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YES! Your Corporate Culture Can Be Vibrant, Positive, Uplifting & Successful... With World-Class Communication!

Corporate Drama and Gossip Trainer In the Workplace

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I Can Help You Avoid Workplace Drama & Conflicts by Creating a Thriving, Positive Culture Fast!

Dear Friend, 
My name is Heather Criswell, and for over 30 years I have worked in every imaginable environment helping people overcome issues with poor communication.  You see, the solution to 99% of all our problems is effective communication, and I want to share with you how you can build World-Class communication skills that will transform not only your workplace, but even your home life, your social life, and the way your communicate with yourself. 
Do You Often Avoid The Really Hard Conversations?
Do You Have a Toxic Work Culture You Simply Can't Solve?
The success of your Company is directly tied to the teams you have around you, and creating the culture of success which requires positive vibes.  I can teach you how to handle even the most difficult situations, how to communicate in the toughest moments, and how to solve virtually any people-problem you may have in your Company.  These simple strategies will save you weeks, months, even years of wasted energy and time.  You will learn how to eliminate conflicts quickly, and return your team to forward positive momentum.  You came to the right place, simply join me now, and you will see a dramatic shift in your communication skills, abilities and being to recreate your corporate culture starting today.    

Corporate Drama and Gossip Trainer In the Workplace

Heather Criswell | Corporate Communication Trainer/Educator/Coach

Get Live or Virtual Communication Workshops Designed for Busy Executives & Mid/Upper-Level Managers

Negative energy or poor communication is literally costing you money, and if left to deteriorate, can cost you your company.  The importance of getting this area right, cannot be underestimated.  The greatest companies attract the greatest talent and keep this top talent, but it will not happen by osmosis.  As a manager or executive the buck stops with you.  Your abilities to communicate and build a world-class culture are critical, and your company cannot build or maintain it without you. 
I encourage you to consider accepting my offer to provide a LIVE or VIRTUAL Communication Workshop, and address this all-important issue now, before any negativity infects your company.  
Any small investment you make with me, will pay back many times over as success in this area, is exponential to the success of your company now, and into the future.  I've seen companies double, even triple from building the proper culture.  You company is only as great as your team, so getting your communication right, and creating the positive, engaging, attractive environment will pay off many times over. 
You have everything to gain, nothing to lose by handling this area, no matter what level you are on now, we can all get better.  I hope you join me today, let's get your communication skills to a world-class level as you build your world-class company.  

Corporate Drama and Gossip Trainer In the Workplace

Here is What You Will Learn:

  •  How to Handle Extremely Difficult Conversations
  •  How to Eliminate Gossip & Drama in Your Workplace
  •  How to Build Collaboration & Positive Vibes Among Co-Workers
  •  How to Give Effective & Honest Feedback, Without Triggering Defensive Attitudes
  •  How to Communicate with Clarity, Intention & Honesty
  •  How to Instantly Shift Negative Energy to Positive Energy
  •  And so much more...

Corporate Drama and Gossip Trainer In the Workplace

Who Am I & Why Should You Listen to ME?

"Conversations Rooted in Love Change Everything"

Heather Criswell is an Award-Winning Book & Game Author, and for over 25 years has worked with kids & adults in building better communication skills.  She has worked with many organizations, including See World Pre-School Learning Center, Touch of Life Holistic Wellness Center, WiseInside Educational Academy and more.  She is also a Corporate Keynote Speaker, Trainer & Workshop Leader and Business Strategist.  
Book your FREE Consultation Today!  Together we will identify your areas of need and address how we can rapidly improve the quality of your communication and elimination of problems.

Corporate Drama and Gossip Trainer In the Workplace

Avoid Negative Corporate Culture & Create Maximum Success

Get this area handled, and your will never regret it, click below now!

Corporate Drama and Gossip Trainer In the Workplace


  When Heather speaks, it sinks into your soul. Her passion captivated me, and her stories connected powerfully. She made me feel like I was in a safe place and inspired me to open my heart and embrace the children in my life without judgement.  

Adria DeCorte

  Heather is a soul-stirring, transformational speaker and thought leader. When Heather speaks, people listen--deeply, with their whole selves -because she speaks with passion, wit, and vulnerability. If you need a speaker who can light up an audience AND give them tangible tools to implement immediately, book this woman! - Alexia Vernon Founder and Director, Influencer Academy  

Alexia Vernon

10/25/2019 - Founder and Director, Influencer Academy, NV

  Heatherís content is refreshing, relevant and her passion engages you right away. The audience was on the edge of their seats from start to finish waiting to hear what she had to say next. You get tremendous amounts of value to take away. You have to experience Heather for yourself. Book her today.  

Lisa Ferrell

7/22/2020 3:19:00 PM - Las Vegas, NV

Corporate Drama and Gossip Trainer In the Workplace

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Corporate Drama and Gossip Trainer In the Workplace

Corporate Drama and Gossip Trainer In the Workplace