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Of course, when visitors first arrive at your site and start reading your copy, they probably do not know you and have no reason to trust you. That is why it is so crucial to build your credibility. You MUST explain why you are qualified to help them or solve their problem. That does not necessarily mean official qualifications. It may simple be that you have experience the problem that brought them to your site in the first place, and you found a solution to the problem that you want to share with them! AND you must show that you are just like them. A great way to accomplish this is by telling a story!

Now It is Your Turn

  •  Think about the reasons why you wanted to develop your product or service in the first place. So in Form G of your worksheet, quickly brainstorm a list of why they should by the product from you
  •  Why did you start the business
  •  How did you solve the problem that they still have?
  •  What experience do you have?
  •  Why do you understand their problem?
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    Why Canít I Lose Weight Anymore?

    Hello, I'm Dr. Jeffrey Smith.  I want to answer the question,  “Why can't I lose weight anymore?

    Wow you've lost some weight but...

    Wow you've lost some weight.  You've probably tried a bunch of different diets, but yet you've hit a plateau and there's and nothing else coming off.  So go into the gym more, doing those things that other people would tell you to do that have worked up to this point, hmm hit a plateau, it's stress! 

    Your body when it's stressed

    Your body when it's stressed will not burn any more fat as a matter of fact it will drive you to go eat more foods that are higher in fat because it believes that there's an earthquake coming of famine coming.  Think about the collective consciousness of humanity and anytime there's been a big problem in life.  It programs people to store up fats and energy for the future, and until you resolve why you're stressed you will not make any more progress.

    The good news is...

    The good news is, if you treat the stress, you'll be able to lose the weight!  Some programs that I've created and other therapists have created to help you be at peace and experience bliss throughout your day, you will bracket you through with the weight loss process! You will be able wear the clothes you want to wear, do the activities that you want to do and most and most importantly enjoy your life!