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By this time next Month you could have more confidence, balance and money...

Claudia Tan - Personal Excellence Engineer, Otherwise Known As "Your Secret Weapon"

By this time next Month you could have more confidence, balance and money...

Claudia Tan - Personal Excellence Engineer, Otherwise Known As "Your Secret Weapon"

Discover How to Break Free from Destructive Habits, Thoughts and Complacency to Create Your Personal Success Revolution!

You will learn:

  • How to have the courage to “lean” into any situation with positive energy
  • How to ASK for the money you deserve
  • How to align your career and pursuits with your talent to maximize success
  • How to instantly shift your perspectives and paradigms to help you, instead of blocking your own success
  • And so much more…

I'll Be Your "Secret Weapon" For Success

Here's how we will create your big change...

My name is Claudia Tan, and my mission as your mentor is to help you create a higher level of excellence in your life. I will be your “Secret Weapon” in helping you make dramatic changes in all areas of your life.  You can be a more powerful, successful, confident and wealthy version of yourself, it just takes a quantum-shift in perspectives and beliefs. 

Together, we will align your business or career perfectly with your talents and personal values and mission.  We’ll create a positive energy that feeds off itself and parlays your magnetic aura to those around you.  Your friends and family will notice the new you, you can simply wink and say you have a “Secret Weapon”.

Are you ready to take your life to a new level?  If so, consider starting today with my mentoring program that will get results, 100% GUARANTEED!!!

Here's Why You Need a Mentor...

Even the greatest and most successful athletes, entrepreneurs and minds have mentors, so should you!


I have mentors, even though I am offering myself to you as your mentor, my learning never ends, because achieving your best self is a never-ending journey and full of excitement, it truly is the juice of life.  We are always happiest when we are moving forward, so how do we make changes?

Real paradigm-shifting changes happen in an instant...

Like a light-bulb clicking on in our minds and awareness,  we suddenly move to a new level of awareness, beliefs and results.  Sounds easy, however the time it take to get to that instant can be years, if ever, without a mentor.  So many people, like a record skipping a beat, repeatedly jump back to their old habits and conditioned responses.  You don't have to be stuckI will help you compress time, and advance quickly in quantum-leaps to achieve those moments of maximum change, the perceptual shifts that define a new life born.  We will keep pressing to even higher levels, you will soon look back and barely recognize the limited person you once were. 

I love what I do, helping people maximize their best self is my mission, and I’ll put my heart and soul into our relationship. I’m confident we will be great friends before we’re done, and if you allow me to be your “Secret Weapon”, we’ll start your new life immediately.

If you are tired of repeating the same mistakes, or living at a level below what you know you deserve, don’t let another moment slip by under-performing or being blocked by old behaviors and habits.  Let’s break you free from the existing version of yourself, and begin building a new version, creating a new story and a new vision of the greatest version of you possible.  I won’t let you down, we are in this together, my achievemnt is you achieving your highest levels and you will, I guarantee it!


Claudia Tan

Life Coach | Certified Personal Secret Weapon

Are You Ready For REAL CHANGE?

Don't Let Another Day, Month or Year Slip By...

With your permission we will begin today, with an intake introductory conversation.  We will set the expectations of what you would like to achieve, discover exactly the results we will get. 

Once we begin, you will quickly realize you made perhaps one of, if not the best decision of your life.  Permanent positive change will spill into every area of life, physical, mental, emotional, psychological and in your relationships.  Confidence is the most attractive trait in all human behavior, if we can simply get your confidence boosted you will see the world respond to you in a way you never dreamed of.  Instead of fighting for success, it will be attracted to you, effortlessly.  People are magnetically attracted to those with life, confidence and certainty.  

Why would you even consider going through another Day, Month or Year stuck in the same patterns, the same levels of confidence, the same results.  Invest in yourself, you simply cannot lose, and I'm betting you will look back and thank yourself for taking action today.  Give me a chance and let's see what we can build together.  

Simply click below to get started, your new life awaits...

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  •   As a dentist I am mostly working in a sitting position, oftentimes twisted and bent forward. Beside regular workout I also need a healthy sleep at night to be able to relax and recover completely. For years I have been looking for a proper solution and have tried many things. But it never really worked for me and I kept suffering from chronic back pain and tension for many years. Claudia had already given me at an earlier stage great advice regarding posture and “healthy walking”. As a coach with holistic approach she demonstrated me then her strategy to achieve a healthy sleep and I was thrilled. I trust her fully. Now I wake up every morning completely relaxed and have got exactly the power I had always been longing for. And now, when on travels I basically miss my beloved and power generating sleeping environment from home. I recommend Claudia to anybody who is open for holistic solutions and ready to invest in their health at night. *****Dr. Sebastjan Varljen, Dental Surgeon/Managing Director (Freiburg/Germany)  

  •   Turns out that even after 25 years of entrepreneurship you can experience surprises. In this case the realization that with Claudia’s coaching I did the best investment of my life. Sustainable for private and business sector as well … This change of perspectives is actually the pivotal thing after all. It made me more valuable towards myself, towards my employees, towards my wife. It is really big fun! And that is why we must continue :-)” *****H.S., Serial entrepreneur (Germany)  

  •   Claudia is an extremely likable and kind personality. I immediately had a sense of trust in her as an individual. And this is exactly what matters most to me – trustfulness. Claudia is a very sensitive person with an unbelievable gift. What I really appreciate about her is her openness and honesty, her expertise and her true intention to really sustainably serve people. She is a master in self-discipline and she has a gift in putting the exact right question at the right time. Her strong desire to change the world to the better is perceptible at all times. She has a big heart and is thinking big. This is what I appreciate so much about her. We have intensively worked together a couple of sessions and she has helped me find my true inner greatness, so that I can proactively accept new challenges. Therefore I am very grateful and I can gladly recommend her to anyone. Seeing Claudia does always bring great additional value. *****Benny Barth, Managing Director at JaFo GmbH, (Lorch/Germany)  

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successfully bring about or reach (a desired objective, level, or result) by effort, skill, or courage.

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How many hours should you sleep in a night?

This is a common question some would ask How many hours you should sleep for the best performance in a day and we will cover all of that here.

Answer is:

3   To make sure you get the right amount of sleep you should don these things

  • Drink warm water

  • Do not not watch tv

  • Monitor your breathing .. slow down be cauntious of it.

  • Let your body sink into the bed, really feel all of your body parts release the stress from the day.

    Headline packed full of exciting, compelling benefits

    Elaborate on the benefits, create urgency.

    If You Are Not Satisfied After 30 Days Cancel at Anytime

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