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How To Prepare A TED Talk Speech

Giving a TEDx Talk can Literally Launch Your Career! Learn How with 5-Time TEDx Talk'er Frank King!

Whether you are just launching, or ready to take it to the next level, you should consider giving a TEDx Talk.

Dear Friend, 
The benefits are unlimited, many launch new careers, create massive publicity for their venture, reach millions, gain valuable media assets for their web sites and social media campaigns and so much more.  Giving a TEDx Talk can literally be the springboard to your new life, and I can show you how. 
However, getting invited to deliver a TEDx Talk is not so simple, you must present your idea the right way.  If you don't follow the right steps, you will get denied this valuable opportunity.  You don't have to go it alone though, I can help, starting with your FREE CONSULTATION.  
During our consultation we will quickly assess how powerful your idea is, and how we can position it for the very best chance of success.  I can walk you through each step, and be your TEDx Talk Coach.  Once you are accepted (we'll do everything we can to get you scheduled) I'll coach you in exactly how to hit a "home-run" with your polished and prepared presentation. 

How To Prepare A TED Talk Speech

Who Am I & Why Should You Listen to Me?

FRANK KING | Professional Speaker | Author | Coach | Presenter | Tonight Show Writer | Comedian

Professional Speaker Frank King wrote for the Tonight Show for 20 years. Working with Jerry Seinfeld, Adam Sandler, Dennis Miller, Kevin James and so many other entertainers, he honed his skills to launch a speaking career.  He utilized 5 TEDx Talks to publicize his new venture and along the way fell into a coaching career as so many others needed tutoring in scoring a Tedx Talk and delivering a powerful speech. He holds the record for the longest non-stop Comedy Club road trip, and blends his love for comedy with his speaking and writing. He dedicated himself to talks about Suicide Prevention in 2014, challenging his audience to deal with serious topics in unique and sometimes comedic ways. He has active students giving TEDx Talks, others scheduled and others in the audition phase. You would be hard-pressed to find a more experienced and knowledgable coach to help you score your TEDx Talk and launch a new phase in your life and career.

How To Prepare A TED Talk Speech

WARNING: 6 Mistakes YOU MUST NOT MAKE if You Hope to Get a TEDx Talk Invitation.

And how to avoid each mistake, maximizing your chances!

To maximize your chances you need to avoid the mistakes.  As a 5-Time TEDx Talk'er I've earned my stripes, and can be your Professional Coach in pursuing your TEDx Talk Invitation & Presentation.  You can learn about these 6 mistakes and how to avoid them now by simply downloading my Free Report.  HERE IS WHAT YOU WILL GAIN BY SECURING YOUR TEDx TALK:

    Gain Millions of Eyeballs with Focused Attention

    Become a Thought Leader, Gain Elite Credibility

    Get a Valuable Asset to use for Marketing

    Launch a New Business or Transition to Speaking

    Mass-Promote Your Brand, Book or Course

How To Prepare A TED Talk Speech

Here's How My TEDx Assignments Currently Work

We Will Work Through 3 Success Modules

MODULE ONE: 3-Hour Virtual Face to Face Intake/Strategy Session We will spend 3 hours identifying the top strategical angles we can use to hone your idea and message. I'll look forward to getting to know you and getting a feel for who you are and the message you have to share with the world. We will then dig in deeper and work on a Title & Subtitle, it is important to create the titles as they help us backfill the talk and create a main thematic approach. We will work on your video pitch and actually create an initial video and pick it apart, reworking it to perfection. We will then identify when and where your local TEDx Talk takes place and how to apply. Finally we will submit your application and await phase 2. MODULE TWO: Audition Preparation There are two rounds of auditions and I'll help you get through both, maximizing your chances to get accepted. We'll expand your idea into a 5-Minute Summary for presentation to the TEDx Talk Committee. We'll then create an audition video and review and edit to perfection. We'll also prepare you for the question and answer session following your audition MODULE THREE: Perfecting Your Presentation Once you get accepted we go to work writing and preparing your talk, ensuring you have a powerful opening, meaningful body and high-impact close. We'll look at ways to create an emotional connection with your audience, and focus on reaching all types of listeners. We will practice, refine and dial in your talk until it's your "home-run" presentation. with effective preparation, you will deliver a winning talk, I'll make it my mission to make sure of it. Once your TEDx Talk has posted, we will work together on monetizing it!

How To Prepare A TED Talk Speech

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How To Prepare A TED Talk Speech

How To Prepare A TED Talk Speech

How To Prepare A TED Talk Speech

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How To Prepare A TED Talk Speech