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Drivers Health Clinic Bethany Dixon In FL

Is CBD oil ok for a CDL driver?

I'm Dr. Dixon from the Drivers' Health Clinic and question I get asked very often is "Is CBD oil ok for a CDL driver?".

The short answer is NO, but this is a very touchy subject. CBD oil, if it has no THC is allowed. The problem is that it's not regulated. You can only trust what it says in the bottle and that's only as good as the ink that it's printed on.

If there is THC inside the CBD oil that you are taking and you go for a random drug test or preemployment drug test and you pop positive, you will still be considered using marijuana.

The answer of ignorance "I didn't know the bottle set" does not work.

The official answer of F M C S as currently is "do not use CBD oil because there is a risk of it having THC in it".

That's up to you, what you decide to do with it. But again, if there's any THC in it, it will come up on a drug test.

Dear buyers, please be aware and be very careful. The official answer is no, until there's any regulations so we know that the CBD you're taking is clear.

If you have any questions, call the Drivers' Health Clinic or find me online at

Thanks and have a great day.

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