"A Masterpiece... THE GRAND ILLUSION is Mind-Blowing" - Sol Luckman, Author | Potentiate Your DNA

An Epic Exploration of Science, Consciousness & Spirituality, For Those Willing & Ready to Powerfully Expand Their Minds

Brendan D Murphy's "The Grand Illusion" Offers a Next-Level Evolution For Spiritually-Minded Truth Seekers & Politically Active & Conscious People

You've Written The Best Synthesis of Modern Science & Esoteric Science That I've Seen in 40 Years... Brilliant" - Michael K. Wade

If you are ready to unabashedly pursue the truth about science, spirituality and consciousness, you have found the right place.  But this book is not just about knowledge and expanded awareness, it can and will deliver a deeper level of happiness, personal freedom, enhanced health and even prosperity.  Aligning one's inner world with the metaphysical and true consciousness creates a dramatic holistic positive change within, and extends to the world around us. 


An admitted "rebel" I've always tested the edges, challenging myself and others to reconsider pre-existing thoughts and beliefs, but always honoring our individuality and our freedom to agree or disagree with one another.  This is no smooth-sailing easy read, it will challenge you in many ways, but if you are open to breaking-free and expanding into a new level of consciousness I believe it is a true must-read.  If you miss this book, you miss a ground-breaking, life-changing expose' of the very latest discoveries in metaphysics, spirituality, higher-consciousness and personal evolution.  



Brendan D Murphy | Author | Truth-Seeker

"The Grand Illusion"

Evolve Yourself   Without Meditation

More About Brendan D Murphy

Author | Truth-Addict | Sage | Rebel | Father

As the author of "The Grand Illusion" it is my hope and mission to reach others with this revealing journey within.  I hope to make a dramatic impact both personally and within society as a whole.  Here's a little more about me that may resonate with you and help you understand where I am coming from in writing this book...

  • Born and live in Byron Bay, NSW Australia
  • Over 17 Years & 15,000+ Hours of Study
  • Published Author | TGI Book 1: A Synthesis of Science & Spirituality
  • Created & Authored FREE Masterclass | How to Evolve Yourself
  • Relentless Truth-Seeker | Non-Conformist & Paradigm-Smasher
  • Dominant Archetype | Critic | Must Provide Honest & Sometimes Brash Critiques on the Important Subjects Involving Humanity

I encourage you to take this journey with me.  It will challenge you, inspire you and change you in a variety of ways.  It is my hope, this book will be a turning point in your life, as it has been in mine and so many others. 

Evolve Yourself   Without Meditation

More About "The Grand Illusion"

The 3 Core Freedoms | Spiritual Freedom | Health Freedom | Lifestyle & Impact Freedom

"The Grand Illusion is ultimately about recovering your freedoms - through the truth of who you are" 

Sadly, our consciousness is not actively developed in our society, we are by default nurtured into lower-level awareness and spirituality which acts as an often unrecognized prison within.  Until one embarks on this journey of discovery, the true core freedoms we are meant to experience never materialize.  We stay in a web of misinformation and half-truths and false paradigms, creating a gnawing underlying dis-ease, that negatively affects our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.  


Illusions are just that, illusions.  They are false paradigms that persist when left unchallenged.  But the liberating news is, illusions disappear in an instant, like a clearing fog when the sunlight of truth burns through.  They never return as they are forever recognized as false, one cannot unsee what one has truly seen.  Your journey to discover the GRAND ILLUSION will be your opportunity to forever unshackle your body, mind and soul from the pre-existing limiting mental constructs preventing your true freedom from emerging.  Are you ready to dig in, to challenge yourself, to push the edges of consciousness and truth?  If so, order now and begin this life-changing experience. 

Evolve Yourself   Without Meditation

What You Will Discover

Spiritual, Metaphysical, Physical & Emotional Healing

At over 600 pages, this book cannot be summarized in a short paragraph or two, but in an effort to expand on the content, here are a few topics discussed:


  • How Occultism & Modern Science are Surprisingly Linked
  • How the Paranormal Engages with our Physical World
  • How the Brain is Misunderstood as the Source of Consciousness
  • The Interconnectivity of our Entire Universe & its Holographic Nature
  • The Nature of Time & How it is Not Just an Illusion
  • The "Fifth Force", Unknown to Existing Science, But is the "Carrier Wave" of Consciousness Throughout Space & Time
  • Why Materialistic Theology is Destined to the Dustbin of History
  • And so much more...


Get your copy today and begin this magnificent journey!


Evolve Yourself   Without Meditation

Evolve Yourself   in Without Meditation

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 Testimonials for Brendan D Murphy

  “I just wanted to say a big thank you for your work, your writing, sharing your passions and opinions, your dedication and commitment to a better and healthier future for humanity. I first came across an excerpt of your writing about 3 years ago before your book was published…that fascinating excerpt change my life…I was utterly awash with a sense of happiness and peace and joy and excitement. It was just one of the most amazing moments of my life – up there with giving birth to my children… You were definitely the beginning spark of a world I am so glad to be finally immersing myself into.  

  Not for those looking for sound bytes, but a foundation upon which future advancement of human potential will be made. First there was Michael Talbot, then there was Lynn McTaggart. The new generation has picked up the Mantle of educating the human race to its future possibilities and true nature. As a person who has read about 90% of the hundreds of references in this book, this is a magnificent compendium that can push the human race forward instead of each new generation having to reinvent the wheel.This book is a magnificent read.  

  A MUST-READ FOR ANY SPIRITUAL PERSON. AND ANYONE WHO ISN'T. Truly amazing. This is the book that all of us with highly developed psychic abilities have been longing for. Brendan methodically deals with each aspect of the paranormal and validates them all with extensive references to scientific research through the ages right up to current knowledge on quantum physics and string theory. He sets out to take the ?para? out of paranormal and succeeds.A work of absolute genius and an essential reference book for anyone interested in the science of the (para)normal.  

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