How My Failing Body Led To Profound Healing & How You Can Heal From Anything Too!

From Sexual Trauma, Physical Abuse & Failing Health to Successful Entrepreneur, and Living My Mission...

Create A Lifestyle and Career That Honors Your Body

Hey There!

My name is Kelly "Nerdzilla” Mendenhall. More about my nickname in a moment.

My life story is messy, I didn't have a clear and simple path to this moment. In fact, it was a series of unfortunate events that made this unlikely journey possible.  I grew up in a somewhat normal environment, blue-collar home, college education with Bachelors, and Master's degrees. By all outside appearances, I was on my way to a successful life, career, and future. That was until my body failed me, and I was thrown into a tailspin. I descended into a chronic-pain and illness journey I never expected. Everything changed in a blink, and I had to reinvent myself. I decided to turn my mess into a message, and help others do what I’ve done: create a lifestyle and career that honors the unique needs and limitations of mind, body, and spirit. All while offering

Chronic Pain Management And Treatment For Cheap

Chronic Pain Management And Treatment For Cheap

My Journey Taught Me So Much...

My journey taught me so much. If you are going through any debilitating challenges, health issues like anxiety, depression, chronic pain, other invisible illness, I want to help you find to create your own best life. I want to help you close the chapter of self-doubt, uncertainty, and self-hate, and open a new one with confidence, personal empowerment, and authenticity.  

You should never have to choose between your livelihood and your health, so don't.  It is time to re-create a new version of yourself, find a new path, and become the hero of your own story. 


As for Nerdzilla:  

What started as a fun and silly nickname became a tattoo to commemorate a friendship and a large part of my adult journey. Then, when I became suddenly medically disabled in 2017, Nerdzilla seemed a natural choice as a mascot or brand image for my website and blog. Now I’ve built a whole-ass media company, Nerdzilla Media, LLC. 

Chronic Pain Management And Treatment For Cheap

Maybe You Can Relate To Some of These Thoughts:

  • My Medical Diagnosis is The End of My Story
  • I'll Never be Normal Again, I am Not Worthy
  • Why Even Try, I'm Finished
  • I Should Just Accept it and Quit
  • I No Longer Have Anything Unique to Share
  • Why Have Hope, I'm Just Existing Now

If so, welcome, you’re in the right place. I too fought thoughts like these daily. I wanted to quit, I created ways out, excuses, and patterns of defeat until I finally decided not to. I decided something had to change.  So, I went to work building my future, starting many ventures including:

  • Personal Coaching:  Individual & Group
  • Professional Writing: Copy, Media, Web, Content
  • Professional Speaking: Podcasting, Interviews and Speaking
  • Proofreading Copy For: Books, Novels, Articles, Websites

You also have a set of skills you can use to re-create your future, regardless of what disabilities or challenges you may face.  My world was turned upside down, but I didn't quit, and neither should you. 

Chronic Pain Management And Treatment For Cheap

Chronic Pain Management And Treatment For Cheap

I Turned My Mess Into a Message, I Became The Hero Of My Own Story.

Here's how we can work together to write the next chapter of your story.

My path, although unwelcome at the time, has become the springboard to creating my most authentic self and living in a way that honors me.  And to tell the truth, I love this new version of me, that wouldn’t have been possible without the pain and suffering.

I suppose it's true, we only grow when we are tested and life’s greatest blessings come in very strange packages.

My New Mission is to Inspire Others to...

  • Choose Your Own Path, One That Aligns With Who You Really Are.
  • Be Authentic, Always Always Be Authentic
  • Create a New Vision, A New Life
  • Become an Altruistic Entrepreneur, Care About Others
  • Find a Career That Fits Your Mission
  • Honor Your Unique Limitations & Find Ways to Win, Regardless of challenges
  • Explore Alternatives to the Normal 9-5
  • And so much more...

I want to help you! Hire me as your coach or join one of my group coaching challenges, now!  You will never regret the day you decided to turn things around and create your own best life.

Chronic Pain Management And Treatment For Cheap


You Can Find Me In A Variety Of Ways

Chronic Pain Management And Treatment For Cheap

My Book Is Here: Skin in the Game

Skin in the Game: The Stories My Tattoos Tell is Kelly Mendenhall’s autobiographical debut as an author. In the book, Kelly tells of the significant events and pivotal moments of her life by way of recounting the stories behind her eclectic collection of tattoos. Those moments include the death of her father as a young girl, surviving the physical and sexual abuse she endured as an adolescent, the gut-wrenching loss of friends who died too young, and so much more.

This book is written for anyone who has ever thought of giving up, anyone needing the inspiration to keep on fighting, and anyone who fears that they are too far gone for redemption. This book is Kelly’s way of turning her mess into a message that inspires others to survive and thrive. 

Chronic Pain Management And Treatment For Cheap

Chronic Pain Management And Treatment For Cheap

Are You Finally Ready to Re-Start Your New Life?

No Matter Your Challenges, I Can & Will Help

There's no obligation, just an option to schedule a 1:1 coaching or group session, if we are a fit!

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 Testimonials for Kelly Nerdzilla Mendenhall

  Mendenhall is the consummate storyteller, one who bluntly forges ahead and gives you the full story. Her memoir is a fascinating one filled with stories of a life well-led and the tie-ins with her tattoos are marvelous! The tattoos themselves are genuine works of art, and Gilliam's photography ensures you get every nuance of coloring and design strategy.  

(right image) Chronic Pain Management And Treatment For Cheap

Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite

  We are invited to join in the tears and laughter as Mendenhall establishes vivid color and writes in an evolving voice congruent to her acquisition of wisdom and experience. She can be ribald if needs be, but she is also compassionate. She questions the integrity of foundations and establishments when they put people's well-being to the test. Her occasional use of the F-word can be justified and these are not placed just for kicks or as a badge that she belongs to a defiant generation.  

(right image) Chronic Pain Management And Treatment For Cheap

Reviewed by Vincent Dublado for Readers' Favorite

  The simple truth is that there are just too many wonderful anecdotes to cover here, but that just means this is very worthy work and well worth reading. You will enjoy the shared experience, and I thank Kelly for the bravery and strength of character she had to produce this book.  

(right image) Chronic Pain Management And Treatment For Cheap

Reviewed by Steven Robson for Reader's Favorite

 Meet The Team Behind Kelly Nerdzilla Mendenhall

(right image) Chronic Pain Management And Treatment For Cheap

Kelly Mendenhall


Kelly Mendenhall is a Spoonie, Author, Speaker, Coach, and Activist determined to stop Medical Gaslighting from killing and disabling women. 


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