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Dear Friend, No matter what you may be suffering from, I want you to know there may be natural solutions you have not yet considered. I know this because I myself was once in a dire situation medically. An unfortunate bicycle accident as a young girl landed me in the Hospital and consigned me to a lifetime of ongoing medication.? My conditions from this accident, according to mainstream medicine, were chronic and required never-ending medication, side effects, and then more medication to alleviate the side effects. Ultimately, this destructive cycle would have taken a major toll on my body, mind, and ultimately spirit.

I Refused to Accept a Life of Never-Ending Medication...

I set about on a mission to find solutions, I just could not accept the prognosis, a lifetime of medication.  My commitment to continue searching until I found a solution paid off.  I began to discover little-known treatments, natural plants and herbs, wholistic internal care that in aggregate set me on a path to healing.  I soon realized I could live days, then weeks without medication.  You can imagine the excitement and energy I experienced as I weaned myself permanently off of medication and declared my healing, all a credit to natural methods and healing food and herbs.   My experience became the platform that catapulted me into my mission, to help others find their way to freedom from medication.  I fully immersed myself in the healing arts and natural "medicine" found in plants and herbs.  I dedicated myself to using my experience to help others, and I truly want to help you.  While this is my career, I look at it more as my calling, and if you give me a chance, I will compassionately pour my heart and soul into your issue, with a determination to help you find relief or even healing from whatever it is you are suffering from.  I urge you to schedule a consultation, let's at least find out if I can help you, you have nothing to lose, and possibly a life free of medication to gain.  Warmly,  Dr. Corrine Weaver, DC Chiropractic Treatment Plan In North Carolina

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Find out if You Can Live Medication-Free!

I urge you to schedule your consultation today.  You simply cannot lose by exploring your options to even possibly live med-free.  Imagine how it would feel to be liberated both financially and functionally from pharmaceuticals that can have unintended consequences.  The vast majority of patients come in with doubt that they can be helped, yet the vast majority find relief and often healing.  Here are a few resources and tools we offer to help you find your healing and freedom from medications:

  • Wellness U | Long Term Lifestyle Training
  • Detoxification Cleansing | How to Eliminate Toxins & Reset Your Internal Health
  • Herbal-o-logy | Finding Healing Herbs from Worldwide Cultures
  • Food Shopping Tours | How to Shop Healthy, Organic and Correct Food Choices to Support Healing
  • Healthy Cooking | How to Cook for Health, Keeping Meals Nutritious & Delicious
  • Health Tracking Apps | Find the Apps that will Help You Track & Reach Your Goals

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Host: Dr. Corinne Weaver

Following a childhood injury, Dr. Corinne Weaver, DC, suffered health issues that she thought she would have to endure for the rest of her life Dr. Weaver enthusiastically discovered her calling to help others heal and has since assisted many thousands of people to achieve better health without drugs or surgery. In recent years, she's reaching out beyond her successful private practice, as an international best-selling author, speaker, and brand-new podcast host because she is on fire to share empowering knowledge of how to be healthy naturally with people all over the world so that they require No More Meds!

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