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How Families, Schools & Organizations Can Provide SAFE & Effective Inclusion for Kids with Food Allergies

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Former Marketing Professional, Turned Food Allergy Expert & Mom Reveals How...

Dear Friend, 

As a Mom of a child with food allergies, I am very familiar with the challenges we face.  We want our children to have a normal upbringing with the ability to enjoy all the activities they love, however we also realize the dangers that exist day to day. These challenges were enough to inspire a career change, and I left my marketing career for a higher education achieving a Masters Degree in Child and Adolescent Psychology.  With my education, and personal experience, I passionately pursued answers to the unique challenges we face.  I was determined to provide a robust childhood for my son who had severe anaphylactic food allergies.  

"I became the expert I needed"

Throughout my journey I tracked everything I did, all the ways I organized my life and how I provided the best opportunities for my kids.  I learned from my own mistakes, so you don't have to, and am to this day on a never-ending quest to improve.  I became so passionate about this I turned it into my career, helping other Mom's and Dad's, Schools & Youth Organizations manage these unique challenges, while creating maximum life experiences for their kids & students.  I want to help you, and I truly believe if you take a few moments to read on, you will find value, and realize your life and the life of your child can be enhanced by learning from my experiences.  

 Food Allergy Institute Allergy Avoidance Expert in For Caregivers

The Food Allergy Institute Offers...

We have created coaching and materials to aid the following in managing and maximizing safe environments for food-allergy challenges. 


We help create a comprehensive policy that meets all State & Federal guidelines.  We will discuss your unique infrastucture and social environment and create a plan/policy that makes sense and meets your needs. 

We also provide training and support for teachers and staff, intelligently implementing policy with minimal interruption while honoring the requirements necessary for a safe environment.  We help address bullying and how to prevent it, and create enhanced communication strategies to ensure no child feels left out. 

Having a plan and policy in place reduces stress and anxiety for staff, students and parents alike.  It will all make sense and we can create a seamless experience in dealing with these issues and others. 


We offer personal coaching sessions that will address the challenges you are facing.  Our goal will be to customize our recommendations, helping you lower your stress and anxiety, and building confidence as you navigate food choices and options.  We also cover how to communicate with the organizations your child is involved with.  From youth sports to school, we offer strategies in how to approach and get things done, to ensure your child's safety.  You don't have to go it alone, we are here to help and bring years of education and experience. 


You can join our online session that include a workbook, anaphylaxis guideline poster and support from others dealing with our shared challenges. 


We offer customized training for groups such as PTA's & PTO's, youth sports organizations, churches and anyone providing care for children.  We can help educate and provide policies to follow to avoid any emergencies, and how to deal with an emergency should one occur.  Your staff will feel confident and comforted understanding what to avoid and how to deal with any issues.  Help your kids enjoy a safe environment with professional training. 

How You Can Start NOW!

Join ALLERTRIBE, a group solution...

You can start right away by simply joining our support group called ALLERTRIBE, a collaborative and welcoming environment of others dealing with our shared challenges.  You will love having support of others dealing with the same issues, and having the ideas and strategies from so many minds and perspectives will be monumentally educational.  There really is truth that 2 minds are better than 1, so join us in learning together with a shared goal.  

We also offer several important guides you can download right away.  Chaos to Calm was written as a sort of Cliffs Notes so to speak, straight to the point and a quick immersion into the most important and actionable strategies you can implement immediately in your home and family life. We also offer a more advanced guide that walks you through all the steps to finding your own local ALLERTRIBE, for maximum ongoing support.  

You don't have to suffer alone, there is relief and methods to conquer the difficulties you face.  I created The Food Allergy Institute to fulfill my mission in helping others, I truly hope you join us in some way that makes sense for you.  We are here to help, I know you will never regret taking this step.  

Leah Robilotto, PsyM – Founder of the Food Allergy Institute



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Answer is:

Answered by: Leah
Food Allergy Institute
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Is it possible to avoid burnout if I am the primary caregiver to a child with multiple food allergies?

Hello, this is Leah with the food allergy Institute and the allergy tribe. I'm your host for the ranking mastery podcast. I'm going to help you understand the impact that living with food allergic disease has on the patient, family and community. At large, my goal is to help families reduce stress and anxiety in their daily lives while teaching them how to thrive in every part of life.

Answer is:

1   Yes, it is absolutely possible to avoid burnout, but no one can do it alone.

Even the parents without food allergy or other chronic illnesses balance to struggle with the demands of modern life. This is why we all need help. I like to call the support system that allergy parents have to build their aller tribe.

At The Food Allergy Institute we help clients identify individuals who are already in their life and train them. We train them on how they can ask for help and support. Asking for help is a superpower. In fact, it's one of my favorite super powers you can have.

  • Build your aller tribe.

  • Ask for help.

    Answer is:

    Answered by: Leah
    Food Allergy Institute
    Website | Email | More Details
    Updated 11/30/2020 3:51:00 PM

    Can I get accommodations for my child at their school cafeteria?

    Answer is:

    1   The answer is yes, but I almost never recommend asking for any type of ban, like a school wide peanut ban. The fact is they don’t work, they only set up a false sense of security.

    2   Research has shown that schools with any type of food banned have a 25% higher rate of Epipen use, as compared to schools that don’t. What you can do is work with your school to put in place proper policies and procedures that will keep your child safe and included. Like anything, there are rare occasions where a limited ban does make sense.

    Answer is:

    Answered by: Leah
    Food Allergy Institute
    Website | Email | More Details
    Updated 11/30/2020 3:56:00 PM

    Is it possible to get my father to stop bringing my allergen to Christmas dinner?

    Answer is:

    1   No! After 15 years he is clearly not going to change his behavior. You only have control of your reaction and emotions. At this point I am going to guess that you have told him how bringing this dangerous dish makes you feel- including putting your health at risk.

    2   What you can do is accept the dish into your home and put it away far from where it can put you in danger. Once he’s gone give it to the neighbors or simply throw it away. Don’t let his behavior ruin your day. I would also recommend you let him know in a calm manner - maybe an email - that his dish will be placed away from the other food. If he’s not happy about it he’s welcome to leave it at home.

    Answer is:

    Answered by: Leah
    Food Allergy Institute
    Website | Email | More Details
    Updated 11/30/2020 3:36:00 PM

    How Do I Know If I Have Mom Burnout?

    Answer is:

    1   The phenomenon of burnout refers to a specific syndrome of exhaustion related to prolonged situations of emotional imbalance, where the burden of perceived stress exceeds personal resources to cope with it.

    2   Parental or “Mom Burnout” is amazingly common and not talked about in conversations with people who can support each other enough. Now more than ever moms have to manage a prolonged state of long-term strain (alertness, stress, and often anxiety), which left unchecked can lead to burnout, which mothers experience as physical and psychological fatigue.

    3   During “normal” times about 20% of Moms face burnout - but during covid that rate is jumping - add a child with a chronic illness wow! Even higher.

    Answer is:

    Answered by: Leah
    Food Allergy Institute
    Website | Email | More Details
    Updated 11/30/2020 4:05:00 PM

    Do schools have to be fully inclusive no matter what food allergy your kid has?

    Answer is:

    1   The answer yes, Section 504 of the American with Disabilities Act classifies any life activity that limits a major life activity.

    2   Major life activities include a wide variety of daily activities, such as: caring for oneself, performing manual tasks, walking, seeing, hearing, speaking, breathing, eating, learning, and working.

    3   Having a food allergy can limit a life activity. Thus, most students with a food allergy are entitled to protection under this federal law which means, schools, and their organizations such as clubs, sports, PTO’s must make every reasonable effort to include them. Not to mention it is the right thing to do! If you feel like your school is not following the ADA guidelines let me help you talk to your school so your child is safely included and no one feels ostracized.

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