If Marriage or Infidelity Issues? Grief Over Loss? Inability to Forgive Others or Yourself?

If You Are Finally Ready to Tackle Your Challenges Head On and Find Solutions,
Erik Can Help!

Are You Suffering from Stress? Fear? Anxiety? Bad Relationships? Negativity? Overwhelm? Depression?

Erik Huber | Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, MFT

If you are afflicted with any of the emotional or relational challenges listed above, or dealing with trauma of any kind you can find relief.  Many people think it is just the way it is, and needlessly suffer, but there are advanced methods and therapies available. Quickly identifying and implementing the correct strategies can help you find relief, and put you on a path to healing. 
Erik spent 18 of his 20 years in military service as a Navy SEAL.  His experiences in military service and as a civilian helped prepare him to be the excellent therapist he has become.  He has successfully faced many challenges both in and out of the military that uniquely qualify him to help you, his mission is your success.  He can draw from so many different experiences to bring possible solutions and positive outcomes in your life.  If you are ready to overcome and create real change you should consider working with Erik Huber. 

Here's How Erik Helps His Clients...

His style is collaborative, working together with you as a teammate focused on your success.

Working With Erik Requires Participation:

  • Doing your homework. The magic doesn’t happen in the Therapy session it happens when you actually apply what has been learned.
  • Applying the concepts and strategies in your life. Real world application is where the magic happens.
  • Then discussing the successes and challenges of the homework you have done is how to work toward mastering concepts.
The more you participate and the more accountable you make yourself to the process of growth will determine how fast and effectively change occurs. He describes himself as a huge fan of Byron Katie and utilizes her highly effective form of self-inquiry called "The Work". Other concepts and therapies he shares with his clients include Stoicism, Mindfulness, Choice Theory, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and so much more. Together?. Erik will challenge you, offer compassion, provide therapeutic strategies and help hold you accountable to yourself for the growth and change that leads you back to a place of happiness and fulfillment.

If you are ready to face your challenge schedule a FREE 20-Minute Discovery Call. Find out how Erik can help you, and if you are a good fit, you can begin your journey of healing, starting today.

Here Are Some of The Challenges We Can Work Through...

  • Thinking - Pervasive Fearful, Negative
  • Emotionally Stuck - Stagnant & Not knowing where to move
    Paralyzing Overwhelm
  • Overcoming - Stress & Anxiety
  • Marriage challenges - Communications problems, Trust issues, Infidelity or a Marital Tune-Up
  • Financial Stress -  Overcoming the repeated thoughts that clog your brain and seem impossible to move past
  • Challenging Relationships - Find yourself at the cross roads and have tried everything to communicate and have had no success.
  • Forgiving Others - You are in a place where you have the inability to Forgive Others or Worse …. Yourself
  • Others - Overwhelm Grief, Loss, Anger, Depression, Stress

If You Desire Joy, Fulfillment, Peace of Mind, Confidence, Self-Reliance, Happiness and Self-Empowerment, You Will Want to Pay Close Attention!

Erik says all those things are available but they don’t occur sustainably without intentional, deliberate focus and persistent, consistent action. When presented a challenge here are 7 things to consider:

  1. Put your energy into the solution, don’t put your energy into ruminating on the problem.
  2. Put your energy into things you have control over, don’t squander your energy uselessly on things you can’t control.
  3. Embrace reality by accepting what is, without acceptance it is almost impossible to achieve resolution.
  4. Empower yourself by taking the responsibility of the caring for yourself, don’t uselessly waste your energy on blaming others for your upset.
  5. Ask good questions

    “Now that I find myself in this situation how do I love and support myself and all those I care about to get through this?”

    Don’t ask

    “How can I make it clear to her how upset I am about this?”

    If you ask a good question you are far more likely to get a good answer. If you ask a garbage question you are far more likely to get a garbage answer.
  6. Use the Stoic Philosophy of embracing the obstacle and resolve it, Don’t resist or shy away from the obstacle.
  7. Use Mindfulness Be mindful, practice non-attachment when confronted with unproductive negative thoughts, Don’t attach needlessly to negativity.

Erik Huber, LMFT, HMC SEAL USN/Ret. | Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist | Family Man

Erik has had a life full of experiences and achievements, however he has also faced his fair share of personal challenges.  It is the experiences of his life, that inspired him to help others.  He has a passion for compassion, a way of blending persistent demands for success with a caring spirit that truly wants to help others. Here are some of his life journey highlights, perhaps some of his history will resonate with you as you decide on a therapist to pull you through life's challenges
  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist since 2006
  • Military history: 2 years as 2d Reconnaissance Battalion Marine Corpsman, 18 Years Navy SEAL Corpsman, HMC SEAL USN/Ret.
  • Trained as Life Coach with Tony Robbins
  • 2 Years Recon Marine Corpsman
  • National Ski Patrol, First-Responder | Has Been Volunteering with His Wife for over 10 Years at Bear Mountain & Snow Summit
  • 2 Humanitarian Mission to Haiti
  • Volunteer for "Home Within" providing free therapy for Foster Kids for more than 8 years.
  • Volunteer in Church Bookstore for more than 20 Years.
  • Husband to his Beautiful Wife Debi & Dad to Andrew

If you connect with the man described above and believe he could help you, book a FREE 20-Minute Consultation Call.  Choosing a Therapist is an important decision. Erik recommends whoever you choose speak with them first and ensure you are comfortable and trust him or her to have your best interest at heart. When you feel that confidence you are ready to move forward with the person you have selected.
There is nothing to lose by scheduling your FREE Call!

Here is a Deeper Dive into How You & Erik can Work Together

You may want a more thorough explanation of how Erik addresses the challenges you face, so here are a few ways he helps you work through your issues. 
IDENTIFY:  Thoroughly identify exactly what challenge is. Erik says that often his clients are distracted by the (often painful) symptoms that come from a problem and miss out on what the actual cause is. This seems simple, but often the real challenges are hidden, underneath the surface layers. Erik will help you dig deep to find out what the real source of your particular challenge is.  It is critical to have an accurate analysis as you have to target the very thing causing the challenge.
DISCUSS:  Now you work together discussing your strengths and challenges for resolving the problem. He will share tools, methods and strategies to deal with it, from a direction of self-empowerment.
RESOLVE:  Once the roadmap is fully developed through your discussions, he will walk with you along the way, step by step to keep you on the path toward victory.  He will help you resolve the issue, but your commitment and dedication to overcoming the challenge will determine the speed and level of success you obtain.  Erik encourages you to take notes so you will be more likely to succeed. Your job is to put one foot in front of the other and follow through with determined resolve.

Each step of the way, he will help you adjust when needed. He will build new methods if necessary and keep the process moving forward.  He will gently but with determined accountability move you through the process towards your personal healing.
Take the initial step by scheduling your FREE Consultation now. 

FREE 20-Minute Consultation | Let's Discover How I Can Help You

You Have Nothing To Lose, Everything to Gain

If You Are Finally Ready to Tackle Your Challenges Head-On & Find Solutions, Erik Stands Ready to Help!


  I worked with Erik Huber for almost a year now. In the last year, I have witnessed him not only excelling at the core elements of therapy, but I can personally tell you the profound positive impact the man has had in my personal and professional life. That is one of the things about Erik, not only does he demonstrate his therapy mastery with every interaction, but the ability to help me get the results I was seeking despite some incredible obstacles. In fact, I feel like he has equipped me with a broad tool set to handle anything. While my time with Erik continues to pay dividends long past our final meetings, I miss working with him on a weekly basis. I only have optimistic predictions for anything Erik takes on and I know you will benefit as well.  

I worked with Erik Huber for almost a year now.

Self Empowerment Techniques


  I wanted to acknowledge you again for the wonderful energy and enthusiasm that you showed with us at lunch the other day around your learning and how you've put it so easily into your work. FANTASTIC! People that come to you are very fortunate to have you as their teacher, mentor and friend!  

Gentleman of kindness Helping others feel better The darkness turns to light!

Self Empowerment Techniques


  Erik's therapy brought my inner game and my outer game to the next level. I wanted a therapist to help eliminate old patterns of behavior and self-limiting beliefs that were blocking me from experiencing true love and connection. I now implement specific daily habits taught by Erik that transform how I show up in the world. Erik also brought attention and awareness to habits that were not helping me achieve the levels of success I am capable of. His tools continue to empower my life and keep me outside my comfort zone. Erik taught me the most important lesson of all: the power I have is in what I give. You canít give away something you donít have. Working with Erik provided awareness and clarity to recognize that I have much to offer the world, I just needed someone to help bring it out of me. I hope you have a great New Years!  

Erik's therapy brought my inner game and my outer game to the next level.

Self Empowerment Techniques


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