The Unbelievably Fast Way to Feel Mentally & Emotionally Amazing

How BIOFIELD TUNING Will Revolutionize Your Life & Restore Your Missing Only 90-Minutes or Less...

NEW Advanced Non-Invasive Sound-Based Technique Will Change Your Life..

Remove Mental Blocks, Frustration, Stress & Reclaim Your Creativity, Energy & Well-Being in 90 Minutes or Less!

Are you ready for a life-changing experience, a release of all the blocks preventing you from living your ultimate life? Are you ready to restore your JOY & PEACE and get your life mojo back?  


BIOFIELD TUNING™ uses precise sound frequencies that connect with and gently reset your nervous system.  The human body is a web of electromagnetic energy, and the events and emotional traumas of life create unwanted blocks of our flow.  The ease we once had, the gentle flow of life gets corrupted and unless you take the time to defuse and remove these blocks, pain and stress magnifies.  


You can now eliminate all kinds of emotional and physical stresses with the new advanced treatment protocol. It's gentle and completely non-invasive yet powerful and effective, a decision you will never regret.  

Want Your Mojo Back?

What is BIOFIELD TUNING & What Can I Expect?

Here are a few of the many benefits...

  • Eliminate Pain
  • Reduce & Eliminate Anxiety
  • Heal Digestive Issues
  • Heal Adrenal Fatigue
  • Elimnate Insomnia
  • Treat PTSD
  • Create Peace & Sense of Joy
  • Build Confidence
  • And so much more...

Want Your Mojo Back?

How Does it Work?

NEW Advanced Non-Medical Therapeutic Method

BIOFIELD TUNING™ uses sound waves generated with tuning forks to connect with your biomagnetic field.  Our Biofield surrounds the human body and is effected by our thoughts, feelings, emotions and energy.  This scientific technique pioneered by world-renowned researcher and practitioner Eileen Day McKusick, and based on over 22 years of clinical research is a simple, powerful, non-invasive method to reach the deepest layers of our magnetic fields, inducing deep relaxation that create profound outcomes.  Each session builds upon the previous, exponentially creating physical, mental and emotional healing.  

Many clients consider this nothing short of a miracle, as they re-claim their life mojo and release so much pent-up negative energy and health-destroying stress.  It can be life-changing, even life-saving as any reduction of stress creates a healthier "you".  

Don't even hesitate for a moment, your new relaxed, joyful self awaits!

Want Your Mojo Back?

About Sue Wilhite & Why You Should Act Now

Certified Biofield Tuning Expert|Profit Attraction Master

Sue Wilhite spent over a decade in her early career working in various IT Departments in Silicone Valley as a computer programmer and database designer.  The inherent stress led to a healing crisis in the form of an ulcer, a moment of necessary change and she began a journey to find health.  A friend invited her to a hypnotherapy demonstration and the therapist successfully helped her heal and her ulcer vanished.  This amazing healing created a strong desire to return to her passion, exploring alternate realities and developing her right brain functioning.  This was her turning point and she had a career change leading her to many business and developmental achievements, even becoming known as the "Profit Attraction Master". Her crowning achievment in transformation is BIOFIELD TUNING™, she was Certified as a Professional Biofield Tuning™ Practitioner in 2018 and now helps clients worldwide with remote sessions that help remove the unwanted negative emotional residue, and clears her client's minds and bodies for stunning results. 

Want Your Mojo Back?

Want Your Mojo in Back?

Get Your Energy, Creativity & Mojo Back Now

A Simple Non-Invasive 90-Minutes to Your New Life

Come try Biofield Tuning Today!

Want Your Mojo in Back? Sweet Sound of Success

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 Testimonials for Sweet Sound of Success

  Biofield tuning has been one of the most effective and powerful, yet gentle healing modalities I have ever experienced in my life. An absolute joy. In the span of just 3 sessions my physical symptoms improved, my anxiety decreased and my life began to align and flow in the most miraculous ways. A journey of healing. Sue Wilhite is a gifted practitioner. I highly recommend Biofield Tuning.  

  "A session with Sue did wonders. I certainly feel like a weight has been lifted from me. I immediately felt more relaxed and I slept like a baby for the first time in forever. I feel energized and unstoppable. Highly recommended."  

  "When Sue started to offer Biofield Tuning, I jumped on the opportunity and signed up for the last slot available the following day. Iím so glad I did. During the in-person Biofield Tuning session I heard and felt how Sue was detecting and removing energetic blocks and areas of noise in my biofield. Her insights into my ancestral lineage history and tendencies that are affecting my life were also extremely helpful"  

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