15K PER DAY Doc | New Medical Practice Training Will Transform Your Life & Maximize Your Income!
It May Not Seem Possible to Have Less Stress and More Money, But it is, and I'm Living Proof!
15K PER DAY Doc | New Medical Practice Training Will Transform Your Life & Maximize Your Income!

It May Not Seem Possible to Have Less Stress and More Money, But it is, and I'm Living Proof!

WARNING! You are Leaving Money on the Table!

My name is Debra Muth ND, and I want to help you avoid the years of mistakes I made early in my career.  I entered the medical profession over 20 years ago, and quickly came to believe ours was a life destined for overwhelm, stress and intensity.  I suffered through years of frustration, wanting to help people, but getting bogged down with administrative and operational duties common to most medical professionals.  Added to that, the marketing was a source of stress, I didn’t know what I was doing and felt a constant pull from all directions.  Well after years of this, I decided NO MORE!  I set out to make a change, and re-write how it’s done.  My mission was to discover if I could build a practice that maximized income while minimizing stress and overwhelm.  After years of study, research and grinding,  I did build my dream practice, and now you can too, without the years of trial and error, mistakes and struggle. You can dramatically boost your bottom line and I'll show you how I built my practice To 10k A day 

Growing my Functional  Medicine practice To 10k A day

 15 K Per Day Doc System Growing my Functional  Medicine practice in To 10k A day

How I Created My $15K Per Day Practice...

As the founder of Serenity Health Care Center in Waukesha, WI., and author of 2 books about health and vitality, I am uniquely qualified to teach, as I have lived the process. You no longer have to live in a constant state of overwhelm and stress. Instead of working for your business, your business works for you.  And in making these changes, you will be doing your own health a favor, eliminating large amounts of stress.  You will be organized, structured, efficient and incredibly successful.  I am 100% convinced you will look back at this moment as the defining decision that helped create longevity and joy in your mission as a health care practitioner.  You will never regret making these profound changes in your career and life. 

 15 K Per Day Doc System Growing my Functional  Medicine practice in To 10k A day

Discover How To Run an Efficient Operation...

I will teach you the secrets of creating efficiency in scheduling patients. I'll show you how to build a successful marketing machine that delivers new patients on auto-pilot, and a wholistic approach to the financial and physical health of your practice and medical staff. Then I will teach you when to outsource to relieve yourself of wasteful activities. You will learn exactly how I built Serenity Health quickly into my dream practice and grew it to a financially and personally rewarding enterprise.  Don't waste another minute wondering how, get started now, and you will quickly begin to create the practice you've always wanted.

15K Per Day Doc Teaches...

How to Quickly Organize & Achieve 15K Per Day! Learn How To:

  • Set up an auto-pilot ongoing marketing campaign using multiple channels of referrals, follow-ups, social media, advertising and more.
  • Create more efficient scheduling while promoting deeper customer relationships... a true win/win method.
  • Plan how and when to outsource common operational tasks creating efficiency and avoiding overwhelm.
  • Intelligently budget for scaling your practice. How to grow at the perfect pace.
  • Enhance your patient experience and all interactions with staff and scheduling, gain repeat business and referrals.
  • And so much more...

Growing my Functional  Medicine practice To 10k A day

 15 K Per Day Doc System  Growing my Functional  Medicine practice in To 10k A day

Here's Your Opportunity to Break-Free of Frustration & Stress...

If there is one thing the vast majority of health care practitioners deal with, it's the stress of the job.  The constant never-ending grind that causes burnout and health can be eased, and the joy of practicing medicine returned. Even improvement in one area of your practice can be a life-changer, but my program is comprehensive and focuses on improving all aspects of your practice.  We leave no stone uncovered, and rapidly provide a quantum-leap in helping you understand how all parts fit together in a smooth, successful and efficient organizational structure.  You will instantly notice having more time, less stress, less overwhelm and more money coming in.  This is truly not a cost, it is an investment that will pay you many times over both financially and in your well-being.  We all became medical professionals for the right reasons, let me help you re-discover the joys of helping people and eliminate years of mistakes, hard work, frustration and overwhelm by creating an efficient, organized and smooth operation you will love.

Growing my Functional  Medicine practice To 10k A day

You Have Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain By Acting Today


This training is 100% Guaranteed to make your practice more efficient and drive more money into your business.  Don’t wait another day, get started now, you will never look back!

Growing my Functional  Medicine practice To 10k A day

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Growing my Functional  Medicine practice in To 10k A day 15 K Per Day Doc System

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  •   Exceptional service all the way across the board. Your team was on time and very thoughtful  

  •   Exceptional service all the way across the board. Your team was on time and very thoughtful  

  •   Exceptional service all the way across the board. Your team was on time and very thoughtful  

Meet 15 K Per Day Doc System

Team member of 15 K Per Day Doc SystemDebra Muth For Growing my Functional  Medicine practice in To 10k A day 15 K Per Day Doc System

Debra Muth
Position: 15k A Day Doctor
Email: [email protected]

Debra Muth, ND has spent her 20 year career helping women of all ages achieve health, wellness and vitality.
Debra Muth, ND is trained in multiple naturopathic medicines, including nutritional medicine, homeopathy, herbs, and body-medicine.
She is at the leading edge of providers using natural supplements and bioidentical hormones to heal the body. Integrating these diverse therapies with allopathic Western Medicine has enabled Dr. Muth to offer a highly refined approach that produces lasting results.

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Answer is:

Answered by: Debra Muth
15 K Per Day Doc System
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Updated 11/19/2020 9:49:00 PM

Budgeting for a successful practice

Hi everybody, it's Dr. Muth from the "15k a Day Doc". I want to talk to you today about budgeting for a successful practice. Everybody is concerned about a budget, right? We need to be able to have enough money to float during the hard times and during the good times.

Answer is:

1   What are your overhead expenses and where do they come from?

I find that a lot of practices don't know what their overhead expenses are, where their overhead is going and they're not sure how to get control over it.

This is a really important thing because if you can't control your overhead, you can't control your profit. In that situation you don't know how much money you have to make each month in order to pay your bills, pay yourself, and have profit at the end of the year.

2   How much of should you allocate for overhead expenses?

The rule of thumb is to average 50% of your collections to your overhead. Overhead includes rent, insurance, employees, supplements, lab costs and yes also your salary. You should be paying yourself a salary. Remember technically you're self-employed if you own a business but you want a business not just a job.

Dividend income is seperate than you W2 income. You can take dividened income on top of your W2 income. If you don't pay yourself W2 income determing the business worth is not going to be accurate. How you look at the bottom line of profit is going to be very different because you never backed out your salary out of those finances.

3   How do you Categorize your expenses?

Pull up your QuickBooks file and categorize all your expenses and do this regularly.

Print a profit and loss report and look through every expense. There are going to be expenses you don't remember having especially those on auto draft. If you no longer need them terminate the service. If some things look like they are more than they should be paying then see if you can renegotiate the expense.

There are going to be some things that are just the way they are like medical malpractice. It's just the way it is. We can't negotiate that, but everything else is negotiable as far as I'm concerned.

I had a time in my practice where my credit card expenses were really high every month. I couldn't figure out what was going on. We had never had these kinds of expenses before. But we had somebody new doing our ordering and when we took a look at what she was ordering, it was from the most expensive places. She wasn't shopping around to find the best deal on supplies that we needed. She was ordering supplies that we didn't need, and enough to last us five years on some things. Other thing she wasn't ordering enough of. We had to really sit down with her and edicate her how to order.

We assume as business owners that everyone knows or thinks about things the same way we do, but our employees really don't have the knowledge that we have. In order to have a great team we need to train them and share our knowledge with them.

  • Know your overhead expenses

  • Look at your expenses and realize where are they too high

    Answer is:

    Answered by: Debra Muth
    15 K Per Day Doc System
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    Updated 11/19/2020 9:50:00 PM

    Resilience as a Doctor

    Hey everybody, this is Dr. Deb from "15k a Day Doc". In order for us to own a business and stay in the game for the long haul, we have to have some incredible resilience. It's hard to go to work every single day and deal with problems that are occurring inside the office. Whether it's employee or patient issues and we feel like we're not getting paid enough. We've got to pay everybody else and make them happy. Oftentimes in business, we set it up so we pay ourselves last.

    Answer is:

    1   You love what you do, but do you pay yourself what you are worth?

    Begin to structure your salary. Your salary should be set at what you would be earning if you worked for someone else. If there's a big gap, for example you've set your salary at $30,000 but if you worked for someone else you would be earning $110,000. You should strive for a salary of $110,000. Maybe that doesn't seem possible at this moment but you can step that up each year. For example this quarter you increase it to $40,000 and the next quarter you increase it to $50,000 and so forth. If you don't have the cash flow for this increase then you have to adjust your spending so you pay yourself first.

    2   I want you to pay yourself first because if you don't pay yourself first, you will always wait until later.

    Sometimes it might not come and if it does, you'll just take whatever you feel you can from the practice, but it's not going to be enough for you to really earn what you deserve.

    If you set it up and structure it right the first time, you will have no problem paying yourself. Trust me, the money will come. It's always been there. It's just that you look at it differently.

    3   You want to make sure you're taking W2 income as well as dividend income.

    Dividend income is taxed at a different rate than W2 income. If you're an S Corp, you have to take some W2 income. Most of the time what the IRS wants to see is that you're taking an income that's comparable to what you would make someplace else.

    4   Are you the CEO or practitioner or both?

    Are you the one making all the business decisions? If the answer is yes than you're the CEO. 

    Are you seeing the clients? Then you are a pracittioner.

    You should have a salary set for both positions. Technically you will have 3 sources of income, pracitioner, CEO and dividened income. That's the profits that you take later.

    Some accountants will tell you to take more dividend income than you take W2 income and some will tell you to take more W2 income than dividend income. You really want to talk with your financial planner and see how this affects you. You can pay yourself for both positons in W2 income, but write a contract between you and your business that shows what your salary is for both positons.

    Dvidened income is your profit at the end once all your expenses are paid. This is like a bonus in my mind. You can take it monthly, quarterly or annually.

  • Pay yourself first

  • Consult your financial planner

  • Take W2 income as well as dividend income

  • Write a contract with yourself

    Answer is:

    Answered by: Debra Muth
    15 K Per Day Doc System
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    Abundant Mindset Vs Scarcity Mindset

    Hello, it's Dr. Deb from "15k a Day Doc" and I want to talk to you about abundance versus scarcity mindset. Right now there are very challenging times for a lot of us. Some of us are considered essential, some are not, and some were considered essential but then it changed. Some of us have just decided that it's just too hard. They're taking a break from their practice and trying to redesign what they've created. That is an okay place to be as long as your mindset is right.

    In my opinion, every health care business is considered essential. 

    Answer is:

    1   People need us now more than ever. Our clients expect us to know everything. Are you taking the challenge and learning or are you retreating?

    We can be in the place of scarcity right now, or we can be in the place of abundance. I love challenges like this because this is the time when I thrive. This is the time where I say "how can I be abundant during a difficult time?", "How can I help people get what they need, deliver that service in a better, more efficient cost effective way?" and "How can my business still earn money doing it?"

    This takes some creative thought and planning with your team.

    I am here to tell you that, although it looks difficult out there right now and the news media is telling us all that we don't have the money, we don't have the resources, people still have money.

    2   People are still spending and there's still a lot of people that are working. Those people need you more than ever.

    The ones that are not working are going to need you on the backside when they get their jobs and they can afford you so it's important to make sure that you're there for those people. People are going to come out of this pandemic sicker than they were before, more stressed out and more challenged. Without amazing integrative practitioners like yourself, these people are not going to have anybody to go to or to help them out through these difficult times.

    I want to challenge you to be extremely creative today and share in our Facebook group: what kind of abundant mindset you have, what's your goal, what are you trying to accomplish during this scarcity time. I'd love to see what you guys have to say.

    Please share it with us today.

    Answer is:

    Answered by: Debra Muth
    15 K Per Day Doc System
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    Updated 12/12/2020 9:41:00 PM

    How To Leverage Staff?

    This is Deb from "15k a Day Doc" and I promise to deliver how to leverage staff for you. I know some of you have really full practices and that's the place that I was at. I had a totally full practice. I was booked out six months and patients were dropping off my calendar because they would find somebody else that they could see sooner than me.

    I was at a crossroad and needed to decide, do I stay this way or do I grow my practice and bring another practitioner in? That's exactly what I did about six and a half years ago.

    It was the best decision for me!

    Answer is:

    1   Creative leveraging that doesn't break the bank.

    I brought in another practitioner into my practice. Not a nurse practitioner or a doctor but a very good nurse. She knew a lot about integrative medicine and costed me a fraction of the price of a nurse practitioner. She and I developed a way to see patients in an effecient manner giving them what they needed and doubled our revenue. You can do the same thing with a health coach or RN.

    We provided a tag team approach where she would collect the intake and history, I would come in in the middle and receive a report from her. I would spend about 20 minutes with the patient and her and creat the plan of care. Then I would exit and she would finish up the appointment, explaining everything to that patient. In the meantime, I was able to see three -four other patients in 20 minute slots compared to that one new patient.

    2   What leveraging meant to our bottom line?

    This creative way of scheduling took our practice from billing $350,000 the first year with just myself to $875,000 with the two of us.

    Patients loved it because they received a lot of teaching and handholding, which they needed. They also didn't have to wait six months to see us because we could move them up. That way I could see more people in that timeframe.

    Now you can bring on another doctor or bring on a nurse practitioner. Nurse practitioners are less expensive than doctors and they're usually a lot easier to work with as well. No offense to my doctors that are following me but we know we can be complicated.

    3   How do you build your team with ancillary staff?

    Bringing on ancillary staff keeps your patients happy. Ancillary staff can provide services at a lower cost for your clients who cannot afford your expertise. It's a win-win the patient gets what they want and need, you see the more complicated people that require more attention and time for a higher ticket.

    Ancillary staff are; chiropractors, health coaches, nutritionists, massage therapists, and lab techs for an example. The list is endless to your practice. 

    4   How to creatively schedule your practice?

    Your building isn't making you money when it is closed or you are not seeing clients. be creative about your space. If you see clients 3-4 days a week find someone who is looking for a flexible schedule to work when you are not seeing clients.


    If you clinic isn't big enough for you to add another pracittioner when you are in the office, let them work when you are gone. This way you can provide extended service hours to your clients.


    There's always someone that's looking for a flexible schedule and different hours. You might have to pay them a little bit more to work those hours, but you're making more money anyway. Your clinic wasn't making money in those hours that it was closed or you weren't there anyway. Even if you have to pay them an extra 20% your clinic is still making more money than you would have made before which was ZERO!


    Answer is:

    Answered by: Debra Muth
    15 K Per Day Doc System
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    Updated 11/19/2020 9:21:00 PM

    Scheduling For Productivity

    Hey, I'm Dr. Deb from the "15k a Day Doc" and I want to talk to you about scheduling for productivity. Scheduling is really important to your practice and to your bottom line.

    Answer is:

    1   How do you teach your staff to schedule for productivity?

    Oftentimes people don't think about scheduling as a priority and we don't teach people how to schedule. Remember they don't come into your practice automatically knowing your schedule.

    It's your responsibility to teach them how you want patients, where you want them, how long you want them and who your patients are. That takes a little time for them to learn, but it's our duty to teach them what we want our schedule to look like.

    You can have major holes in your schedule and your staff thinks that's okay. Then you're shocked that your schedule has never been so empty. Unless you share that information with them, they don't know.

    Last year in my practice, I was so overwhelmed, creating a lot of different things and bringing new providers. I made the comment to one of my front desk people that I'm so overwhelmed and I don't have time to get anything done. I need some holes in the day. It was just a passing comment.

    It wasn't a "I want holes in my day schedule" but that's how she took it. She thought she was doing me a favor by leaving gaps in my schedule so I had time to work on different things. I was wondering "what's happening to my patients?", Thinking that they don't want to see me until the two of us were able to get together, and we were able to figure out exactly what was happening. We both realized what we had done were for the right reasons, now she understands taht leaving a gap costs money and creates a financial hole.

    2   Even though you've got a successful practice, you need to constantly be looking at that schedule and talking with your schedulers.

    Always look at the flow of what's coming, at how many calls you are getting, how many new patients you are scheduling, how many follow-up patients you are scheduling.

    It's important to know your numbers.

    3   Setting goals for your staff is important for you and the business.

    Set goals for your team, they need to know what is expected of them. How many new patients your practice needs a week. How many follow up patients need to be scheduled.

    How much money you need to bring in weekly. It is everyone's responsibility to contribute to the success of your business.

    We set weekly, monthly and annual goals for our team. We review them every week with our team and monthly at our office meetings.

    You need a plan for where your clients are going to come from and which provider is going to see the new clients. You need to be able to track who schedules the patient. These tasks can be tracked by your office manager.

    When you schedule changes abrubtly and you didn't do anything, look at your scheduling staff. Someone is usually messing with the schedule. That should be fixed immediately.

    4   Crafting the ideal schedule.

    How many people do you want to see a day? Set the schedule so that you can get this number in during the time youw want to work.   Do the same thing for all of your staff.

    If you have multiple services set a schedule for each service. Determine how many people you need on the schedule for each sercive. If you just leave it to chance you won't make your goals.

    How are you going to get these people on your schedule for these services? If there is a gap can you move patients around to allow a larger block of time to get an extra new patient on the schedule?

    What type of advertising are you going to do? Are you going to reward your patients for a referral? Are you going to advertise on TV, radio, social media? How are you going to track this advertising/

    Are you going to attend health fairs, co-brand talks with other businesses? Provide lunch and learns?

    You should set this up annually and then evaluate it quarterly.

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    Growing my Functional  Medicine practice in To 10k A day 15 K Per Day Doc System

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