Having Trouble Making Good Decisions? Frustrated About Making Bad One's?

It Starts by Changing How We Think. Let Me Show You My Best Strategies for Quality Decision-Making.

A Single Bad Decision Can Destroy Your Company or Enterprise...

You Simply Cannot Afford to Ignore This Critical Information.

ATTN:  Business Owners, Executives, Managers & Entrepreneurs

My name is Robert MacPhee and if you ARE WILLING TO spend JUST a few minutes with me I will show you exactly how to get out of your own way, zero in on exactly what you want, and BECOME THE powerful LEADER YOU  ARE CAPABLE OF BEING.  

The fact is, even a single bad decision can set you back Months, Years or worse.  As a leader you must make quality decisions, and I've made IT my career and mission to find the very best ways to create quality focus, analytics and leadership to help others make the best possible decisions for themselves and their organizations. 

If you are an upwardly mobile agent of change, I want to work with you.  I am motivated, and I want to work with motivated professionals, and together we will work on creating the greatest version of leadership, decisiveness and quality decision-making you can attain.  The results will be amazing, as great decisions stack, exponentially to create explosive growth in structure, efficiency and finance.  

If you are ready to take the next step in your career, I urge you to address your decision-making skills as a critical skill that will powerfully impact your future.  Read on to find out why I believe we may be the perfect fit to help get you to the next level. 

High Stress Executive Coaching For Executives

"It is absolutely possible for you to quickly and easily create lasting change using these fundamental principles." Robert MacPhee | Founder

Here Are The Principles of Quality Decision-Making

  • Identify Your Chosen End Results
  • Identify Your Vision & Values
  • Create an Effective Strategy & Plan
  • Set up Support Structure & Accountability

This may seem like an over-simplification, but it really is a simple and logical process, but the devil is in the details.  You must get each component right to create the absolute maximum output. You can't afford to get anything wrong as each part of the plan relies on the others to be efficient and effective.

I want to mentor you, if you are truly motivated and committed to creating excellence.  You don't have time to waste, neither do I, so if you are a serious professional, ready to take your game to the next level, I urge you to schedule a FREE Consultation NOW!  We can have a chat and find out if we are a good fit for each other. 

High Stress Executive Coaching For Executives

Who Am I and Why Should You Consider Working With Me?

Robert MacPhee | Director of Training Collaboration with Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for The Soul) | Canfield Training Group

A little about me, upon graduation from UCSD in beautiful La Jolla, California, resisting the urge to spend all my days at the beach, I embarked on an entrepreneurial journey, turning a Summer job into a successful company with over 400 employees.  He went on to Executive roles in many large Corporations and ventured in multiple entrepreneurial projects.  

Here are a few Career Highlights:

  • Former director of training for Jack Canfield
  • Author of "Manifesting For Non Gurus" with Partner Journal
  • Founder and President of Excellent Decisions
  • Creator of Excellent Decisions leadership program
  • Founding member of the Transformational Leadership Council, and former Executive Director
  • Southern California Association of Transformational Leaders 

One of the hallmarks of elite performers is their never-ending pursuit of improving their skills.  I believe my lifetime of education, experience and growth will offer a unique and profound impact on your leadership style, organizational management and most importantly, your quality decision-making.  You have nothing to lose with a FREE Call, but everything to gain if we are a fit, and we get your game to the highest level.  Schedule you FREE Consultation Now!


High Stress Executive Coaching For Executives


  Robert MacPhee is a talented speaker and facilitator, capable of delivering a wide range of content. His workshops, seminars and speeches are all powerful and instantly applicable.  

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Jack Canfield

9/3/2020 2:10:00 PM - La Jolla, CA

  Through the Excellent Decisions course, something DEFINITELY clicked. I released EIGHTEEN pounds between starting the program and the followup call!!  

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Mastery Course Participant

9/3/2020 2:10:00 PM - La Jolla, CA

  Your guidance, wisdom, unconditional love and acceptance, and gently redirecting me with your calming kind words has made a huge difference in my life.  

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Coaching Client

9/3/2020 2:10:00 PM - La Jolla, CA

  Staff & Team

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High Stress Executive Coaching For Executives

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