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You May Be Leaving Cold, Hard Cash on The Table!

Discover How to Maximize Your Return on Investment With Our Expert-Level Beverage Marketing Consultation

If Your ROI Isn't What it Should Be, We Have Solutions For You!

Dear Friend,
It is nearly certain you are leaving money on the table. It's nothing to be ashamed of, we all have blind spots, especially when analyzing our own businesses, but ignoring them can cost you dearly.
That's why it is so important to have a extra few sets of professionally-trained eyes with decades of experience in our industry. You see, even if we uncover one single area you are not maximizing your returns, our association will have been worth it. But I'm betting we can find many areas of growth oppurtunity for instant improvement, and the results can be nothing short of remarkable.
The power of exponential growth dictates how fast a company will grow. Even a 10% improvement stacked year-over-year effectively doubles your ROI in short order. To ignore this potential dramatic growth oppurtunity can literally change the entire outcome of your future, of what could have been.
Don't make the mistake of being static - if not, you could be regressing often without even realizing it's happening. You will never regret committing to the process of never-ending awareness, improvement and growth.
Christie Lawler | CJL CONSULTiNG, Beverage Industry Specialists

Here's How CJL CONSULTiNG Can Help You Maximize Your ROI

From initial ideation to development and implementation we walk with you every step of the way, re-creating your processes, interactions and efficiency. We specialize in building relationships starting with you, and extending to your staff. Led by Founder & Owner Christie Lawler, the CJL team partners with your team,  uncovering all the areas you may be underperforming and helping you find solutions that work.
You Benefit By Accessing Professional Consulting in the Following Areas…
Technology-Based Programming
RFP Management
Marketing Plans
Menu Strategy & Development
P-Mix Assessment
Branding Concepts
Fund & Budget Management
App Development
Conference & Event Planning
Bar Training Programs
Understanding NAOP Training Seminars
Large Format Printing
Web Design
Social Media Marketing
RFP Ideation & Responses
Sales Decks & Presentations
Product Consultations
Bar Design and Optimization
Copywriting & Proofreading
Culinary R&D
Menu Design
Digital Signage
LTO Concept, Ideation & Design
Local Store Marketing
Cultural Development
We leave no stone unturned; your beverage marketing will be transformed to take advantage of the very latest in technology, creativity and marketing expertise.
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We Provide Professional Consulting for Beverage Suppliers

With extensive experience and education in all aspects of the Beverage Industry and B2B Marketing, we offer consultation for both sides of the business. Suppliers can benefit by getting a professional assessment of issues such as task overload, which can lead to customer service degradation, to strategy assistance in creating a “wow” deck that will truly help the buyers. We can also help you manage your team effectively and maximize your communications strategies for maximum efficiency. Our ultimate goal is to dramatically impact your ROI.
Here are a few ways we can assist you in reaching your national account saturation goals:

  • Craft your RFP responses and branded decks
  • Provide account insights and introductions
  • Turn your brand into stunning cocktail recipes and Insta-worthy culinary applications
  • Assist you in creating a deck that will “WOW" your buyer
  • Create tailored FPO art to your pitch ideas so that your presentation stands out
  • Help You Handle all those pricing requests!


Beverage Consulting Services For The On-Premise

We Also Provide Professional Consulting for Beverage Buyers

For buyers we have a unique view as we work with both sides in tandem, allowing us to bring a unique perspective that meets goals on both sides of the table. We create customized methods for your internal organizational needs, training programs and help you implement your growth strategies. Our organizational & operational consulting expertise is unique in that we offer an outside-the-box vantage point, while working with you as a member of your strategic team. Here is a list of what we are most frequently hired to do for our clients:

  • Craft your RFP requests
  • Manage your RFP process and supplier meetings
  • Fund & budget management
  • Mixology that is catered to your needs and curated by our celebrity chef and mixologist
  • Create culinary applications from your bar spec list and beverage menus
  • Assist in conference planning and event strategy
  • Build your strategic programming calendar to align beverage marketing opportunities
  • Create award-winning menus, LTOs and activations
  • Orchestrate and produce photography
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More About Us

A WBENC Certified Woman-Owned Small Business

CJL CONSULTiNG is a company that strives to make a positive social impact through our efforts. Our Owner and Founder started a group of women professionals who truly care about building and supporting other women in their professional pursuits. In 2018, Christie launched The WITI Group as the philanthropic arm of CJL CONSULTiNG. WITI stands for Women in the Industry, an organization with the founding principle, “we are stronger together”.” Our members light the path forward for the future female leaders of the food and beverage service industry through mentorship, professional development and support. Through our fundraising as a 501(c)(3) organization – The WITI Group also offers financial support when women find themselves in abusive or otherwise hostile work environments.
Here are a few more company highlights, volunteer efforts and professional memberships:

  • Woman-Run Markekting Consultancy of the Year 2020 awarded by Corporate Vision Magazine
  • U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce
  • CORE Ambassador and Co-Chair of New Ambassador Welcome Committee
  • Women’s Business Center of Houston Volunteer
  • Datassential: The Bar – Advisory Board Member
  • Female Founders Collective
  • Brainz 500 Global Award Winner
  • Industry Speaker & Educational Content Creator
  • Seasoned Team Boasting Decades of Experience Working with National Brands & Global Companies
  • Our Podcast, Lawler Out Loud: Mixing up the Mainstream highlights the career paths of some of the biggest names in our business to provide the personal stories and triumphs to provide inspiration to others.
  • Check out our Press page on our website to learn more about what makes CJL CONSULTiNG different and noteworthy
Just to name a few, our team has worked with or for the following companies:
Alamo Drafthouse
American Social
Arcis Golf
Drive Shack
Flagship Restaurant Group
Sidney Frank Importing Co.
House of Blues
Delaware North
Foundation Room
Smokey Bones
Island Oasis
William Grant & Sons
Logan’s Roadhouse

Our Promise To You

If you decide to partner with us, our mission will be focused on creating the relationships, strategies and processes that powerfully impact your ROI. If you are ready to take the next step in your business, here is your opportunity to gain and entire team of professional consultants to help guide you every step of the way. This time next year you could be doing things the exact same way you’ve always done them, with the same results, or you can choose to get the help you need to blast through limitations and amplify your profit margins, optimized for maximum success and ROI!
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  I have known Christie Lawler in a professional capacity for over 15 years. In those years, there is no one more hard working, knowledgeable, and dedicated to their brand. Christie is about building relationships with her clients and will work day and night to champion her product and keep her clients happy. As President of House of Blues and Cheeseburger in Paradise, I knew Christie was only a phone call away from taking care of any of our needs. I cannot recommend Christie Lawler and any company would be lucky to have her hard work and dedication.  

(no image) Beverage Consulting Services For The On-Premise

Deb Eybers

  I have had the pleasure of working with Christie in many professional disciplines throughout the adult beverage industry. Her passion and drive for her business and clients is 2nd to none. She is dedicated and consistently thinks outside of the box. Her creativity allows her to win over the competition and excel her business, as well as the clients business. She is a results generator in all aspects. Even though we've represented competitive brands in various fashions in our careers, I can always count on Christie as both a colleague and friend.  

(no image) Beverage Consulting Services For The On-Premise

Beth Borkosky

  I've worked with Christie for the better part of the last decade. Her attention to her accounts puts her at the top of her field. She was intuitive to our business needs and while we knew she had goals to meet on her end, she found a way to make our business needs her priority in both sales and marketing efforts. She always found a way to make our goals with her brands realistic and attainable while not sacrificing account service. She has built a great relationship with us as a vendor / Partner.  

(no image) Beverage Consulting Services For The On-Premise

Peter Hegele

  Staff & Team

(no image) Beverage Consulting Services For The On-Premise



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