

1/24/2019 - Lake Havasu, AZ

  Let's just say after 3 sessions, I decided I'm "all in", meaning I committed to doing all 20 sessions, because I see the potential to be the best version of myself, and because of the many benefits I have noticed already. First one being: I think more clearly! I have been plagued all my life with something like (but not quite) ADD, meaning it's hard for me to get organized and stay focused. Well, at tax time (my personal version of hell) 3 weeks ago, after one session of Higher Brain Living (HBL), I was organized, everything in a neat box, my desk clear, and everything ready to go to the accountant.....this is nothing short of a miracle!!! (usually there are piles of papers scattered all over the place and I'm running around like a crazy woman right up until the appointment throwing things in various boxes and envelopes to TRY and make it on time to his office!) AND, AND......MUCH less anxiety about the huge bill I normally have to pay! Organization, piece of mind.....PRICELESS!!!! Also noticing that I feel happier, calmer, more present with people, and have more of a desire to exercise and take better care of myself than I did before. Overall, I am "tasking" better throughout the brain is seeing more options, I am working smarter rather than harder, and I feel much more optimistic than I did before. Jim Case (the center director) is an excellent facilitator. I've been a student of personal growth and a health practitioner for over 16 years, and I am very impressed with not only his knowledge, but also his level of insight and caring- I trust that I am in very capable hands, and deeply appreciate the conversations and support he has already given me! We just "click". FOLLOW UP REVIEW Well, I did it.......I've completed all 22 sessions of my Higher Brain Living program!!! 7 months into it, and I can truly say I am a changed person! I am handling the stressors in my life with more grace and ease than ever, I am feeling MUCH more positive, hopeful, and dare I say that a feeling of PEACE and CONTENTMENT is becoming more and more my predominant state of being (even in the midst of some extremely challenging issues I've been dealing with these past few months with my work and home, I might add).  

Holistic Health Practitioner

(right image) The Science of Transformation

Lisa D.

4/28/2019 - San Diego, CA awesome. Talk about a bright light in the world. I just started my own business and I was struggling with my confidence as well as my decision. I met with Jim and it all clicked for me. I am months into it and I am a believer in the process. It brings confidence and gives you tools to really change your life. Best yet....Jim just radiates energy. It is worth looking into.  

Criminal Defense Lawyer

(right image) The Science of Transformation

Mark D.

6/13/2019 - San Diego, CA

  Amazing therapy that reawakens the brain by providing a deep profound relief to the body. Thank you Jim Case for being my facilitator!  

(right image) The Science of Transformation

Magda Y.

11/1/2019 - Tecate, CA

  I love this technique! I heard about it through a friend and decided to check out one of their free presentations at the Mission Valley Awaken office which has a nice feel to it - very soothing. The owner and advanced HBL facilitator of this center, Jim Case is awesome! He's super knowledgeable, down to earth and makes you feel comfortable throughout each session. I've now had 8 sessions and am experiencing all kinds of benefits so far. I feel a greater sense of peace, more relaxation in my body, some weight loss, less menstrual pain, more clarity of thought and the ability to be more authentic when expressing myself. The benefits are endless and different for everyone but it's amazing to say the least! I highly recommend checking it out. You get to see a demonstration at the free presentation and learn how it works to reduce stress naturally and improve your overall health.  

Business Owner

(right image) The Science of Transformation

Joanna W

11/4/2019 - Toronto, CC

  Clarifying, Transformative, Powerful (see video)  

Energy Medicine, Author, Healer

(right image) The Science of Transformation

Cyndi D.

12/19/2020 - Minneapolis, MN

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 Meet The Team Behind The Science Of Transformation

(right image) The Science of Transformation



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