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Of course, when visitors first arrive at your site and start reading your copy, they probably do not know you and have no reason to trust you. That is why it is so crucial to build your credibility. You MUST explain why you are qualified to help them or solve their problem. That does not necessarily mean official qualifications. It may simple be that you have experience the problem that brought them to your site in the first place, and you found a solution to the problem that you want to share with them! AND you must show that you are just like them. A great way to accomplish this is by telling a story!

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North Coast Optometry Adam Rosa In CA

Do I need retinal photographs every year?

Hello, I'm Dr. Adam Rosa at North Coast Optometry and a question my patients often ask is "do I need retinal photographs every year?"

The answer is YES. Retinal photographs can be very helpful to achieve every single year.

The photographs of your retina allow us to uncover things taking place within your eye that are difficult to see without dilation or photography. Things like retinal detachments, macular degeneration, or glaucoma are always seen in retinal photographs. 

Other health conditions that can affect your entire body are also viewed with rental photographs like diabetes, high blood pressure, and other conditions. Rental photographs are a key component in your doctor's yearly health check and should be taken very seriously for any other questions.

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