Tobacco And Vaping Awareness School Assemblies

Tobacco And Vaping Awareness School Assemblies Are The Most Popular Outdoor School Assembly Available Today. Packed Full Of Excitement And Educations Messages.

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Engaging Presentations for Effective Vaping Prevention

Elevate your prevention efforts with our engaging presentations designed to combat vaping among youth. Our expert speakers have been captivating audiences with their powerful messages since the inception of our program. Witness as they deliver compelling presentations, incorporating interactive elements that foster an environment receptive to important vaping prevention messages. Our programs are not only informative but also grant-friendly, making them the top choice for schools and organizations aiming to provide an unforgettable vaping prevention experience.

Experience the Ultimate BMX Freestyle Performance: Combating Tobacco and Vaping through High-Octane Assemblies

Discover the power of our adrenaline-pumping BMX Freestyle performances, combining awe-inspiring stunts with vital tobacco and vaping education since 1991. Transform your school's approach to these critical issues with a thrilling assembly that leaves a lasting impression and promotes a healthy, smoke-free environment. Ideal for PTAs and PTOs, our educational and cost-effective assemblies are perfect for raising awareness about the dangers of tobacco and vaping.

Our Tobacco and Vaping Awareness School Assembly offers the following features:

  • Two professional BMX Freestylers perform
  • Space required: 40x60 ft (similar to a basketball court)
  • We accept purchase orders
  • Customizable educational Tobacco and Vaping Awareness message
  • Duration: 40 minutes
  • Accommodates up to 700 students per assembly
  • Showcases breathtaking stunts and life-saving anti vaping messages
  • Includes professional PA sound system

High-Flying Action Meets Powerful Messages: BMX Freestylers Take Tobacco and Vaping Awareness to New Heights

Witness our professional BMX freestyle stunt riders as they captivate your students with jaw-dropping maneuvers and unforgettable messages on tobacco and vaping awareness. At BMX Freestylers, we leverage the power of celebrity to engage young audiences, delivering life-saving information in a dynamic, entertaining, and memorable manner.

"BMX Freestylers Champion Personal Growth and Excellence with Unforgettable Performances"

 Tobacco And Vaping Awareness School Assemblies