Lift Your Spirits & Feed Your Soul With The Majestic Symphonic Instrumentals of Legendary Pianist Paul Lloyd Warner

"An American Symphony" Inspired by and Recorded LIVE in Nature, a Godsend in These Unsettled Times

Performed, Recorded & Engineered LIVE On-Location at Breathtaking Natural Monuments & Parks of the West

A Truly One-Of-A-Kind Deep Healing, Relaxing & Refreshing Magical Experience...

Heal Mind, Body & Soul with a fresh approach to music delivered from one of the legendary masters.  Meet composer & recording artist, Paul Lloyd Warner (PLW). For decades, the beauty of Warner’s classical sound has been enjoyed by millions of music-lovers worldwide. Perfectly timed to change one’s mood and celebrate mindfulness, peace & healing. A classical sound that is progressive yet, contemporary. It is truly a music therapy that can lead to improvements in sensory integration, self-regulation, social interaction, and communication. 


Listen as PLW plays amazing relaxing and healing music inspired by nature. Imagine, if you are dealing with anxiety or stress, especially now in our current world situation, you will absolutely love this emotional, mental, and spiritual vacation. Now you can experience PLW’s latest collection of modern classical sound composed and inspired through the heart and mind of “a poet in love with nature.”. 

Connects the Listener to Love & Acceptance

You will find samples of these amazing new musical tracks, and the opportunity to add them to your music collection below.

Waterfall Music With  Paul Lloyd Warner

Here Are A Few Ways Waterfall Music Can Create Healing in Your Life...

  • Healing of Heart and Mind  Creates a Deep Sense of Peace
  • Mental Health Relaxing & Re-focusing on Beauty & Love
  • Reflection  Helps You Find Your Path
  • Guidance  Deep Meditation Guides You Forward
  • Purpose & Hope  Connecting with Nature through Music
  • Abundance Positive Thinking | Inspiring Others
  • Ailments Music & Positive Feelings, Healing the Body
  • Inspiration An Inspired Vision Leads to Fulfillment & Joy
  • And so much more…

Waterfall Music With  Paul Lloyd Warner

An American Symphony

Waterfall Music With  Paul Lloyd Warner

Waterfall Music With  in Paul Lloyd Warner

Music Collections Available

The joy of creating music in the mountains, by lakes and streams and at the ocean, is my new passion. Paul Lloyd Warner

Collections Now Available:

  • An American Symphony  A New Musical Experience to Light Up The World
  • Waterfall Music The Sounds of Water & Piano Touch The Spirit and Soul
  • Oceans Sounds of the Deep Ocean Recorded From Scuba Diving
  • Deserts Sounds of Desolate Beauty
  • Mountains The Whistling Trees & Running Brooks 
  • Stars Nightime Mystery & Beauty

Waterfall Music With  Paul Lloyd Warner

How This Musical Experience is Recorded

When Mr. Warner decided to embark on his musical journey, he set out to visit and enjoy the most amazing parks, mountains, and natural wonders he always yearned to see.  Inspired by the wonderment of nature, with his keyboards placed in the wilderness, he decided to re-create this new genre of making original music “Live” in nature that reflected the natural beauty Mr. Warner was experiencing at that very moment.  In the composer’s attempts to re-create the beauty all around him, he was compelling the listener to hear the music and visualize the scenery all around him.   Now you can have the opportunity to discover this amazing musical experience yourself.

Music is recorded without overdubbing, multi-tracking, or sequencing, just the pure sounds of his masterful piano performance in the beauty of nature.

Waterfall Music With  Paul Lloyd Warner

More About Paul Lloyd Warner Music:


If you love music, nature, beauty and meditation, you will LOVE this collection.  If you know the music of Paul Lloyd Warner this is a natural addition to your music library.  If you have never heard his amazing music, you will want to listen to the samples below. 

He sets up a mobile recording studio and performs “LIVE” in inspiring locations on one to four keyboards!


For decades Warner's music has been the choice of professional therapists, acupuncturists, psychologists and more for its healing qualities.  With its unique ability to relax and relieve stress, his music has touched millions.  Now you can experience so much more, listen to the sample tracks below and add his amazing music to your collection. 

Waterfall Music With  Paul Lloyd Warner

Waterfall Music With  in Paul Lloyd Warner

More about Paul Lloyd Warner

  • Over 1 Million Albums Distributed
  • Professional Pianist | Original Pieces & Albums
  • Albums Set in Hawaii, The Ocean, Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Olympic Peninsula, The Grand Tetons, Rocky Mountains, Zion, Oregon Coast, Big Sur and more.

Listen to the samples and order your album(s) now.  This collection will be one to cherish and pass along to family.  Click below now to find out how you can experience the musical masterpieces on Paul Lloyd Warner, on location among the most inspiring majestic scenes in nature.

Waterfall Music With  Paul Lloyd Warner

Waterfall Music With  in Paul Lloyd Warner

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 Meet Waterfall Music

Team member of Waterfall MusicPaul Lloyd WarnerWaterfall Music With  Paul Lloyd Warner Waterfall Music

Paul Lloyd Warner
Position: Composer and Musician
Email: [email protected]

Paul Lloyd Warner (PLW) is a visionary and pioneer of New Age Classical Music. Known as a leader in original solo piano, contemporary, electronic and symphonic music, he is also the first person to play LIVE piano music to Humpback Whales at sea. PLW’s mission is to work tirelessly for peace and healing in the world by sharing his music and art with humanity at large.

Today, PLW possesses a masterful piano technique that is identifiable as the Paul Lloyd Warner-Waterfall Music style where listeners experience an incredible speed of notes executed with such flawless clarity that many proclaim they are transformed by the poetry and imagery in his music.

Team member of Waterfall MusicArion Jay Goodwin (AJ)Waterfall Music With  Paul Lloyd Warner Waterfall Music

Arion Jay Goodwin (AJ)
Position: CEO

AJ is dedicated to bringing inspiration, transformation, and healing to the planet through music, literary, visual media, and art. His current business focus is to provide listeners and fans with healing facets of peace, love, and wisdom inspiring people to embrace their true nature of harmony and being connected to God and the universe.

Since 1990, AJ has worked closely with the author, composer, and performing artist Paul Lloyd Warner, co-producing PLW’s music LIVE in nature from over 100 locations.  Since then, he has been promoting and distributing PLW’s music to the world at art shows, festivals, trade shows, and fairs which led marketing and field sales teams to produce over $10 million in revenue.

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