Quickly Satisfy DOT Requirements & Get Back On The Road Again!

Your Health & Wellness is Critical to a Long & Successful Career, Don't Waste Precious Road-Time Grounded, We'll Get You Moving Again FAST!

We Provide Required Physicals & Therapies to Help You Pass DOT Standards

All Conveniently Located Inside TA Wildwood!

ATTN: Drivers
It is imperative to your livelihood to stay healthy and meet all of the requirements as outlined by DOT, and now it is more convenient than ever.  
Driver's Health Clinic, located inside TA Wildwood provides a comprehensive offering of services designed to help you meet and exceed all DOT requirements, and keep you on the road.  From required physicals to therapies designed to keep your back healthy, we can and will keep you moving, and located in the most convenient place possible, inside TA Wildwood.  
Don't risk letting your DOT requirements slide by, and don't risk your health. Staying actively engaged with both will keep you healthy and compliant.  Contact us today to set up an initial appointment/physical and we will provide everything you need for your success as a professional driver. 

2 Convenient Locations in Florida

We Make it Easy to Stay Compliant & Healthy

Drivers Health Clinic offers all of our diagnostic, testing & therapeutic services at two very convenient locations:
Location 1:

TA Wildwood | 556 E SR 44 , Wildwood, FL 34785 (located inside TA Wildwood )

Location 2:

Reddick, Florida | 7401 W Highway 318, Reddick, FL 32686 (Located inside the Petro)

To get started is easy, simply call or click below to set up your first appointment and required physical.  With a good bill of health, you are on your way, however if we discover any health issues, we can immediately address, treat and provide ongoing therapeutic services, keeping you healthy and compliant. 
Don't risk losing time on the job, or being in a non-compliant status.  You simply can't let either go, they both threaten your ability to have a long, successful career.  Instead, stay on top of both and you will reap the benefits of a healthier career with zero issues with Federal Law.  
Call TODAY:  (352) 643-1034
Or Click Below to Request an Appointment

Physical  Examinations  To Comply With The FMCSA For Professional Drivers

You Can't Afford to Wait, Get Compliant & Healthy Today!

Your Long-term Success is at Stake


  Very nice and friendly. In and out superquick. And she still gives wallet versions of the medical card, that I havenít seen in years. The greatest thing of all itís in the TA truckstop makes it super convenient for route drivers and over the road drivers.  

Physical  Examinations  To Comply With The FMCSA For Professional Drivers

Steven Clavette

Wildwood, FL

  Dr. Dixon is awsome! She listens to you and works with you to get you healthy and stay healthy. Understanding nutrition is her game. She is also an awesome chiropractor. Unlike other doctors, she does not string you along making you come back over and over and over again just to get money.  

Physical  Examinations  To Comply With The FMCSA For Professional Drivers

Lorina Broda

Wildwood, FL

  Oh I could say about Dr. Dixson 5 STARS***** I just moved to Florida couldnít find anybody so I call and she got me going thank you :) my fellow truckers i recommended🚚👍🏽  

Physical  Examinations  To Comply With The FMCSA For Professional Drivers

Pedro Escobar

La Jolla, CA

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