#1 SECRET To Eliminating Your Fear of Public Speaking

Discover How YOU Can Monetize Your Voice Speaking Effortlessly On Stage or Anywhere You Need to Communicate Your Message.

Did You Know Competent Public Speaking Can 10X Your Income?

Learn How To Command a Room, and Dynamically Deliver Your Message

Dear Lifelong Learner/Entrepreneur, 

It is simply a proven fact that those who know how to communicate effectively and with clarity earn more money than those who never perfect the skill of public speaking... and, anyone can learn fast!

My name is James F. Hepler, otherwise know as Mr. Fantastik, and when you enroll in my course "James Fantastik's Monetize Your Voice", I will quickly help you overcome your fear of making public presentations! You can and will command the room, when you become a dynamic communicator, and finally experiance the explosion of your success and income. 

I can certainly relate with your FEAR of public speaking and presentations, you see, I wasn't always a competent and accomplished public speaker.  In fact in the beginning I was terrified, even petrified at the thought of being on stage in front of more than five people.  Just like myself, you can also transform yourself from being extremely fearful to becoming a confident professional speaker.  Simply stated, if I did it... I definitely know you will be the professional presenter and public speaker that you have always wanted to be. 

Take your first step today, to becoming the leader you always wanted to be and enjoy the abundance of communicating with complete confidence. 

Public Voice Training Course With James Fantastik

Who Am I, And Why Should You Listen To Me?

James F. Hepler, AKA Mr. Fantastik

Looking back I marvel at the person I once was compared to who I am today. It is as though I have lived two lives, one I barely recognize, and the one I live today.  You see, I didn't learn this from a University Course, or through some training program. I'm not teaching something I haven't lived, quite to the contrary, I have lived both sides of this equation, the scared and intimidated person who wouldn't dare get on stage, and now the person who loves speaking, loves commanding a room and delivering my message in a dynamic and engaging way. 

I am uniquely qualified to help you

With more than a half century… Yes that’s 55+ years and counting in the professional public speaking arena, I am uniquely qualified to help you, and I will make you this promise… Accept my offer to coach you, and you will barely recognize your old self in short order. We will attack this issue head on, with passion, and you will be amazed at how fast you will transform. 

Imagine seeking out public speaking opportunities, building powerful networks, selling your products or services with ease, creating new exciting relationships.  The power you will gain from finally overcoming your fears, and developing powerful communication skills will be life transformational. That's why I confidently call myself Mr. Fantastik, I want to make you the FANTASTIK version of yourself that is just waiting to emerge. 

Public Voice Training Course With James Fantastik

Public Voice Training Course With James Fantastik

Here's What You Will Learn:

Isn't it TIME you moved to the FRONT of the promotion LINE?

  • How I Overcame the Fear of Public Speaking, and How You Can Too!
  • 5 Secrets to Blasting Through any Limitations or Fears
  • Little-Known Techniques to Stop Anxiety Instantly
  • 3 Powerful Voice Inflection Techniques That Will Make You Sound Professional
  • How to Mentally Prepare for Your Speech using Visualizations
  • How This Skill Transforms All Areas of Your Life
  • And so much more....

When you decide to accept my offer

We will begin immediately, you will quickly see dramatic changes, and while this isn't a walk in the park, it will be worth our efforts.  I love to see my clients transform, become a new, better version of themselves, and watch them break out of the cocoon and fly for the first time.  Isn't it time you face this limitation head on?  Don't even waste a second of your precious time, your new confident and powerful future awaits!

Begin your journey today, to become a fun-filled, action-packed, dynamic public speaker!

Public Voice Training Course With James Fantastik

Public Voice Training Course With James Fantastik

You Have Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain

Conquer Your Fears, And Become Fantastik NOW! You Won't Regret It!

100% GUARANTEED! Cancel Anytime After 30 Days

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 Testimonials for Fantastik Leadership Training

  A course with Mr. Fantastik is like taking a rocket to the moon. If you?re interested in rising to success quickly and with gusto, these tools are for you!  

Executive Life Coach at Soul Fire, Peace Amplified Podcaster

(right image) Public Voice Training Course With James Fantastik

Malia B

  When asked to comment about a person who has been an integral part of one's life; when that person has been a colleague and a friend; it is a task rather easy to do. Such is the case with my friend James Fantastic Hepler or Jolly Jim or Jim Hepler. Using three names for the same person should quickly tell you that this person is quite unique.

Born into a family with a belief in working diligently for what you eventually accomplish throughout your life; serving others as a mentor; establishing successful businesses; providing good advice, whether solicited or simply offered, James Fantastic Hepler was blest to inherit that belief. He is an enthusiastic man who not only "talks the talk" but also "walks the walk." Jolly Jim will tell you the way it is, and he is usually correct in his assessment of what he tells you. His motto could easily be described as, You get out of life what you are willing to put in to it."

My association with James Fantastic Hepler began 30 years ago when as the middle school principal, I engaged him to be the MC at school dances in Millersburg. It continued when his first radio station provided the broadcast for athletic events. His efforts in promoting and working the growing radio station ,QUIN, are well known. He is a popular resident of Upper Dauphin County. People may not know who Jim Hepler is but everyone knows who Jolly Jim is. Doing what he did in the radio broadcast medium was no simple task, especially in an area that is not considered metropolitan. Simply said, he did it all. Any person who eventually worked for him quickly learned about his work ethic, the work ethic instilled in him by his family.

More could be included about the work ethic of this hard charging man; but, to me, his outstanding character trait was his devotion to his family, especially his mother. As the saying goes, Jolly Jim was a chip off the block. He cooked, baked, cleaned and cared for his mother. As he often said “Mom taught me to do things right.? His neighbors and friends throughout the valley experienced his kindness and spirit of sharing and contribution to the welfare of others. As a school administrator and a member of the banking community in Millersburg, I knew about this man and his commitment to completing whatever he set out to do. He continues these attributes as we speak, or in this case, write, about him and his capabilities.

He is passionate about James Fantastic Hepler and what he believes it can do for others. He is committed to the mentoring of young people who have been given his practical guidance. I believe he will be successful with his latest endeavor: James Fantastic Hepler. You are encouraged to see what it is all about.  

Retired superintendent of Millersburg school system, retired board member and interim CEO of Mid Penn Bank Corp., retired co-owner of Schlegel transportation company

(right image) Public Voice Training Course With James Fantastik

Edwin D Schlegel

- Millersburg , PA

  Authenticity describes James 'Fantastik' Hepler. His life and his character are marked with generosity and sharing with others, a desire to experience life to its fullest, and an eagerness to greet each day with a genuine faith in and expectation of improving himself and others.

James encourages your evaluation of his life's lessons and successes and ... an answer to a simple question ... can your business, the effectiveness of your journey and the joy in your life be improved by what he offers as a Public Speaking, Podcasting and Leadership coach.

After leading in the military and government sectors for over 45 years and observing Mr Fantastik for over 65 years, I can guarantee a life coach who "walks the talk", an experienced entrepreneur with a message based on success, and a guide by your side with a contagious joy of life and a passion to improve yours.  


(right image) Public Voice Training Course With James Fantastik

Ernest L Hepler Jr

- Brandywine, MD

  James "Fantastik" Hepler is a true leader and one of the most energetic, focused and solutions driven individuals that I know. All the while demonstrating integrity and compassion to help me achieve my goals while asking the tough questions to keep me personally focused. I've had the privilege and pleasure of working with James for more than 40 years.  

(right image) Public Voice Training Course With James Fantastik

Kevin M. Jury

  We have had the pleasure of knowing and working with James for the past decade. His positive energy combined with a unique homespun logical approach provides us with an actionable process that has benefited our firm to no small degree. He is a stand up guy with excellent follow through and is a pleasure to have in your company. We look forward to the future and our relationship with Mr Fantastik as we continue to benefit from his consistent insightful recommendations  

(right image) Public Voice Training Course With James Fantastik

Michael Kazinski

 Meet The Team Behind Fantastik Leadership Training

(right image) Public Voice Training Course With James Fantastik

James F. Hepler

Founder/Owner, WQIN 1290 AM / LOVE 99 FM

My greatest passion in life is creating, contributing, communicating and coaching the essential skills of becoming the best public speaker/podcaster ever. I began my journey as one who lacked these skills and spent my life learning the essential skills of”the art of public speaking”. A Vietnam Veteran, Thailand and Philippines Radio/TV networks. Four decades of radio station ownership. Out of my numerous lifetime awards and recognition‘s…“Life long learner”... is the most treasured of them all.


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Public Voice Training Course in With James Fantastik Fantastik Leadership Training
Public Voice Training Course in With James Fantastik Fantastik Leadership Training
Public Voice Training Course in With James Fantastik Fantastik Leadership Training
Public Voice Training Course in With James Fantastik Fantastik Leadership Training
Public Voice Training Course in With James Fantastik Fantastik Leadership Training
Public Voice Training Course in With James Fantastik Fantastik Leadership Training

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