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Dear Friend, 

My name is Meridith Alexander, and it is my mission to help anyone struggling with frustration, disappointment, fear or unhappiness to rediscover their joy.  If you are ready to become a champion and begin creating your dream life, live your destiny, you came to the right place. 

My mission to help others stems from a lifetime of building my own businesses, vast experience in marketing and sales, and a never-ending focus on improvement.  From start-ups to helping teams create peak performance, I've studied and learned from some of the best, applying and honing strategies I don't just teach, I've used to build my career.  

If you are ready to finally build an elite mindset, a powerful presence and winning approach, you should consider joining my G.R.I.T. Mindset Academy, a comprehensive life-changing program designed to build champions.  Isn't it time for you to realize your true potential and replace average with excellence?  If so, read on and discover how we'll take you to the next level and beyond!


Meridith Alexander | GRIT Mindset Academy | Founder


Entrepreneur Seeking Growth And Transformation

Entrepreneur Seeking Growth And Transformation

If Not Now, Then When?

How To Create The 1% Mindset

Life moves along pretty quickly, we have no time to waste.  If you are finally ready to make the leap to the next level, don't even hesitate.  My G.R.I.T. Mindset Academy program is designed to take you from wherever you are now, and begin creating possibilities out of what formerly seemed impossible.  We will be with you every step of the way as your life is transformed and re-created to build a new normal.  You'll be armed with a new mental grit and fortitude that will surprise those around you.  Others will notice, and the results will be self-evident.  I made a career out of stepping over obstacles, overcoming limitations, empowering myself and others, and building championship teams, I know I can help you.  

So Now It is Your Turn

Don't stay stuck, here are a few ways my GRIT Mindset Academy Program will help you...

  • Winning Mindset | How to Feel Like a Winner Before You Achieve Anything
  • Building Bulletproof Confidence | Face Any Situation, Meeting or Challenge Knowing You Will Perfrom at an Elite Level
  • Your Mission | Find What Your True Life Mission Is, Happiness Will Follow
  • How To Create a New Story | The Past Does Not Equal The Future
  • No Limits | How to Develop an Unlimited Potential Mindset
  • GRIT | How to Approach a Tough World With Grace & GRIT
  • And so much more...

Entrepreneur Seeking Growth

Entrepreneur Seeking Growth And Transformation

Who Am I & Why Should You Work With Me?

Meridith Alexander | Best-Selling Author | Success Mentor | TV Personality | Entrepreneur | Executive Peak Performance Coach

From one-on-one training to online courses & training, our GRIT Mindset Academy offers a multitude of ways you can begin your journey to dramatic transformation.  If we work together, here is a little about me, I look forward to finding out more about you.

  • Best-Selling Author | The Sky is The Limit
  • Creative Click Media’s Successful Women in Business (2019 edition)
  • Knowledge Broker of the week | Tony Robbins & Dean Graziosi Mastermind Training Event
  • Law of Attraction Training | Esther (Abraham) Hicks | Four Time Hot Seat
  • Feautred On | FOX, NBC, CBS, Prevention, Chicago Tribune and more
  • Global Corporate Keynote Speaker | Personal Development Trainer


My life has been about constantly improving, and I'll bring a lifetime of experience, training and heartfelt compassion to helping you.  I want to revolutionize your life, it is my mission, and if you decide to join our G.R.I.T. Mindset Academy, I promise you will quickly realize this may be the best decision you have ever made.  Your future depends on your mindset! Let me help you build a resilient, powerful, successful, happy and joyful mindset that will translate into unlimited prosperity.  I urge you to find out more, schedule your FREE Discovery Call and start your new life Today!


Entrepreneur Seeking Growth

Entrepreneur Seeking Growth And Transformation

If Not Now, Then When?

Don't Let What Could Be, Slip Away...

When we get to our later years we will have a chance to look back and ask ourselves questions we may never take the time to ask now.  Perhaps we will look back with pleasure, realizing we took every opportunity to improve, re-create, build and energize our dreams.  Or we may look back and regret all the chances we had to educate, grow, transform and re-create what could have been.  

I urge you to live your life without regret, to go all-in on your goals and dreams.  If you don't choose me, find someone that resonates with you, but by all means don't ever let years go by achieving less than you know you can achieve.  If you hesitate it is too easy to forget, let is slip by, and wake up one year from now in the exact same position, with no progress.  Instead, you can decide this is the program that can make all the difference.  Isn't it worth it to find out?  You have my promise, we will do everything in our power to create maximum positive change in your life, all you have to do now is take the first step.  


Entrepreneur Seeking Growth

Entrepreneur Seeking Growth And Transformation

Identify And Unleash Your Next Big Step Forward

Create The Life You Love

Entrepreneur Seeking Growth in And Transformation GRIT Mindset Academy

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 Testimonials for GRIT Mindset Academy

  Always full of ideas, perpetually encouraging, doesn?t hold back needed critique, brings her best every session, and expects the same of me, Meridith has helped me solidify an actionable plan for my career to move forward. She showed me how to plan out a complete strategy, where to go for all the tools, and then put it into action. I now have an ongoing blog, which is supplying material for a book that is in the works, and I am launching a podcast in the next few weeks! And this has not been small stuff either. The podcast will launch with guests, and that is only the beginning! I have Meridith to thank for all of this and I can not recommend her highly enough to anyone else that is serious about moving their career forward in a big way.  

  Meridith has changed my life! I was so very DOWN and in the wrong stat of mind and EVERYTHING in my life was suffering. With Meridith, I see how to change the impossible to I?M POSSIBLE! Meridith is helping me to take charge of my life, my career, my future and propelling it all in the best, most positive journey! Meridith is inspiring, caring, honest and absolutely a blessing. THANK YOU!!!  

  Where to even start about Meridith - she is such a special lady. I didn't know what to expect when I started this; I've had 2 sessions with Meridith so far and am very thankful for her. She has the best attitude, and it's apparent she cares so deeply. She's more than a coach, she feels like a genuine encouraging friend. She's not someone who simply tells you "oh I think this career would be good for you" - she helps you dig deep within yourself without even realizing you are and helps bring those things that have always been there to the surface. She really hears what you're saying and can pick out the most subtle words we use, those of which anybody else would overlook and never catch, that show how we have been programming our mind. She breaks things down, makes everything understandable, and uses the most relatable metaphors. She's able to shine a light on things you haven't necessarily thought of or considered because you've only had your own perception which can drown you and elude you of obvious points. She helps you envision the reality you want and lays things out like stones in a path so you can take one step at a time. She's a blessing to talk with and gives me a picture of hope. I'm very grateful to have found her, and I look forward to my next session!  

  Meridith has helped me so much! I was at a cross roads with a job that I have been at for 16 years. She helped me see my strengths and see what I truly wanted to do. I am happy to say that I have taken the leap and will start a new job that is more in line with my passion. Thank you Meridith!!  

  Working with Meridith was inspirational! I took an a la carte 4 session package and in just one week crafted a mission, strategy and action plan thanks to Meridith?s amazing ability to connect all the dots by guiding me through a step by step process. Meredith co-created the plan with me ... proactively coming up with concrete proposals and creative ideas. You can count on Meridith to drive you forward, striking the perfect balance between strategy and execution helping you overcome perceived barriers. She is a formidable resource!  

  Words can?t enough describe the positive impact Meredith has on my life, my career and relationships. I came to Meredith with a lot of expectations, and she has really provided exceptional value to break my self-limiting belief, unhealthy mind patterns to provide the clarity, confidence along with an action plan to enable me to take actions that i have been either fearful or procrastinating in most of my adult life. The real transformation started happening from day 1 for me. She really wants to help by asking very pointed questions and assess situations quickly and provide right answers, ,tools and time-based actions plan. Just in few sessions, I am able to move my life with so much positivity, confidence and actions which I never imagined ever in my life. She is real gem coach, exceptional value, and best things happens to me in last 10 years.  

 Meet GRIT Mindset Academy

Team member of GRIT Mindset AcademyMeridith For Entrepreneur Seeking Growth in And Transformation GRIT Mindset Academy

Position: Owner
Email: [email protected]

One of Creative Click Media's Successful Women of 2019, Meridith Alexander is an expert on resiliency, mindset and accelerated growth. She has transformed thousands of lives with her GRIT Mindset Academy. Her book "The Sky is the Limit" hit the #1 slot among Amazon's "hot new releases". Critics called it a "mandatory read if you want to become the best version of yourself." Her story has been featured in podcasts and media including WMAP Radio, ABC, NBC, Fox and Prevention Magazine.

 Services Available For GRIT Mindset Academy

  Entrepreneur Seeking Growth  And Transformation GRIT Mindset Academy

A La Carte Coaching


One-on-one sessions, typically 50-Minutes and via zoom whereby we will discover your current position and establish your future goals and dreams.  I'll help you build a life-plan that gives you structure, and motivation to achieve at the very highest level possible.

  Entrepreneur Seeking Growth  And Transformation GRIT Mindset Academy

Monthly Full-Immersion Coaching


If you are ready to go for it and make massive change, this program utilizes 75-Minute zoom calls to take a deeper dive into precisely what we will create.  Once we establish a vision for your future, I'll help you get there as fast as humanly possible with passion.  I'll be in continual contact with you between sessions to motivate and keep you accountable to your intentions.  We will create your dream life, together, making all the necessary adjustments along the way. 

  Entrepreneur Seeking Growth  And Transformation GRIT Mindset Academy

Group Training


This is accomplished online in a group setting, with camaraderie among like-minded individuals, collectively sharing and motivating each other.  Specifically, this program is called The Butterfly Effect, and includes small actionable steps to take that together, create massive change.  We have our online program and also a VIP program with additional zoom calls and other special trainings designed to propel you faster towards your dreams and goals.

  Entrepreneur Seeking Growth  And Transformation GRIT Mindset Academy



LIVE 2 and 1/2 Day Full Immersion Fast Track Retreats designed to stop life, focus and deliver fast, intensive training and dramatic changes you can take home and implement in slightly more than a weekend.  This is the fastest, most powerful in-person experience you can participate in, a power-weekend of success-building, mindset altering and transformational perspectives designed to give you a big jumpstart on your journey. 

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