Mindfulness & Meditation

When inner-peace meets intention,
finding your stride comes with ease.

Mental resilience training delivers fast results

SatiMind proves that a quiet mind allows natural abilities to surface through self-discovery. Our goal is to help you tackle mental and emotional barriers:

  • Gain deep focus and make better decisions
  • You discover and trust your inner resources
  • Find the power within to challenge old-beliefs
  • Empower your relationship to thought
  • Build life-changing emotional intelligence
  • Quiet the stressed and anxious mind
  • Recover from emotional burnout

Mindfulness Meditation Exercises For Entrepreneurs

SatiMind began with one life-changing revelation

Erik Lesile, CEO of SatiMind, explains:

Dear Friend,

If you are suffering from anxiety, stress, sleep-loss, decreased productivity, mental anguish, or even PTSD, there is a solution, and I am living proof.  

Shortly after the 9/11 disaster in 2001, I started on a path of discovery to find deeper meaning – an inner-calling united me with an intention to make sense of the world. 

Walking down this spiritual path, I did what most would do, looked to God; and quickly found ‘traditional religion’ could only take me so far. I hit a ‘religious ceiling’ if you will. Then I almost died in a major car accident, and tragically lost my girlfriend.

I received a severe concussion, and over the next two years, I struggled through symptoms of PTSD: depression, anxiety, stress, panic-episodes, and an overall lack of focus. I needed answers in order to heal but they seemed elusive.

That is until I discovered the peace, tranquility, and undeniable power inside mindfulness and meditation. Intrigued by the possibility that I could find a way to relief, and a happy life again, I oriented my life toward this mission – 

Twenty years later, I am here to offer you SatiMind, a unique system of mindfulness and meditation I teach in order to make meaningful and lasting changes in my client’s lives.

If you’re wanting to experience the same type of transformation, click below and schedule a call in my personal calendar, we will connect shortly and get you on the SatiMind path. 


With gratitude and abundance,
Erik Leslie

Mindfulness Meditation Exercises For Entrepreneurs

Our clients are diverse

SatiMind drives impact in organizations and human lives, from individuals to professional.

In the past 10 years, SatiMind’s practice has transformed thousands of individual’s experiences with the world. By working inside organizations, hospitals, military, health clinics, athletic teams, and businesses we incorporate a unique performance-based perspective through the practice of mindfulness.

    • Corporate Professionals | Executives, and managers looking for a new level of performance
    • Hospitals, Doctors & Nurses | Target immense pressure, burnout, and exhaustion of the job
    • Healthcare & Caregivers | Building strength in compassion and empathy for those in need
    • Competitive Athletes | Eliminating stress for peak performance
    • Stay-at-home Parents | Dealing with daily stressors and the responsibility of being a parent
    • Students & Teachers | Healthy routines and focus on those in higher education
    • Active Military & Veterans  | Overcome ongoing trauma or PTSD
    • First Responders | Manage stress to respond in increasingly efficient ways

And anyone else who experiences debilitating stress and anxiety –

Mindfulness Meditation Exercises For Entrepreneurs

SatiMind is home to the,
12-Week meditative mind

Powerful program that allows you to incorporate mindfulness & meditation in small, digestible increments with immense results right away.

Through our proven system you will tackle new ideas and revolutionary exercises:

  • Reduce overall stress and anxiety by up to 40%
  • Boost your overall job performance by 14%
  • Practice the art of living in the present moment
  • Increase your happiness index by at least 20%
  • Understand how living in the past causes unease
  • Learn how to create your own personal meditation routine
  • Boost your resilience toward outside factors and influence
  • Meditate for ‘maximum benefit’ in short periods of time
  • Increase satisfaction, decision making, and focus up to 60%

Mindfulness Meditation Exercises For Entrepreneurs

Individuals: The 12-Week Meditative Mind

SatiMind's proven course, The 12-Week Meditative Mind is an exclusive mindfulness series into mediation practice and the benefits received from it.

This course offers:

  • Online training videos
  • Personal guided meditations
  • (4) One-on-one coaching calls
  • LIVE group calls 
  • Weekly tasks for growth
  • Accountability exercises
  • Access to a like-minded community
  • Plus much more!

Each week of this course builds upon the week before, with benefits starting as early as week one. You will begin noticing the subtle changes, building on blocks of knowledge proven to exponentially revolutionize the way you think.

Mindfulness Meditation Exercises For Entrepreneurs

Join our growing Community

Our Mindfulness & Meditation Facebook Group allows anyone from beginners to established meditators a place to collaborate ideas.

Together, we build a culture of growth and development and encourage each other to set up a positive lifestyle of mindfulness and meditation.

In this group, SatiMind?s founder and CEO Erik Leslie will guide you on live and interactive experiences with Mindfulness & Meditation:

Be on the lookout for Livestream videos & training posts around topics such as:


  • Personal growth techniques
  • Meditation types
  • Stress & anxiety tips
  • Building resilient mindsets
  • Positive psychology
  • How to apply mindfulness to your life
  • Transformational leadership principles
  • Mindfulness Meditation Exercises For Entrepreneurs
  • And much more.

Mindfulness Meditation Exercises For Entrepreneurs

Don't needlessly suffer from stress & anxiety

Mindfullness & meditation will deliver FAST RESULTS!

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 Testimonials for SatiMind

  I had never really tried meditation. From the very beginning, I felt very at ease with Erik's guided meditation and came out of it feeling more relaxed and better able to focus. I will definitely keep up with it now! Thank you, Erik.  

Mindfulness & Meditation Group Member

(right image) Mindfulness Meditation Exercises For Entrepreneurs

Trudy Mercadal

  As a beginner with mediation, [SatiMind?s] guided meditations proved instructive and reassuring. I especially enjoy the videos, it allows me to feel like a part of a community. [Erik?s] example is insightful on what you can expect if you?re like me, initially confused about what meditation is. I learned how to quiet the chatter and learn about tuning into a sense of clarity. It?s not always easy but it has definitely been a great tool for my anxiety.  

Mindfulness & Meditation Group Member

(right image) Mindfulness Meditation Exercises For Entrepreneurs


  I participated in a great training about mindfulness this weekend. We practiced mindfulness, discussed the science, and shared our experiences with others. If you are looking for rich discussion and practical application I recommend SatiMind!  

SatiMind-Mindfulness & Meditation Community

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Arlene Bauer

 Meet The Team Behind SatiMind

(right image) Mindfulness Meditation Exercises For Entrepreneurs

Erik Leslie


Having graduated with a degree in psychology and a mindfulness certification from a premier medical school, I have trained many different people in meditation from around the globe and in different professions such as athletes, soldiers, and even doctors. Many different people find value in mindfulness & meditation and now I want to help you.




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