Have You Always Wanted A Beautiful New Lawn or Grass Area Without The Headaches of Maintenance & Upkeep?

Well Here Is Your Opportunity to SAVE BIG $$$ NOW!

Turfkingz High-Quality Lightly-Used Artificial Turf At Bargain Prices!

A little-known secret in the artificial grass industry is how affordable remnant grass can be.  These are large pieces of lightly-used artificial grass we locate and offer to you, at a huge cost-savings.  When you order we will match your project with available remants in your area.  You will save a lot of money, and won't even notice any difference with nearly-new high-quality remnants.

Why waste money on expensive new artificial turf when you can save money with lightly-used remnants perfect for your project. Simply visit our main order site today (https://www.turfkingz.com) to place your order, you will LOVE your new lawn at an unbelievably LOW PRICE!

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Why You Should Consider Artificial Turf/Grass From Turfkingz

  • Environmentally Safe
  • No Need for Harmful Pesticides
  • Beautiful Perfect Lawn Year-Round
  • Zero Water & Maintenance
  • Safe for Pets & Kids
  • No More Muddy Shoes in Your House
  • Save $$$ Buying Lightly-Used
  • Zero Installation Cost
  • Fast & Reliable Delivery
  • Self-Installation Instructions Below

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More About TurfKingz?
America's #1 Quality Used Turf Distributor

Turfkingz was established in 2017 in Temecula, CA., and set out to re-define the Artificial Grass industry by offering customers locally and nationally top quality lighweight alternatives to high-maintenance lawns.  Aditionally, by offering lightly-used re-purposed remnants, we offer an amazing new landscape option at a price you will not believe. 

YES, it is possible to simply and quickly open, unroll, cut and secure your new Artificial Grass, without any expert installation costs.  Stop wasting water, maintaing your lawn, instead save time and money with the most affordable but top-quality alternative, the Turfkingz Artifical Grass Solution!

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What To Do Next...

Simply visit our website at https://www.turfkingz.com to browse all of the current artificial grass options and pricing available in your area. Then place your order online and begin reviewing our user-friendly ‘How To’ tab for a basic, step-by-step guide explaining what you need to know to have a perfect self-installation!  You will receive your order quickly and installation will be simple and fast. 

Have Questions or Need a Price Quote?

Please don't hesitate to contact us directly at (888) 258 TURF with whatever you need. Customer Service is our specialty, we'll take care of you and you will LOVE your new lawn. 

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7 Steps To Install Artificial Turf Yourself

Follow The Steps Below For Do-It-Yourself Turf Installation.

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Remove Existing Grass

Step 1. Before you begin, clear the area of rocks, shrubbery and any debris. Remove any and all existing grass where you would like to install your Artificial Grass. You want to be sure that you clear everything creating a flat surface of dirt. You can manually do this with a shovel and rake. 

Next Install Your Base

Step 2. Install Your Base! If you're covering concrete, often times a foam underlay is used. Be sure to use the proper type for the Artificial Grass you've chosen. Another popular material used is a layer of approximately 1/4-inch of crushed granite creating a semi-smooth gravel surface. This acts as both a barrier between the dirt and Artificial Grass and also provides proper drainage filling any gaps you may have missed.

Roll out your Artificial Turf

Next roll out your Artificial Grass! When you receive it you will unroll it with it's blades laying flat. Different types of turf come in different sizes and dimensions, so carefully roll yours out flat over your base. We recommend you use nails instead of tape to fasten your grass as they're stronger and withstand most types of weather conditions while tape can often lose its grip. 

Line Up Your Seams

Make sure you line up your seams as you unroll your turf, it is easy to see the clear lines in the turn.  Use parallel lines and align the edges for a seamless and genuine finished look.  If you take your time and carefully align your new turf lawn will look perfectly natural. 

Trim Or Cut To Fit Your Landscape

If your remnant is larger than the area you are covering, simply trim it with an Exacto knife to fit properly. Not every piece of turf is perfectly sized for your area, so simply cut to the appropriate size. Next, you'll need to secure your turf with nails or tape. If using nails make sure to use 6-8 inch nails and space them 12-18 inches apart around the edges and throughout the middle of the Turf.

Lines Can Be Cut Or Painted Out

This is one of the most fun steps! Painting or cutting your lines is not as difficult as you may think. Artificial Grass is most commonly used in Sporting events and arenas where score and boundary lines must be present. Paint on or cut out your lines with ease.

Brush in your Infill

The last thing you need to do is brush in your Infill. Infill is a crushed material used to weight the blades of the Artificial Grass and prevent it from wrinkling, creasing or rippling caused by movement. When you receive your Turf it will be rolled up and the blades will be lying down. Infill isn't always crushed material, you can even use beach sand!

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While Supplies Last
Prices As Low As 58 Cents Per. SqFt.

Call (888) 258-8873 For Your FREE Quote

Prices vary from State to State

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 Testimonials for Turfkingz

  We are so happy with our artificial turf we purchased from Turfkingz. Now I don't have to worry about picking up my kids toys because they cannot turn brown any more.  

  I was a bit cautious about using used turf, however the cost savings is incomparable to new. In the end for me it's less maintenance and I am happy.  

  Jeff We found the perfect sections for my back yard didn't we ? Thanks for taking the time. My wife could not be happier!  

 Services Available For Turfkingz

Used Turf Used artificial turf is the perfect solution for any project on a budget or looking to save money... Astroturf Expert     Turfkingz

Used Turf

Used artificial turf is the perfect solution for any project on a budget or looking to save money...

New Turf Brand new fresh, made in America, premium artificial turf manufactured  specially for Turf Kingz... Astroturf Expert     Turfkingz

New Turf

Brand new fresh, made in America, premium artificial turf manufactured specially for Turf Kingz...

New Remnants Brand new, made in America overstock, leftover and close-out turf offered at below wholesale prices... Astroturf Expert     Turfkingz

New Remnants

Brand new, made in America overstock, leftover and close-out turf offered at below wholesale prices...

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