Is Your Child a Picky Eater? Did You Know Diet Impacts Their Brain Development, Sleep Quality & Attention Span?

Now You Can Dramatically Improve Your Child's Health & Development in a Fun & Exciting Way!

Picky Eaters ideas Book For Kids

Are You Ready to Play With Food...With Your Kids?

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NEW Food Therapy Program Helps Families Introduce Healthy & Delicious Choices to Dramatically Boost Kids Development!

Created by Sarah Appleman MS,OTR/L | Mom, 20 Years Experience as Occupational Therapist, Special Needs Worker, Specialist in Sensory Processing Disorders.

How can I get my child to eat?  How many other Mom's or Dad's have struggled with something that seems so simple, yet can be so difficult?  While it is common for kids to become very picky, this must be dealt with or they run the risk of delayed or abnormal development.  Nutrition is critical, especially during their growing years, so as parents, we must address this all too common issue. 
My name is Sarah Appleman, and first and foremostas a Mom, I understand this all too well.  I struggled with getting my kids to eat healthy foods and quickly realized I can't be the only Mom out there with this problem.  As a trained therapist I set out to connect the dots between the problem, and the solution.  My home became my lab as I tried every technique you could imagine with my own kids.  Some attempts failed of course, but through the process of trial and error, utilizing what I know about human development and behavior,  I discovered new fun and effective ways you can get your kids eating healthy.  Success in this area can literally change their lives, as healthy eating in many ways dictates their future potential, yes it is that important. 
You will never regret fixing this oft-ignored area, and if you apply the same concepts to your life and eating, your entire family will benefit, it can and will be revolutionary. 

Play With Your Food | Get Your Kids to Love New & Healthy Foods

You Can Make it Fun & Exciting to Eat Right

Here's What You Will Learn with "Play With Your Food":

  • How to Know What Foods Your Child Needs
  • How to Make it FUN to Eat New Foods
  • Handling Special Needs Kids & Their Diets
  • How to Get My Kids to Enjoy Cooking
  • Sensory Processing Challenges & How to Overcome
  • Choosing the Right Foods to Enhance Sleep
  • Getting Your Kids to Want to Eat Well
  • And so much more...

Discover How to Cook for Health & Make it Fun!

SPECIAL FEATURE: How to Get Special Needs Kids with Sensory Processing Disorder to Eat Right

As parents we all love and care about our kids, but it is so easy to have a blind spot, to be unaware that the foods they are eating are not supporting their development. It can be frustrating getting kids to eat right, of course they always want to candy and cake.  But we must be pro-active in this area, their health today and tomorrow depends on it.  
You can go through all the trial and error, with frustrations as I did in the discovery process, or you can simply utilize my experience, education and results from my own personal lab experiment, thank my kids later, they are my co-writers so to speak, and I know if you take the time to fix this area, you will never regret it.  I encourage you to read an excerpt, and consider getting my entire program.  
I promise, you will have fun creating a new way of eating healthy, your kids will enjoy the process, and they will gain habits that will help them throughout their lives.  Someday, they will thank you that you took action.  


  I purchased this book as a gift for my stepmother (she works with children with special needs) thinking it would be a wonderful thing for her to have and use as a fun activity for her clients. When the book arrived not only was it very well put together, but unlike most "cook books" there are fun colors and it is inviting for the children to read as well as the adults. Another cool thing about this book, there are spots for you to leave notes about what worked and what didn't. I have already recommended this book to my friends with kids!  

Picky Eaters ideas Book For Kids



  This book has so many wonderful ideas to help my client kiddos eat as well as work on elements of development. It?s full of fun ideas to help kids of all abilities play and interact with their food. This book also gives excellent explanations of elements of development and how each activity contributes to that aspect. The author does a fantastic job of sharing how each one of us can integrate occupational therapy practice into play with food and appreciation for food. A purchase well worth it!  

Picky Eaters ideas Book For Kids

Erica Moldenhauer

Oceanside, CA

  Love this book! It has awesome recipes and ideas for hours of fun with the kids! Both of my daughters (ages 2 & 6) absolutely LOVE recreating the recipes. It's wonderful when teaching my younger one fine motor skills & my older one actually reads the book herself and tells ME which things she'd like to try. Everything is simple (coming from a mom who is definitely NOT a gourmet chef by any means lol). I'd recommend this book to all the parents who like fun, creative ways to make your picky eater actually eat healthy and have fun at the same time!!!!  

Picky Eaters ideas Book For Kids


New Brunswick, NJ

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Sarah Appleman is an accomplished International Bestselling Author, Speaker, Podcast Host, and Pediatric Occupational Therapist. Her visionary perspective has earned her opportunities to provide parents/caregivers, teachers and therapists resources to help proper growth and development. With over two decades of experience, she has the gained credibility needed, while being a fun loving mother; the "go-to" neighbor for best recipes; and adventurer. You can catch Sarah hostessing, cooking, hiking, and surfing, while making those around her laugh at her buoyant sense of humor. 

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Picky Eaters ideas Book For Kids

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