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Dear Friend,

You can help save humanity! Yes that sounds bold, but when you fully understand the power each unique individual holds as a shining light to those around you, then the full impact of what you bring to the world can be fully realized. The world has been thrown into a dark period for many, and collectively we have been thrown off from our normal existence. It would be difficult to imagine a more divided time as lines are being drawn between ideologies and political persuasions. This path is sliding into a more chaotic era if we don't take action now. We cannot allow a tiny subsection of humanity with immense wealth divide us into warring factions. Instead, we must find a way to come together, the future of humanity truly depends on it. You may wonder how you can be a light and an agent of positive change in a world increasingly becoming dim. We know we must come together, we must find our commonalities or we will descend into a world none of us want, but how can you be a point of light, and be part of turning this all around.

Saving Humanity Community | A New Collective of People Seeking Dramatic Positive Change

This is why I created an organization that provides solutions, a portal of education and organization I urge you to consider joining. Together we will reconnect, with family, friends and each other in a powerful way that will revolutionize our world. We were subtly disconnected by design, and unless we reconnect, we will be lost in a world of confusion, anxiety, lostness and insecurity. The change starts when we start to reconnect, and build the networks of minds and hearts with a noble goal to change the frequency of the planet, to stop the insidious slide into a technocratic nightmare, and being building our humanity once again. I urge you to read on as I'll outline several different ways we can begin to work together to inspire each other towards changing the calculus, ending the slide into disconnection, and flipping the script on those who want us separated. You have the power to change, not only yourself, but your community, your State, your Country and even our world. Don't allow disempowering lies to prevent you from the greatness you have innately within. Join us in our mission and purpose, to effect powerful change within us as individuals, but also to save humanity! Dan Klatt / Personal Growth Coach "Stand Within Your Power Certified-Mentor"

Here Are A Few Ways Your Life Will Dramatically Change...

  • Believe in yourself again!
  • Know how much you matter!!!
  • Make your children proud of the person you've become!
  • Take back your power!
  • Regain control of your life.
  • Become the most-respected and admired person in your local community!
  • You'll be seen as someone who "Saved Humanity" the world will owe you an enormous debt of gratitude!!!

About The Saving Humanity Intensive Mentoring Program

The Saving Humanity Intensive is a deep immersion mentoring program that provides you all the knowledge and tools to effect maximum change within, and among those in your immediate orbit. Armed with the information and strategies, you will empower those around you to begin reconnecting, as you reconnect with them. The effects are exponential as each person has another circle of influence, this cycle of growth is how the world will change, starting with you. Here are a few of the ways I will mentor you? AWARENESS: An intensive series of conversations intended to create awareness of the cause, the effect and the method of change regarding the future of humanity. We will discover how to create dramatic change within ourselves, while we extend the change to others. Your greatness will begin to unfold, as you fully understand you are a powerful and necessary point of light in changing the world. You will never regret making this commitment, it will be life-changing for you, and will help create a sense of purpose and vision. METHODS: This is a strategy session meant to find out what specific skills, influences and networks you have that can be critical in spreading your new mission to reconnect with others. We will lay out a daily, weekly and monthly set of goals to reach, and build a vision you simply play out one step at a time. With this detailed roadmap, you can enjoy your progress, understanding exactly where you started, and where you end. IMPLEMENTATION: With my mentoring and help, we will implement your roadmap one day at a time, utilizing the most powerful tools to create the most impact. If we will be saving humanity, we must act, and act on a daily basis, towards spreading the goal of reconnecting and inspiring others to reconnect.

Who Am I & Why You Should Consider Working With Me...

Dan Klatt | Author | Newspaper Reporter | Radio Show Host | Stand Within Your Power Certified-Mentor

My life's journey has brought me to this moment, prepared to share and mentor others in finding their mission in life. Together we can effect maximum change within and to those around us. The exponential compounding effects will truly be life-changing, community-changing and ultimately world-changing. As a collective we hold the power to humanities future, I want to help you discover your power in this critical movement. Here are some career highlights that may resonate with you. I truly hope you join me as we build a powerful coalition of "healers" of humanity and our future.

  • Coach | 22 Years Working With Some of The Top Coaches & Mentors Worldwide
  • News Reporter | Assistant Managing Editor 10 Years
  • Interviews | State Governor, Sitting Senators
  • National Press | Appearing in USA Today, The Associated Press and others
  • Author | Experience Unconditional Love This Year
  • TV | Host & Guest Appearances
  • Radio | Show Host 3+ Years

My life's experiences have prepared me for my mission

My life's experiences have prepared me for my mission, to dramatically change the world one person at a time, equipping them to change those within their circle and the cycle replicates creating maximum change.  
I urge you to discover more, simply click the link below and you will be taken to my main web page with full descriptions and instructions on how we can connect and begin working together growing our mission to be the "LIGHT OF THE WORLD" in a time we are needed more than ever. 

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