Premium Podcast Production For Those Who Demand Excellence.

There Is An Entirely Different Level Of Sound Quality Available For Those Who Desire Crisp, Clear, Sound Where Every Word Counts.

Professional Podcast Editing Services for your business

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Professional Podcast Editing Services for your business

Professional Podcast Editing Services for your business

You Focus on Creating the Content, We'll Do The Rest!

Podcast editing, audio engineering, loudness normalization, ID3 tagging, transcription, promotion - these things aren't what you do, so stop struggling to wear all the hats.

Dear podcaster,

We may be the perfect fit for each other. Think about it, you're spending countless hours every week working on your podcast, wishing you didn't have to do it all on your own, and we're a professional production studio that loves editing podcasts and audio books.

We're podcasters ourselves so we understand the struggle, really. A podcast is always an *extra* thing you're doing, it's never the main thing or the only thing, which means it always feels like a burden or time-suck.

Creating the recording is easy enough, and you've got time to do it, but all the stuff that comes afterwards? You've got 45-minutes worth of podcast content that seems to take an entire week to "get ready" for actual release. We call this "post-production" and it's burning you out and making you question the value of podcasting altogether, I know it.

But don't quit! You know as well as we do that the amount of content you produce has a direct impact on your reach and overall success. If editing your podcast audio, creating transcriptions, tagging your .mp3 files, and all the other things related to publishing and promoting a podcast episode are slowing you down, let us do them for you.

The grunt work isn't fun for you, but it still has to get done. And since it's audio we're talking about here, why not turn it over to a production studio full of audio pros? Together we'll be the perfect team, you'll be the passionate creator with a message, and we'll be the team of skilled podcast editors and audio engineers who make it easier for you to bring that message to market. It's a match made in heaven!

Professional Podcast Editing Services for your business

Creating High Quality Podcast Audio Files Has a Process.

Here Are Just Some Of The Tools, Effects, And Processes We Have Available To Enhance Our Clients Audio Podcast & Broadcast Files

The Portland Pod Will Handle:

  • Content Editing
  • Audio Repair
  • Audio Engineering
  • Normalization
  • ID3 Tagging
  • Podperfect QA
  • Error-free Human Transcription
  • Fully Custom Audiograms
  • Scheduling & Release Management
  • Display Artwork
  • Facebook Ads Management
  • And more...

Professional Podcast Editing Services for your business

More About The Portland Pod

Humble | Meticulous | Personable

The Portland Pod started as a one-man operation when founder Tanner Campbell, who at the time was editing podcasts as a side-hustle, decided to make commit to the dream and quit his nearly 20-year career in IT.  In 2018 he founded The Portland Pod recording studio and started establishing it as the premier option for individuals and businesses looking to create podcasts locally. His technology background and experience as both a podcaster and podcast editor, allowed him to grow quickly within this new niche.  In only a few months The Portland Pod went from one-man operation in South Portland, Maine, to a team of Podcast Editors and Engineers serving clients like Dell, Remax, WP Brand Studio, Rowman & Littlefield, and MEMIC.

Our culture here is one of ease and comfortable experience. We want our clients to like working with us, whether that's in the studio or remotely, and we put a lot of effort into making sure they do. We treat you like family, it's important to us that you feel that way. That's really what we offer here - sure podcast editing and audio engineering is a big part of it, but we're really selling the comfort of "knowing" it will be done right, and we make a lot of people and brands happy as a result.

Professional Podcast Editing Services for your business


  Working with The Portland Pod has been a Godsend. I go in and do what I do best and leave the rest to them - the experts. They are a wealth of knowledge and have helped me navigate all that is podcasting, saving me a ton of time. Couldn't be happier!  

Professional Podcast Editing Services for your business

Marie Sola

  These guys are extremely knowledgeable, not just about podcasting, but advertising and reaching the people who you want to reach. What was most impressive, however, was their ability to take what I was saying and accurately interpret and consolidate it into actionable, and realistic steps.  

Professional Podcast Editing Services for your business

Adam Rothbart

  I'm incredibly happy to have found The Pod! They truly seek to understand me and my co-hosts production and content style, and our finished episodes benefit from it immensely. They work with our tight timeline and within our budget, as well. We see The Pod as a valued partner of our podcast.  

Professional Podcast Editing Services for your business

Shane DeBiers

Professional Podcast Editing Services for your business

Social Media

Professional Podcast Editing Services for your business

Professional Podcast Editing Services for your business

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