Dr. Jeffrey Smith lives in Oceanside, CA., spending his time with his family, four kids and one grandchild. He is also passionate about personal fitness, health and enjoys extreme sports of all kinds.

If You Suffer From Trauma (PTSD), Depression, Anxiety, ADD, ADHD, Panic Attacks or Any Other Discomfort, You Can Find Relief...

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 Depression, OCD and Anxiety Counseling Around Carlsbad

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 Depression, OCD and Anxiety Counseling Around Carlsbad

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Dear Friend,
If you are finally ready to face the root causes of the maladies that are negatively affecting your life, and find healing, you should read on. Sadly, so many people just accept a life lived with suffering and defeat, but it doesn't have to be that way. We now have proven, scientifically sound advanced methods to discover, target and treat most issues, and people are finding relief fast, reclaiming the life they once had. You too can find healing, and experience the joy of life lived without the past pain and trauma's destroying each and every day.

Here's How The "Strategic Counseling Model" Works

Jeffrey W. Smith Psy. D. MFT | Kindness | Acceptance | Intuition

The Strategic Counseling Model was created to address all 5 tiers involved in the problem and solution.  The method utilizes...
  • Nueral Science | How the brain works to create or solve your issue
  • Attachment Theory | Addresses connection & intimacy
  • Emotional Trauma Recovery | Advanced treatments for PTSD
  • Spiritual Awareness | How mindfulness creates healing
  • Physical Health | Self-care & optimum biochemistry
Using this comprehensive model ensures we leave not stone un-turned, we will utilize every aspect of healing to overcome and eliminate your issue.  Not only will this bring relief, but for many patients the positive effects go far beyond the specific treatment, many proclaiming this decision to be a total life-changer.  
When we begin we will quickly identify the root causes of the problem.  Then we will generate forward motion and momentum that feeds and grows in a feedback loop, creating certainty that we are on the right path.  As we build this momentum, true change begins to emerge, hope builds and confidence is boosted.  You will finally see the light at the end of the tunnel, you will know a new beginning is just ahead, I'll walk with you every step of the way.  
I urge you to consider scheduling a FREE Consultation call now. You have nothing to lose but so much to gain. 


For over 21 years Dr. Smith has people from all walks of life to connect with their spirituality, healing intuitions, philosophy and framework of life. His practice was built on the heels of a 15 year career in the US Marine Corps, working to design and coordinate highly complex war games for troops. For two years he worked as an education enhancement consultant for the U.S Naval Training Command. Throughout his military service he became highly-trained in reading and evaluating brain images (SPECT Scans), a skill that he uses today in assisting his clients with severe PTSD and other complicated issues. The many years of military service and specialty-training prepared the ground for his practice as a Licensed Therapist as he will bring a unique real-world perspective to your issues. He has seen it all from mild to the most severe cases, and regardless of your condition, he can and will find ways to help.

  • 10 Years as Performance Enhancement Coach/Teacher for High-End Athletes & Professionals
  • 2 Years Counseling at Family Health Clinic Reaching Military Families in North County San Diego
  • 1 Year Counseling in Locked Military Mental Health Facility
  • 3 Years Teaching Psychology Courses as College Professor
  • 3 Years Serving on Regional Leadership Committee for EMDRIA
  • 2 Years Serving on the Board of Directors for the Recovery Assistants Foundation
  • 1 Year Technical Advisor on T.V. series Pensacola Wings of Gold.
  • 2 Years Serving on the Board of Directors for the Better Men Organization
  • Founder & Director of the Strategic Recovery Institute
  • 7 Years as Public Speaker
  • Psy.D., Ryokan College, Los Angeles, 2015
  • M.A., Counseling Psychology, National University, San Diego, 1994,. With Distinction.
  • B.A., Behavioral Science, National University, San Diego, 1987, Magna cum Laude
  • A.A., General Subjects, National University, San Diego, 1984

Here Are a Few Other Career Highlights

EDUCATION FROM 1984 to 2015

My life's work has been research, understanding and then effective treatments

My name is Dr. Jeffrey W. Smith, and my life's work has been to research, understand and deliver truly effective treatments for those suffering from PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, Borderline Personality Disorders, Childhood ADD/ADHD, Panic Attacks and more. For over 21 years I have helped patients of all ages and backgrounds find peace and relief. As a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist I bring a robust background of both high-level training, and real-world experience, it would be difficult to find a malady I have not treated, and we will treat yours with compassion and a spiritual awareness that can truly change your life.

Read on to find out some of the advanced treatment options we have available and why you should consider scheduling a FREE Consultation, a short call that will help us determine if we are a good fit for each other. If so, you can begin today finding the peace and happiness you deserve. Don't let another day slip by in suffering, you have a friend and teammate waiting to help and together we will make rapid progress towards eliminating the blocks preventing your very best life.

Dr. Jeffrey W. Smith Psy. D. MFT | Therapeutic services for Individuals, Couples, Families and Groups

Your Life Is Not Where You Want It To Be?

What is EMDR & Why do I Use This Therapy?

EMDR is an acronym for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, an Advanced Way to Bring Relief

EMDR is an acronym for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. EMDR is a method to treat people who have disturbing or traumatic memories. EMDR has been extensively researched (See EMDR link) and proven effective for the treatment of trauma, specifically for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). PTSD is a psychological disorder that occurs when the brain, body and mind are unable to process (understand and prevent re-occurrence) what has happened in a way that allows the person to learn and heal from it. Untreated traumatic events may lead to symptoms such as depression, nightmares, intrusive thoughts and flashbacks (which bring back the fear and disturbing details of the original experience). EMDR mimics the brains natural way of processing information by using eye movements and other types of bilateral stimulation.

One of the most difficult aspects of PTSD is that present day experiences which have nothing to do with the originally traumatizing event, have the power to 'activate' the networks in the brain that created the disturbing after effects. Thus, the person ends up being 'triggered' by such ordinary daily events as smells, sounds and sights reminiscent off the original event, leaving them in a state of discomfort similar to that experienced during the trauma. This makes everyday life a minefield of potential triggers, never knowing when one will be set off. An example would be the smell of the cologne worn by a child's abuser, once the child was grown. This is typical of the type of 'somatic clearing' that can be expected with EMDR. Once treated successfully, the smell would no longer have the power to 'trigger' the same visceral response.

EMDR is effective for any kind of upsetting, problematic or stressful event that causes people to have some level of dysfunction in their life whether it’s anxiety, panic, phobias, depression or PTSD. Only trained mental health practitioners in EMDR should provide this treatment.


Private Psychotherapy Practice – Vista, CA (Nov. 1994 – present) See addendum for specializations.

L-3 Titan – San Diego, CA (Feb. 1999 – Sep. 2010) Significant Project Consultant / Modeling & Simulation.
Planned, designed, executed and analyzed tactical level training scenarios for major U.S. military commands.

United States Marine Corps – San Diego, CA (Jun 1980 – Feb 2002) Infantryman, Scout Sniper & Aviator.

MFT Staff Counselor (Concurrent with Military Service and Defense Contracting)
North Coast Church, Vista, CA (May 1999 – Jan. 2004)
Formalized diagnosis, treatment plans, interventions, communications architecture, and testing requirements. Supported Senior Pastoral Staff in decision-making regarding the resolution of the presenting issues from the members of the church with a minimum expenditure of resources. 

MFT Intern

Center for Family Counseling, Carlsbad, CA (Sep. 95 – Nov. 99)
Completed hours required for licensing using multi-axial diagnostic and treatment approach based in Cognitive-Behavioral theory and practice Developed skills in writing treatment plans and reports and forming accurate diagnostic impressions. Developed foundation for building and modifying communication techniques in families.

MFT Trainee

Mental Health Ward, Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton, CA (Oct. 93 – Sep. 95)
Provided group and individual counseling to in-patients with severe psychosis, mood disorders and substance abuse. Diagnosed and treated full range of mental health disorders with adjunctive treatment of medication management from hospital staff.

College Instructor

Park College, St. Louis, MO (Oct. 92 – Oct. 94)
Taught introductory level psychology courses to Active Duty members of the Armed Forces.

 Depression, OCD and Anxiety Counseling Around Carlsbad

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  Jeff - Thank you for your time and great presentation last night. Your compassion for suffering people came through loud and clear. One thing I didnt do and should have was to express appreciation to you for taking on this most difficult field of working with people who have BPD. I know without a doubt that everyone at the meeting would have wanted to express the same sentiment. Thank you again  

 Depression, OCD and Anxiety Counseling Around Carlsbad


San Diego, CA

  Hello Jeff - I hope this finds you well and in good spirit. As you probably know the beginning of Spring marks the persian new year. As tradition goes this is the season to foster and nurture relationships, repair what has been broken and strengthen what already is. I wanted to take this time to say Thank you! Thank you for being my teacher and advisor in my life's journey. Mehdi and I are both very appreciative of what you have contributed to our lives. May the season foster continued joy in your life. I hope to come in for a refresher and guidance soon.  

 Depression, OCD and Anxiety Counseling Around Carlsbad


San Diego, CA

  Thank you for letting me see my worth, understanding myself, and saying yes to me. And being more than ok with all of me. I don't need to be someone else. I can accept the woman that I am today and the woman I will be in the future. Thanks for being on my inner circle. I appreciate it more and more  

 Depression, OCD and Anxiety Counseling Around Carlsbad

40 Year Old Female

Del Mar, CA

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 Depression, OCD and Anxiety Counseling Around Carlsbad

Dr Jeffrey Smith

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The Strategic Counseling Model is built from the ground up on a five-tiered model for generating motion, creating action, and thus generating healthy change. The five tiers are:

  • Neural (Brain) Science
  • Attachment theory (Intimacy)
  • Emotional Trauma Recovery
  • Spiritual Awareness
  • Compassionate Self-Care



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