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North Coast Optometry Adam Rosa In CA

Whats the difference between expensive and inexpensive glasses frames?

Hi, I'm Dr. Adam Rosa at North Coast Optometry. Question that everybody has is "what's the difference between expensive and inexpensive glasses frames?".

The truth is there are several very important differences.

First, high-quality/high-end frames are always made with titanium or high grade acetate or other materials. That achieved superior fit and can be adjusted to a much more comfortable fit on your face over time. Sturdier materials will last longer as you wear them. Finally they have a better fit and finish so that they pop when you put them on your face.

Secondly, the craftsmanship is always superior. They're frequently made by hand by artisans who have spent years mastering their trade. Sometimes creating one frame can take days or weeks, and the coloring is often unique from one frame to the next, so that there's no duplicates anywhere else in the world.

Third, many of these high-end frames license, a brand or a logo that people find attractive. These brands and logos can be costly to license. And that causes the frame to cost a little bit more. There are high quality frames without brands or logos attached to them, but many people associate themselves with a certain brand and like to wear that brand.

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