ATTN: Alpha Executives, You Know Who You Are, And if You Are Labeled a Bully, You Need to Read This Now!
#1 WORKPLACE WARRIOR EXECUTIVE COACH | Keep Your Warrior Spirit, While Building Quality Relationships Within Your Organization...

If You Have Ever Been Called a Bully or Too Aggressive, You Don't Have to Sacrifice Your Warrior Spirit...

Becoming an executive requires strong, focused direction and performance.  Your alpha personality can have unintended consequences though, it can come across as overly-aggressive and even considered a form of bullying.  I understand, I've been there and was forced to re-learn how to build quality relationships within my organization without sacrificing my Warrior Spirit. 

You don't have to sacrifice your drive, high-performance nature or spirit, you just need to make a few simple adjustments, to ensure others don't perceive your methods as toxic.  You can be perceived as a Champion while fostering teamwork and building allies among your co-workers and subordinates.  

Executive Leadership Coaching For Executives Who Get Called Bullies In Corporate Positions

Executive Leadership Coaching For Executives Who Get Called Bullies in In Corporate Positions

JORDAN GOLDRICH | Executive Warrior Spirit Coach

I help executives preserve the Warrior Spirit that got them to the top, without sacrificing quality relationships and allies in the process.  If you get called a bully, jerk or too demanding, this is your chance to change all of that.  

My name is Jordan Goldrch, and I once lost a valuable position because I was considered disrespectful and too aggressive.  My vision and focus was pure, but my collegues perceived my methods as toxic and damaging.  I had to face the facts, while my intentions were purely success at all costs, I was having unintended consequences that ultimately cost me opportunities. I needed to change... without sacrificing the traits necessary for high achievement.  

Now I want to show you how I've changed and how you can too.  I knew I had to, so I set out on a path to blend a high-success mindset with a more caring and respectful approach.  If you join me on this journey, I can guarantee you will experience dramatic improvements in all of your relationships, especially within your organization.  You will find others reacting to you in a way you may have struggled with before, your life will improve, and your success will come easier, take it from me, I understand you, I've been there but I would never go back...Join Me Now, let's start your change today!

Executive Leadership Coaching For Executives Who Get Called Bullies In Corporate Positions

Executive Leadership Coaching For Executives Who Get Called Bullies in In Corporate Positions

Here's What You Will Learn...

  • How to be more tactful & diplomatic
  • How to interact in ways that garner cooperation
  • When to be strong, and when to be diplomatic
  • How to handle conflicts and solve misunderstandings
  • How to be viewed as a powerful, yet gentle leader
  • How to get anyone to cooperate with your objectives
  • How to build your Warrior Spirit and inspire others
  • And so much more...

Executive Leadership Coaching For Executives Who Get Called Bullies In Corporate Positions

Can You Afford to Lose Valuable Career Opportunities?

Imagine the cost of losing your most valuable opportunities, just because you refused to acknowledge you needed to change.  It's not always everyone else's fault, I had to make the hard choice to self-evaluate, to accept that I needed to change, and I'm so glad I took that step. 

Here's your opportunity to keep your Warrior Spirit that brings you so much success, but avoid losing amazing opportunities by adjusting how you work with others, and make small changes that deliver massive results

You have NOTHING TO LOSE, EVERYTHING TO GAIN by exploring how we can improve together.  I always learn when I teach, so our relationship will be mutually beneficial, and I promise you will look back on this day next Month and be so glad we met.  Your career can take off like never before, without sacrificing your Warrior Spirit, simply click below, get started NOW, I look forward to meeting you virtually soon!

Executive Leadership Coaching For Executives Who Get Called Bullies In Corporate Positions

You Have Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain

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Executive Leadership Coaching For Executives Who Get Called Bullies in In Corporate Positions  Workplace Warrior

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 Testimonials for Workplace Warrior

  Workplace Warrior is a necessary guide for leaders who are invaluable to their organizations AND who are in need of a few modifications to their mindsets and behavior. What makes this book so powerful is the way it presents the journey for leaders in a way that does not diminish their unique and highly valued skills. Yet the book also provides just the right shifts these leaders need to make to attract more people to willingly follow them.  

  Workplace Warrior is a must read for all current and aspiring leaders. The world needs leaders who are not afraid to hold people accountable for their actions and, at the same time, have the ability to be compassionate. People are often afraid to be labelled a No-Bullshit Leader. Jordan addresses this issue head on and brings the conversation to the surface. His examples will be invaluable. After all, who wants to be shoveling bullshit all day long?  

  Jordan is the quintessential no bull-shit corporate executive coach. I could not think of a better fit for an advisor to work with and coach the C-suite executive and leaders who are identified as workplace warriorsaka abrasive/aggressive leader and/or bully. Jordan presents undoubtedly a unique concept in identifying this archetype as a warrior who we typically associate as heroes.  

  Jordan Goldrich provides a unique perspective on executives who get labeled as abrasive or as bullies. He recognizes that demeaning, bullying behavior is not acceptable and that hard-driving, results-focused personalities are needed in our complex, rapidly changing business environment. Thus, he challenges hard-driving executives to express their warrior spirit while minimizing unintended negative impact.  

  While other thought leaders are trying to change hard-driving, high-achieving executives beyond recognition, Jordan Goldrich has figured out how to harness their power to carry them and their teams to greater success.  

  Jordan Goldrich applies his own insights about his experience as a workplace warrior to help other no-bullshit executives achieve their objectives without alienating coworkers. Written to help these leaders elevate their warrior styles to higher levels of success, Goldrich offer specific steps to increase their interpersonal effectiveness in the workplace.  

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