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Dear Friend, 

If you experience anxiety, helplessness, frustration or just an overall sense that you aren't living the life you dreamed of, you can make a monumental shift today, even right now! 

Our minds automatically default to a reactive state as kids.  Most of us are never taught to be the "creators", and instead believe we must simply react to the world we engage with.  This is a travesty, human beings, unlike animals, are capable of living from a powerful creative center.  We are all capable of operating as the conductor of our own symphony, but we tend to default back to our habitual operational status as reactors.  Even a simple awareness of this powerful concept will be life-changing. Start today living as the creator of your life, not simply the reactor to the world around you, and you will see rapid positive change. 

Second, we must MASTER OUR MINDS.  The mind is like a computer, what we feed it is returned, in automated scripts that will be triggered consistently and it has no real skin in the game, it simply delivers what we ask of it.  Our conscious awareness is the controller mechanism that can re-program our computer (mind) to serve us, to create for us, to do the work it was intended to do.  When you operate from your conscious observational and "directors chair", your mind will produce what you ask of it.  This is the distinction that allows us to change roles, to deliver commands versus taking commands, to operate from a place of Mastery versus submission to it's automated output. 

YES, you can Master Your Mind, Master Your Life, Live Your Dreams, but you must become aware and make these shifts in perception, perspective and operational control to achieve the maximum potential you have, and I want to help!  

Working with me, we will quickly identify the programs and scripts your mind is running automatically in the background, the ones that prevent your ultimate success.  We will eliminate those damaging automatic mechanisms and develop replacements. Our goal will be to create Mental Mastery, Automatic Success Software so your mind serves you, and Life Mastery as you consciously and subconsiously achieve your dreams effortlessly, all blocks removed!

How Can I Master My Mind?

Who Am I, And Why Should You Consider Working With Me?

International Best-Selling Author | Certified Life Coach | Yoga Master | Former Marine Corps Officer | Professional Speaker

David Richards is uniquely qualified to coach, as he has lived it, achieving success in mulitple careers.  He brings a set of life-skills and experiences that will connect with people in all walks of life. No matter who you are, or what you do, Mastering the Mind applies to us all.  

Here Are A Few Career Highlights:

  • Author: The Lighthouse Keeper: A Story of Mind Mastery
  • Author: Whiskey & Yoga: Find Your Purpose
  • Marine Corps Officer | 15 years
  • Cisco Systems | Customer Support Manager
  • Certified Yoga Instructor
  • Professional Speaker | Workshops, Keynote, Mental Mastery
  • Personal Coaching | Motivation & Success

How Can I Master My Mind?

Interview with Jack Canfield

How Can I Master My Mind?

What Will I learn Working With David?

Create Comprehensive Holistic Life Change

  • Mental Mastery | How to Control Your Mind
  • Life Mastery | Create Peace out of Chaos
  • Self Development | Spiritual Fulfillment
  • Yoga & Meditation | Finding Your Center
  • Eliminate Limitations | How to Think Big
  • Finding Meaning | Your Bigger Purpose
  • Focus & Mission | Find Your Life Mission
  • Eliminate Discraction | Singlemindedness
  • Re-Create Your Identity | Form a New You
  • And more...

We'll work together to create the very best version of you, one that is in control, the master of your mind and future.  By taking charge, you will find a real purpose and passion for life, eliminate anxiety, have focus and exhibit a powerful and magnetic personality. Others will instantly notice your new creation, your transformation cannot be hidden.  

"Let's Unravel The Mystery of Your Mind"


How Can I Master My Mind?

Are You Finally Ready to Master Your Mind & Life?

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You Have Everything to Gain, Nothing to Lose!

How Can I Master in My Mind? David Richards Author

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  "David's book is exceptionally unique and creative. I love Whiskey and Yoga. Timeless messages delivered in a way that can positively impact your life. Sit back, pour yourself a healthy drink and ingest this wonderful work of wisdom."  

  "The Lighthouse Keeper immediately captures the reader's attention with beautiful language that lights up both the heart and the imagination. This story easily sits in the company of other literary giants such as The Alchemist, Life of Pi, and Shantaram."  

  "I wasn't sure whether to expect more of an actual story, or more of a cognitive psychology type text...this book is somehow's like an entertaining way to understand how to improve the quality of your life. The narrative is beautifully written, every description thoughtful and bursting with stunning imagery. "  

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Whiskey and Yoga: Find Your Purpose

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The Lighthouse Keeper: A Story of Mind Mastery

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Journey Workshop

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