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Dear Friend, 


We all have a story created from our history. Some experiences are so profound that they leave a wound.  How we perceive our story creates our daily narrative.


Life is complicated, messy, and full of contrast. Our childhood minds can’t comprehend all we’re taking in. We process the information as best as we can, then grow up with childhood skills that we try to apply to adult situations, which never works.  

We push through life but still end up feeling, anxious, unworthy, insecure, trapped and dissatisfied with life.


I too have a history and a story. As the 9th of 13 children, I felt forgotten, invisible, fearful and unworthy. Because of those feelings, I became an overachiever to get the attention I sought from my mom. I had to put in more effort, be more, and have more. At the same time, I was learning to downplay my achievements as not to outshine my siblings for fear of not being accepted by them.


My drive to over-achieve often led to overwhelm, anxiety, and burn-out. And although I achieved success, I felt like it wasn’t safe to shine, which led to insecurity and self-sabotage.  This constant, “pull to me - push away from me”, kept me in a cycle of despair. On the outside, I appeared confident and strong. On the inside, I was that little girl who just needed to feel safe and loved.  


My journey of transformation began when my daughter was born severely premature. I knew I had to grow mentally, emotionally, and spiritually and become a better version of myself.  


I did and still do the work to overcome and appreciate my story. It is because of my profound challenges I’ve discovered my purpose to coach, teach, speak, and serve in a way that helps others grow.


If you feel trapped in an endless cycle of anxiety, burn-out, unworthiness, or self-sabotage, or maybe even feeling hopeless or powerless to change, I want to offer you a way out.  It may seem like you are stuck and there is no solution, but I am living proof that there is always a way forward. 


I’ve become a guide for others like you to have victory over any challenge.  If you are ready to begin your transformation.  Contact me today for a FREE Consultation.

Transformative Specialist Coaching With Women

 Dee Woolridge Transformative Specialist Coaching in  With Women

How I Help And Why Consider Working with Me

A transformation occurs when you realize there is only one problem - a sense of separation. So, there can be only one solution - a return to oneness." -Dee Woolridge, MBA, CIHt, CLC


Whether you’re feeling stuck, trapped, alone, anxious, sad, or somehow incomplete, my goal for you is the same… to help you return to your natural state of love where you remember that you are perfect, whole, and complete.


As a result of working with me one-on-one, taking my courses, or attending my conferences, you realize your resilience.  You have a renewal of confidence and an increase in self-esteem. As your vibration rises, your stress and anxiety slip away. Your mindset shifts to a person filled with inner peace.  


As a guide and teacher, I employ three keys to building success that apply to all facets of your personal development, professional development, and spiritual development. The keys are: A Positive Mindset.  Effective Communication. Unshakable Resilience.


With these keys, my clients forgive, overcome trauma, let go of shame, accept loss, release control, reframe failure, build self-confidence, and self-belief.  It has helped them leave toxic relationships, become more assertive, find new careers, become better leaders, parents and so much more.


 “The true transformation occurs when you return to love. That is when your heart and mind are congruent

and when you can achieve anything.” 

-Dee Woolridge, MBA, CIHt, CLC


Credentials and initials behind my name are not what makes what I do effective. The results come from my understanding and implementation of the principals I have learned that could have been acquired from reading a book or observing others at a park.  I have been teaching and coaching for over three decades. Happy, confident, transformed clients speak to my education and training. Transformative Specialist Coaching With Women For those who want more, here are some of my relevant experience.

  • Naval officer with 30 years of service acquiring solid leadership, mentoring, problem-solving communication, and conflict resolution skills.
  • Master of Business Administration with the know-how for entrepreneurs, C-level executives, and career development mentoring.
  • Certified Clinical, Transpersonal and Interpersonal Hypnotherapist and Area Director for the Institute of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy.
  • Award Winning Author for Spirit Guide Connections 101 – Basics and Exercises for Beginners
  • Author of five self-help books. Three available on Amazon
  • Founder and CEO of Heart Centered Institute personal and professional development company
  • Co-founder of Hands of Heart Enterprises for young adults on the autism spectrum.
  • Board of Directors for Care Warriors. Inc – a non-profit that provides support to at risk individuals with intellectual and developmental differences.
  • Certified speaker, presenter, and corporate workshop trainer.
  • Talk show host of Spiritually Speaking, A Higher Realm and Time on the Couch with Dee Woolridge
  • Frequent podcast guest on mindset, resilience, and communication
  • Sought after keynote speaker for conferences and workshops. Clients include: Zappos, City of San Antonio, Oklahoma State, Department of Veterans Affairs, City of Austin and other groups, civic organizations, universities, ministries and corporations.
  • Nominated for New York Life’s Most Influential Woman of the Year 2021.
  • Master Mind leader for women entrepreneurs
  • Group Coaching facilitator
  • Mother of a daughter with special needs, married to a retired U.S. Marine and stepmom to three bonus sons.
  • Number nine of 13 siblings.
  • Post breast cancer thriver.


Dee Woolridge | Speaker | Author | Success Coach | Spiritual Counselor| Hypnotherapist | Veteran

Being Trapped or Stuck In An Unhealthy Cycle Can Appear In Your Life As Personas. Here Are Just A Few That I Help My Clients and Audiences Overcome.

  • The Overachiever | Most often feel overwhelmed
  • The People Pleaser | Often have feelings of resentment
  • The Over analyzer | Have a tendency to procrastinate
  • The Codependent | Find it difficult to set proper boundaries
  • The Aggressor | Often leads to increased isolation and failed relationships
  • The Control Freak | Experiences high levels of anxiety
  • The Perfectionist | Fear of failure
  • The Victim | Feelings of powerlessness, sadness and anger
  • The Needy | Many times are clinging with aura of helplessness
  • The Know-it-all | Root cause may be insecurity and lack of confidence
  • The Marter |Self sacrificing indicates low-self worth
  • The Lier | Often believe they are not good enough 
  • The Judge | Projects onto others what they hate or deny about themselves
  • The Attention Grabber | May not feel lovable and needs constant validation

 Dee Woolridge Transformative Specialist Coaching in  With Women

Here Are Some Of The Ways I'm Available To Assist You.

Not only can I coach you one-on-one. I can help in many other ways as well!

Success and mindset coaching

  •  Build confidence, self-esteem and a positive mindset
  •  Identity and change unwanted behavior patterns
  •  Make key decisions and design strategies for success
  •  Get your mojo back or find your passion
  • Key-note speaker, panelist, or workshop leader

  •  Fun, high energy presenter with audience takeaways
  •  All industries applicable topics for personal & professional development
  • Podcast Guest

  •  Open, friendly conversationist that adds value to your listeners
  •  Relates well to many different audiences
  •  Offers current, relevant and actionable tools and freebies
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    Join A global membership of success builders that use daily mindset tools to create the life of their dreams.

    Transformative Specialist Coaching in  With Women Dee Woolridge

     Testimonials for Dee Woolridge

    •   Dee is wonderful, a complete joy to work with. She helped me clear past traumas and limiting beliefs - my relationships have improved dramatically and I've found more inner peace and forgiveness. Thank you for your talents!  

    •   I highly recommend recommend Dee! She is authentic, professional, ethical...but most importantly to me..heart warming, a friend who I didn?t know I had. She helped me with anxiety, motivation, confidence and more. Like I told her in our last session; she brought back the old me but on steroids, I feel like a [email protected] new me? and I m proud of it!  

    •   I am very blessed to have met such an incredible person. I feel like a new person that is seeing the world in a brand new and loving perceptive.  

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     Testimonial  - Transformative Specialist Coaching  With Women Dee Woolridge
     Testimonial  - Transformative Specialist Coaching  With Women Dee Woolridge
     Testimonial  - Transformative Specialist Coaching  With Women Dee Woolridge
     Testimonial  - Transformative Specialist Coaching  With Women Dee Woolridge
     Testimonial  - Transformative Specialist Coaching  With Women Dee Woolridge
     Testimonial  - Transformative Specialist Coaching  With Women Dee Woolridge
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