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Of course, when visitors first arrive at your site and start reading your copy, they probably do not know you and have no reason to trust you. That is why it is so crucial to build your credibility. You MUST explain why you are qualified to help them or solve their problem. That does not necessarily mean official qualifications. It may simple be that you have experience the problem that brought them to your site in the first place, and you found a solution to the problem that you want to share with them! AND you must show that you are just like them. A great way to accomplish this is by telling a story!

Now It is Your Turn

  •  Think about the reasons why you wanted to develop your product or service in the first place. So in Form G of your worksheet, quickly brainstorm a list of why they should by the product from you
  •  Why did you start the business
  •  How did you solve the problem that they still have?
  •  What experience do you have?
  •  Why do you understand their problem?
  • Strategic Counseling Jeff Smith In CA

    How to Sleep Better at Night Naturally With

    Hello, I'm Dr. Jeffrey Smith.  I'd like to answer the question of how to sleep better at night naturally.

    Don't waste your time by...

    Please don't waste your time by going and buying a new pillow, changing to sheets that wick away perspiration, even getting an expensive mattress, getting new blinds or even earplugs.  Those things can all help enslaved percentages, but truly you're not sleeping well at night because your mind won't let you. And if you actually tracked back in time and ask yourself when is the last time I did sleep well at night, is that a year ago, five years ago when you were a little kid, but there was a point most likely in your life when you did sleep well.

    From that time forward....

    From that time forward, there's been a lot of life events that have happened to you, and our brain stores every one of these events.  Some of them go into the trauma file. Those traumatic events that we've had tell us, subconsciously and unconsciously, that we live in an unsafe world.  So the reason you're not sleeping at night is because the massive part of our mind, our best consciousness researchers tell us, 95% of the mind is subconscious and/or unconscious.  That blows my mind every time I share that data. That's the part of the mind that's operating when we're sleeping. The conscious part of the mind it's off! The small 5% that says, you know, the day in and day out activities, your name, your data, what you do for a living, the conscious part the minds off when sleep.  That part of the mind is what tells you you're okay during the day, but at nighttime when that goes off, you're not okay, whether you remember your dreams or not.

    If we could track them...

    If we could track them, if we can monitor them, they would be trying to solve problems that you haven't been able to solve consciously.  That's the purpose of counseling.  That’s the answer to the question, “Why I'm not sleeping well naturally?” and these are the reasons that there are people, like myself, that want to help you resolve things.