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You CAN Have It All

Think you can't flirt with your spouse after all these years?
Think again.

Learn How To Solve Your Relationship Challenges, And Discover a Better Way!

My name is Alexandra Stockwell, and it has been my life's mission to uncover and learn about relationships, why they fail or don't fulfill us, and how to make rapid changes that deliver the relationship we all desire. 

I started my career as a Physician, so my life's work has always been about helping people, but mid-career I decided I would follow my passion for mentoring, and dedicate myself to helping people create their ultimate relationship. I want to help you, and I can give you my solemn promise, if we work together we will revolutionize your existing and/or future relationships.

People go to mechanics to fix their cars, go to salons to fix their hair and nails, go to the gym to sculpt their bodies... but for some reason, they forget about building or fixing their relationship, even though it is the single most meaningful and important area of life. Don't deny yourself another moment or another day, I will mentor you to create a new version of yourself, and you will see fast results in all of your relationships, especially your special one.

YES! You Can Have Quality Intimacy in Your Relationship

How to take 100% responsibility for your relationship's success...

As in every area of life, true change begins when we take full and total responsibility. When we make excuses or pass along failures onto others, we cannot fully explore and heal areas we may not see. So the first step is to own your relationship issues.

Once we take ownership of our outcomes, we can begin to discover ways to change the future outcomes, and mold ourselvers to create the greatest conditions for change. We can all create whatever life we would like to enjoy, we must simply own the life we currently have, and begin to discover how to re-create it to match our desires.

Your relationship can and will dramatically improve, once we dig into the process of change. Yes you can go it alone, but without the knowledge and training you need, it can take years to make even small progress.

I want to compress that time, help you make quantum-leaps of progress, stacked on each other to create a dramatic exponential shift in your awareness and results. YES, you can have an amazing relationship, I can help you get there.

Here's What You Will Learn

When we work together, we will ask the hard questions to find out if you really have the relationship you want, if you believe you can build the ideal relationship with your current partner, or if you need to make difficult choices to set you on a path for the greatest future you can create.

Here is what we will learn together...

  • What part are you playing in any tension?
  • What is preventing ultimate happiness?
  • Why are you in your current relationship?
  • How little shifts in perception can begin the healing?
  • How to create intimacy and passion
  • What conversations you need to have with your partner
  • What your ultimate relationship looks like
  • And so much more...

Are You Ready For A Happy, Fulfilling & Exciting Relationship?

If so, don't wait another moment, allow me to mentor you, and we can revolutionize your life together!

I offer you my education, training and over 20 years experience working with educated, successful couples wanting more from their relationship. If you truly want a better relationship, don't keep struggling. With a mentor you can progress faster than you imagine. You and your partner will create a new evolution in your communication, intimacy and overall satisfaction with your partner. It gets to be that good!

Relationships Turn Passionate With Alexandera's Guidance

  Alexandra changed my life. I cannot imagine a better interaction or more valuable advice.  

 Marriage Intimacy Expert

Felipe Oliviera, Professional Poker Player

Portugal, CA

  With Alexandra’s guidance and support, we have progressed more in a few weeks than in our 4 years together trying to work on things ourselves.  

 Marriage Intimacy Expert

Kelsey Blakeway, Managing Partner

Vancouver, CA

  Through working with Alexandra, we have been able to stay connected to our love for each other. We see through the challenges and perceive the personal growth that is needed. We have learned to calm the storms between us through new awareness and the use of targeted tools.  

 Marriage Intimacy Expert

Julia Kraft

San Francisco, CA

  Alexandra is a brilliant coach and mentor. She's a perceptive listener and has a very nuanced and expansive understanding of what makes people tick. She's deeply caring and supportive and also speaks directly to what you need to hear to get unstuck.  

 Marriage Intimacy Expert

Marie-Elizabeth Mali, Relationship Artist

Los Angeles, CA

  Alexandra has the experience and background to know exactly which tool to use for us as a couple, as individuals and the perfect order to introduce them. Our 22 year marriage is completely transformed.  

 Marriage Intimacy Expert

Susana Acevedo, Pediatrician

Lafayette, CA

  I am forever grateful to have been coached by Alexandra. I have increased my confidence, feel better about myself AND my relationship is so much better.  

 Marriage Intimacy Expert

Rocio Guerrero, Montessori Teacher

Oakland, CA

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 Marriage Intimacy Expert


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Alexandra has been married for 25 years. She and her husband have 4 children.? She enjoys cooking for her family, reading, and having spontaneous adventures in new places. Having cracked the code on how to have a fantastic, long-lasting, passionate partnership, Alexandra loves showing other couples how to create their own version of happily ever after.

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