Did You Know Eye Exams Detect Not Only Blurry Vision, But Also Can Uncover Serious Health Concerns?

Don't Put it Off, Living Without Perfect Vision is Only Ripping You Off From a World of Full Color & Clarity!

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Here's How We Care For Your Eyes

North Coast Optometry is a full-service comprehensive center for eye health. Everything from exams to corrective vision products to cataracts and more, we want to be your eye health care professionals for life. That is why we always care for you as though you are family. So many people live day to day not even realizing they don't have perfect vision, and when they finally see again, they feel as though a miracle has taken place, seeing the world new again, with perfect clarity and brightness.

No matter what your issue, our professionals have a solution. And the key to eye health is early detection, like in every area of health. Getting an annual exam is critical in monitoring any small changes that can indicate a deterioration of your vision. If we detect early, we can offer the least invasive or life-altering solutions, but if left to devolve, your eye health can become a serious problem, costing you in so many ways.

Start by setting up your initial exam, we'll use our state-of-the-art equipment to get a complete comprehensive picture of your eyes, your health and your vision. Once we have a baseline in your records, each exam can be compared to the last, and we'll catch anything right away. Hopefully all your exams are preventative and will pass with flying colors, but without an exam, you are flying blind, unaware of changes that can become worse over time. Bifocal contact lenses Eye Doctor Bad Vision In California

Dr.Rosa is a Eye Doctor that specializes in Bifocal contact lenses in In California to help with Bad Vision

How We Help You & Your Kids Feel Comfortable About an Eye Exam

Our Job is to Create a Comfortable & Relaxed Experience

Many people avoid medical exams of any kind simply out of fear of discomfort or a feeling of stress.  We take that very seriously because avoiding a check-up only harms you, so our #1 job is to create an experience you will not avoid, but will welcome, knowing we are here for your best interests, and you walk out feeling good about an extremely important part of the quality of your life.

Here is how we take the extra steps to ensure your comfort:

  • Friendly Welcoming Staff | Kid Friendly
  • Comfortable Exam Rooms/Chairs/Facility
  • Caring Doctors with Great Communication
  • Easy-Going but Professional Environment
  • Genuine Care | We Do Care About You
  • State-of-the-Art Equipment | Only The Best
  • Efficient, Fast & Timely | Minimal Waiting
  • No Puff Test | We Use New Technology To Check Your Eye Pressure Comfortably Without It

If we earn your trust with your eyes, we believe you will never regret joining our team.  We'll get to you you, your kids, your kids kids and generations to come.  We are here to stay, and our goal is to help you have lasting, perfect vision for life.

Bifocal contact lenses Eye Doctor Bad Vision In California


  Great and helpful staff!! A team environment for sure!! Dr Rosa was so patient and gentle with my Youngest son Answering all his questions about eyes and the world, I will never go anywhere else! Thanks again Dr.Rosa and all your staff.  

Top Optometrist In Oceanside

Travis Godek

Oceanside, CA

  I visited Dr Rosa and his staff in December for my yearly eye exam. Dr Rosa was very professional and completed a very thorough eye exam. I left with a very accurate prescription and was very confident that I was seeing 20/20. I felt completely comfortable asking questions and things were thoroughly explained to me! The staff was very kind and helped me pick out a pair of new glasses, and I was very appreciative of their willingness to share their opinions on which pair looked the best. I Definitely recommend Dr Rosa and the staff here.  

Top Optometrist In Oceanside

McKenna Chugg

Oceanside, CA

  I recently visited Dr. Rosa at North Coast Optometry and I can say with a doubt this is one of the best optometry offices in Oceanside. From reception to the actual exam, I felt well taken care of. Also, when I didnt see a specific color of a few frames that I liked, they immediately ordered them so I could see them in person before ordering. All around great place!

Top Optometrist In Oceanside

Cedric Des

Oceanside, CA

Staff & Team

Top Optometrist In Oceanside



Dr. Rosa is a graduate of the prestigious Southern California College of Optometry where he was recently honored to be selected as a mentor to the current students there. Prior to that, he received his bachelor’s degree at Brigham Young University-Idaho. Dr. Rosa meticulously studies the latest and greatest technology in ocular health and vision science and actively uses this knowledge with his patients for the best vision possible. He is fluent in both English and Spanish which allows him to connect with many patients. Dr. Rosa is married and has 3 young adorable children. As a family they love spending time outdoors hiking, camping and playing at the beach. Dr. Rosa’s fun sense of humor and excellent bedside manner make him a hit with all his patients.


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