Baby Bottle Feeding Help For Infants

Helping Mom's Solve Common Feeding Issues From Reflux to Oral Motor Development & More

YES!!! You Can Help Your Baby & Yourself To Dramatically Improve Both of Your Lives

Baby Bottle Feeding Help For Infants

YES! You Can Have a Wonderful & Successful Feeding Experience With Your Baby

Don't Even Hesitate, Get The Help You Need Now

ATTN: New Mom's With Baby Feeding Challenges

You Don't Have to Suffer Through It, There Are Simple But Powerful Solutions Available...

Dear Friend, 
I know what it is like to go through common feeding issues, I can relate to the sleep loss, the frustration and the feeling of helplessness Mom's experience when their beautiful baby experiences feeding issues.  But I also know how it feels to see rapid and seemingly miraculous improvement, and I can tell you, it is a wonderful experience, truly life-changing. 
You don't have to suffer through the sleepless nights and constant worry, there are solutions, and you found the right place to begin.  My life's work as a Speech Therapist for 10 years and working in Pediatrics for 8 prepared me with tools, knowledge and experience in handling feeding issues.  I am very confident that you will find life-changing tools to help you and your baby navigate through your challenges, I urge you to read on to find out how. 
Mallory Millet | "The Feeding Mom"

Feeding Solutions For New Mom's...

PLUS! Tips for Pregnant Women

Whether you are pregnant and getting prepared or a new Mom, here are a few of the challenges I can help you with:

  • Parent/Infant Feeding Success
  • Oral Play Guide | Oral Motor Development
  • Overcoming Reflux
  • Bottle Choice
  • Feeding Schedules
  • And more...

Here Are Some Valuable Resources Offered to Help

Eliminate The Frustration & Exhaustion That Comes From Feeding Problems

You can now learn exactly how to deal with the challenges you face by picking up one of my training courses or coaching as outlined below. 

PERSONAL COACHING | I offer one-on-one help navigating your way through the process of healing the issues you are dealing with.  We will take measured and practical steps to re-train your little one, providing increasing confidence, improvement and regaining your life.  You will never regret getting the help you need, simply request a Quick 30 Minute Consultation
Say AHH:  An Infant Into Toddlerhood Oral Play Guide
This guide shows you exactly how to "Get in Your Babies Mouth", a method that promotes oral acceptance, awareness and proper development.  Only $12, this guide is money well spent. 

LET'S POP A BOTTLE | A Parenting Infant Feeding Class
Get help with bottle-feeding with this eCourse that will walk you through everything you need to know for successful bottle-feeding. This course includes: bottle types, nipple selection, building schedules, positioning and method of feeding. It also helps you recognize potential problems as they deveolop and offers troubleshooting advice to stop issues in their tracks.  You will also learn about reflux and how to prevent or fix these issues.  Only $60, this course will truly change your life, eliminating the common frustrations and exhaustion dealing with feeding issues. 

REFLUX RESOURCES | You can find multiple resources to help you deal with reflux.
Take action today, whether you are expecting or are currently feeding your precious little bundle of love.  You will never regret getting the help you need to prevent or fix common feeding issues. This is a life-changer, order today or request a call to discuss one-on-one coaching.

More About "The Feeding Mom" Mallory Millet

If you are ready to educate yourself for your future baby, or ready to solve common problems you may be experiencing, I hope you choose to work with me.  I will do whatever I can to help you enjoy your amazing years with your baby.  Here's a little more about me:

  • Licensed Speech-Language Pathologist
  • Speech Therapist | 10 Years
  • Pediatric Specialist | 8 Years
  • The Feeding Mom Programs | 8 years
Pick up one of my courses or schedule coaching today.  Motherhood will be the most amazing experience of your life, maximize it by handling feeding issues and enhance yo


  I still can't thank you enough for saving my sanity and "fixing" my broken baby. I knew something had to give when nothing was working that was medically suggested! He's literally such a happy baby now.  

Frustrated Mother

Baby Bottle Feeding Help For Infants

Jamee Falcon

  If you are a parent, parent to a newborn or just a parent in general... she was an amazing piece to our puzzle with helping Elliot and continues to help us and check on us often. She shares new information almost daily to her story. I literally get on insta saily just to watch her story for new information and keep an eye out for posts! ... she is very open and honest and always there to help.  


Baby Bottle Feeding Help For Infants

April Howell

  I randomly found Mallory on instagram and after watching a few of her posts I realized that my son definitely needed some oral development. I purchased her Oral Development Guide (very reasonably priced) and started the exercises - after a few weeks I already see a difference. Not only am I super thankful for the guide and the information but most importantly Malory is so helpful with questions and follow up to make sure my son is developing correctly. During covid it is difficult to get expert advice and I am so thankful that Mallory is so present on instagram and available virtually!  

Mom of Bottle Refuser

Baby Bottle Feeding Help For Infants

Lindi Gold

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Baby Bottle Feeding Help For Infants



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Baby Bottle Feeding Help For Infants

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