Character Education Assembly

Character Education School Assemblies Are The Most Popular Outdoor School Assembly Available Today. Packed Full Of Excitement And Educations Messages

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Transform your school's character education program with our high-octane BMX Freestyle

Transform your school's character education program with our high-octane BMX Freestyle stunt riders. Since 1991, our BMX Freestylers have been inspiring elementary and middle school students across California, delivering engaging educational messages that promote the five pillars of character: moral, performance, intellectual, civic, and caring. Treat your students to a thrilling assembly that fosters a positive, character-building environment. Our expert riders perform breathtaking stunts on X Games-level ramps, captivating your students and creating the perfect atmosphere for instilling essential life skills. Our assemblies are both educational and grant-friendly, making them an excellent choice for PTAs and PTOs during character-building events.

Character Education Assembly Highlights:

  • 2 professional BMX Freestylers perform
  • Space required: 40x60 ft
  • Accepts purchase orders
  • Customizable educational character building message
  • Duration: 40 minutes
  • Accommodates up to 700 students per assembly
  • Features gravity-defying stunts and powerful character-building messages
  • Includes professional PA sound system


Elevate your Character Educational School efforts with our engaging presentations designed to instill important values in students. Our expert speakers have been captivating audiences with their powerful messages since the inception of our program. Witness as they deliver compelling presentations, incorporating interactive elements that foster an environment receptive to crucial character development messages. Our programs are not only informative but also grant-friendly, making them the top choice for schools and organizations aiming to provide an unforgettable character education experience.


  • Powerful Messages: Our expert speakers deliver impactful messages that promote character development, values, and positive behavior among students.
  • Interactive Elements: Witness the integration of interactive elements that foster an immersive and participatory environment, making the assembly a memorable and engaging experience for all.
  • Customizable Content: Tailor the assembly content to address specific themes, values, or initiatives that align with your school's character education program and goals.
  • Accommodate Large Audiences: Our assemblies are designed to accommodate a significant number of participants, ensuring that the entire school community can benefit from the impactful experience.
  • Professional Audiovisual Setup: Enhance the overall experience with a high-quality audiovisual setup that amplifies the impact of the presentations and engages the audience visually and audibly.
  • Grant-Friendly Options: Our BMX Freestylers School assemblies are grant-friendly, providing schools and organizations with a budget-friendly opportunity to deliver a powerful character education experience to their students.
  • Captivating Performances: Experience thrilling BMX stunts and awe-inspiring tricks that will leave your students mesmerized and engaged.
 Character Building School Assembly

Reserving your Character Building School Assembly is easy! Choose from our flexible options to suit your school's unique needs and budget: Invest in your students' character development and create a positive, inspiring school culture with our unforgettable BMX performances and valuable character-building insights.